How to build stronger relationships with leads without spending a lot of time on each? Less than a decade ago, we didn’t have the answer to this question. In fact, for marketers, it sounded almost like a dream. Today, however, it’s pretty much possible with emails. Yes, good old emails. Who would have thought that, right?

Auto-response emails have been recognized by as valuable marketing tools that can be used for a wide range of lead-nurturing purposes, including registration confirmation, sale alerts, thank-you notes, and many others.
Does your e-commerce store use email automation? If not, you must be missing on great opportunities to get more business because this method has been known to produce a lot of high-quality leads.

If you’re wondering what specific emails you should send out, check out the infographic created by marketing experts from You’ll know seven essential emails that your e-commerce store has to use to make sure every lead is nurtured in a proper way.

Make most of the email information you have gathered by using these types of personalized emails!

1. Emails That Should E-commerce Store Send Out on an Automated Basis

7 Emails Your E-commerce Store Needs to Send Out on an Automated Basis(1)

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