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Best USA based UX Events And Conferences In 2017

Best USA based UX Events And Conferences In 2017

June 2017

1. User Experience (UX) Foundations

Learn to apply the key understandings about human vision, intellect, memory, and motor functions—which underlie the thinking of every skilled UX professional—directly to design decisions.
Location: Chicago, Illinois United States
When: June 5 – 6, 2017

2. Service Design Immersive

Great service experiences involve elegant orchestration of all the moments customers engage with your company, whether they are visiting a physical space, attending an event, calling an 800 number, or receiving an SMS alert. In this workshop, get acquainted with tools that will help you see your customer’s entire journey with your service clearly, identify ways to make it more seamless and delightful, and unite your organization in delivering on this vision.
Location: San Francisco, California United States
When: June 5 – 6, 2017

3. User Experience Design Course

Part-time, 12 week course where you will understand users’ problems through research and empathy. Communicate designs through deliverables like personas, sitemaps, user flows, wireframes. Present, defend, and critique design decision.
Location: Chicago, Illinois United States
When: June 6 – August 15, 2017

4. User-Centered Analysis

This is really the core course for user centricity. Many people say it is the very best of all our courses. User centricity means understanding users. NOT, just using the types of survey results marketing folks use. But having solid data on taskflows and mental models. And, it is most critical to know how you take those results and feed them into actionable designs. There is a magic to the solid and systematic translation of user insights and models into your design.
Location: Chicago, Illinois United States
When: June 7 – 9, 2017

5. Enterprise UX 2017

The Enterprise UX 2017 conference is dedicated to delivering useful, delightful, and humane experiences to people who work for and in enterprise
Location: San Francisco, California United States
When: June 7 – 9, 2017

6. The Brand Experience Workshop

We all know how critical branding is to a company’s success. So why is it so difficult to talk about? Cooper’s “Brand Experience Workshop” will make future conversations about brand a breeze. In this course, you’ll learn Cooper’s time-tested approach to eliciting important information from business stakeholders, and how to lay a foundation for deeper conversations about how your brand is expressed across a wide range of touchpoint.
Location: San Francisco, California United States
When: June 7, 2017

July 2017

1. Digital Summit Portland 2017

The region’s largest digital marketing event – dozens of speakers from leading brands discussing the latest trends and best practices. A sampling of topics include Content Strategy, Usability/Design, Mobile Marketing, Customer Engagement, Social Media, Email, Search, Marketing Automation, Analytics, Video and much more!
Location: Portland, Oregon United States
When: July 12 – 13, 2017

2. UX Design Principles Course

In this two-day hands-on UX workshop, students learn tips and techniques to create a sensational website through visual design that is aesthetic and practical for user interface. This user experience class helps designers, developers, and business analysts understand essential user experience principles for creating great apps and websites.
Location: Boston (Woburn), Masschusetts United States
When: July 17 – 18, 2017–ux-design-principles-july-10-2017

3. Designing UX With Recent Apple UX Director, Willy Lai

Drawing from his two decade career leading user experience designs for top tech companies in Silicon Valley such as Apple, Samsung, PayPal, Intuit, and eBay, and his UX design teaching and mentoring at UC Berkeley and Stanford University, Willy Lai will teach you how to design great UX across devices through hands-on exercises in this fun and highly immersive 2-day workshop. You’ll form small teams and learn industry-proven principles, concepts, and methodologies across all phases of UX design.
Location: Boston, Massachusetts United States
When: July 19 – 20, 2017

4. Crafting Strategic Narratives w/ Michael Margolis

Crafting Strategic Narratives is a 1-day Masterclass that will teach you how to tell the story of disruptive innovation. You’ll learn a breakthrough 3-step model you can use every time you need to present your work, build buy-in, and generate next level sponsorship. It’s impossible to always have the data to justify something that hasn’t been done before, which is why you need a bigger, better, more persuasive story. Discover Narrative Strategy frameworks that dramatically increase the perceived value and importance of what you do.
Location: San Francisco, California United States
When: July 20, 2017

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