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Best UX Articles, Tools for UX / UI Designers & Product Startup

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Best UX Articles, Tools for UX / UI Designers & Product Startup

Dear Readers, I am Prince Pal, working as a UI/UX designer at Think 360 Studio. Are you searching for cool UX blogs and tools? So here your search has been ended, I was collecting good UX and UI related articles/tools from the last few years. And today i make a cool list to share with you guys. In this list i shared very useful UX articles and UI tools / gears. I hope it will help you guys to understand user behavior and experience towards GUI.

First understand, what is UX (User Experience) and How UI (User Interface) is different from UX?


Best UX articles and UX Blog links:

  1. With so many best practices available to UX designers, why isn't every design a perfect every time? Author Brendon Cornwell explains the nuances of following best practices - including knowing when not to follow them.
  2. – Many ways to use Google Analytics (GA) for UX research.
  3. – Great examples of tiny parts in the interface, resulting in more lead conversions especially in eCommerce websites.
  4. – Little Big Details is a curated collection of the finer details of design, updated every day.
  5. – A Dynamic blog with research about design and user experience (UX).
  6. – a large collection of the beautiful layout of e-mails and newsletters.
  7. … – Best UX related articles on Medium.
  8. … – dark patterns UX at LinkedIn.
  9. – detailed guidance on the practical application of methods of human-centered design.
  10. … – Eye-Tracking: case studies and insights with heatmap examples.
  11. … – Why design UX for the Enterprise? And lots advices too.
  12. … – The process and role of A UX designer from start to launch a product for tech startups.
  13.… – increase the user engagement through the rewards during the UI interaction.

UX wearable devices

1. A presentation of the UX-creation strategy for handheld devices and mobile mainframe.

2. Another presentation, but about ideas for the integration of user experience in the growing segment of portable devices and sensors.

3. Video collection on the theme of wearable gadgets and experiences with them, by UX Design in Korea University

  1. … – the story of the design for wearable technologies on
  2. … – Must Check how wearable technology will affect payment methods.
  3. … – presentation from the conference Tizen: «Design for wearable devices”;
  4. … – Design An application for handheld devices based on Android Wear. It is awesome.
  5. … – Few guides and resources on design for hours Apple Smartwatch.

UX Tools And UI Gears:

  1. – OpenSource Free powerful prototyping and wireframing tool.
  2. – iOS and Android prototypes app made of pre-layouts are drawn screens.
  3. – Turn the display design your application in an animated GIF.
  4.… – Application for iOS, with a collection of animations in the interfaces of captivating .co.
  5. – Simple and interesting prototyping tool from Chinese developers.
  6. – Another platform for prototyping, with the possibility of project planning.
  7. – Tool for collaborative prototyping in teams.
  8. – You can even apart from prototypes to create websites.
  9. – Argue that we are now able to design interactions and animations without writing a line of code.
  10. – Service for testing your design layouts.
  11. – Tool for collecting feedback from users and a variety of data in your product.
  12. – Another similar tool as above.
  13. – Service tracking heat maps of your sites and analytics.
  14. – A kind of foreign analog of our “Vebvizora”.
  15. – Tool for creating specifications in Photoshop and Sketch.
  16. - This tool can create high fidelity wireframes and prototypes and can share on the cloud with your clients for review.

Usability Testing Tools


Multi-Platform Browser Testing

  1. (UK Only)
  3. Remote preview
  4. Ghostlab

Research Tools


UX References

  9. Google Developers Design Principles
  10. Happycog Blog

20 Tools Every Startup And UI/UX Design Agency Should Try

  1. Ack: Team communication re-imagined
  2. Envision: Free web & mobile prototyping and UI mockup tool
  3. Intercom: User intelligence and customer communication
  4. GoSquared: Real-time analytics and data to help you understand your customers
  5. Dorm Room Tycoon: Business, design & technology interviews
  6. AllTheFreeStock: Free Stock Images, Videos, and Icons
  7. Muzli: The Ultimate designer’s toolbox
  8. Stripe: Payments infrastructure for the internet
  9. Evernote: The workspace for your life’s work
  10. Mailchimp: Send better e-mail
  11. Pocket: When you find something you want to view later, put it in pocket
  12. Simply Measured: Easy social media analytics & measurement
  13. Crazyegg: Visualize where your visitors click
  14. Insightly: Free online CRM for small business
  15. Olark: Make customers happy, one chat at a time
  16. Recurly: Subscription billing and recurring billing experts
  17. Usability Tools: We’re here to help you make money
  18. Polldaddy: Create surveys and polls that match your brand, budget, and vision
  19. Ptengine: A user-friendly web analytics and heatmap platform
  20. Toolyo: A social platform for SaaS, Web Apps, and Online Tools

If I missed any link or any link is broken, please tell us in the comment box below and we will fix that.

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