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Google HummingBird – Quality SEO or Quantity SEO?

Google HummingBird – Quality SEO or Quantity SEO?

Google is the only search engine which is quicksilver in Internet Marketing. HummingBird - now not only the name of the bird but, its an evolutionary algorithm in the field of SEO. Like Hummingbird is fast in the same way this algorithm works fast and precisely. This is the reason Google gave new name to this algorithm as Google HUMMINGBIRD.

How Search Works

Before we start to read this article, we must know about the very little fact i.e Search. Search is a process in which you want to know anything on internet. For example, you want to know about ‘how to make a website’ then you will get your result in thousands of web pages. But its psychologically that we prefer the result only on the first page. And now this is know as Search Engine Optimization. If you are a SEO expert then you must know how to be on the first page of the Google.


What is Google HummingBird?

We will get many different definitions on SEO as much as there are persons in the world. But concept and logic of SEO is based on Google algorithm. Now we know that Google hummingbird is the latest algorithm. This is the first time that google has changed the whole/core  algorithm in the last twelve years. This is the reason that many of the SEO experts/professionals didn’t notice the effect on websites and many of the webmaster and SEO experts become muddle. But don’t get panic. Because its a good news for us. I am very thankful to Google that now it will give us more Quality. We must respect and welcome this algorithm because search engines help people not robots/crawlers.

Now Google has refined its search through this Google hummingbird algorithm. Moreover, google make itself more compatible with mobile or voice search. In the earlier days, before hummingbird we are used to make our search with a keyword. Suppose we had a keyword “Creative digital agency” and we type this word in the search box of Google. The web page which has good keyword density or consistency with the above mentioned keyword got higher rank. But now the concept is totally changed. No, I am not saying that basic factors of SEO change but i can say the ways/factors using in SEO is change.


Voice Search

As above, I used the word Voice search, which is very important for google hummingbird SEO. Now search is not only the desktop or mobile search, now it rises up to voice search. Suppose you are on a long drive and while driving you feel hunger then you ask “where is the best Restaurant” and you will get the answer as the nearest local restaurant point. Google hummingbird is designed for the complicated query of the users. This type of search is also known as the conversational search. Wowwww, now we are in the world where we just talk with GOOGLE. I mean you just have to ask the question to Google and then you will get the answer.


Quality / Original Content

Content is King. We all know that, there is nothing new. But Google hummingbird will now keep an eye on Quality Content. There is lot of difference between Quantity content and Quality Content. In earlier year of SEO, targeted keyword density and consistency matters. In those days, we are in a common practise that we create content first and then place our targeted keywords. But Google Hummingbird loves the useful or meaningful content on the targeted keyword. Now you have to first decide your keyword and then create meaningful content which clears the meaning of keyword and make content more helpful for reader.


Google Algorithm and Content Creators

Ultimately, the key to Google’s algorithm changes points in its guidelines for content creation:

Good content — clear, concise, informative — is better than bad content, always use of Plain English for real people.

Really, it all goes back to one idea: Create quality content, and you won’t have to worry about it riding the Google update bigwheel.

Last but not least, as i above said SEO is not changed but the using the ways and factors of SEO has changed in which content as usual matters most. And in the next coming Article i will come up with some SEO tips and SEO tools so that you can be a hummingbird specialist :)

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