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Why HTML5 Is The Future? Is This The Right Time To Use HTML5 Technology?

Why HTML5 Is The Future? Is This The Right Time To Use HTML5 Technology?

Welcome to the world of HTML5

Now you can experience a whole new world of web with HTML5

Well, most of the times we have a question in our mind that what is HTML5? It's a kinda buzzword. And another question arises is how it is different from HTML. Let's go and take a look at what is HTML5.

If we talk on a literal point of view it's just the next version of Html specification but in practice, this term has grown to new changes in HTML and in addition to that the new things in CSS3 and javascript. So in our case, we going to write about as the grouping of new technologies which allows you to do really rich content directly in the browser.

HTML5 is a markup language that is going to take your web development to the next level.

These days websites are no longer like before they are not like they used to be in early 90’s static text and information like you are reading a book online hah so boring right.

Now websites are becoming more attractive and media-based. HTML5 is going to take your website or webpage to the next level.It's basically a way where you can create awesome sweet epic website.

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Let's talk about the new amazing features of HTML5

1. Semantics: It is essentially a set of the new tag which makes your Html code more meaningful. We have always done web development with a whole bunch of tag div. everybody would have use div for everything. Now we have new tags like header, nav, footer tags which makes HTML a lot more meaningful.

With this addition of semantics describing the tags is a lot easier.

Examples of non-semantic elements:

and - Tells nothing about its content.

Examples of semantic elements:

, , and - Clearly defines its content.

HTML5 offers new semantic elements to clearly define different parts of a web page:


2. Offline and storage:


Offline: This allows you to create a web application that actually can run without an Internet Connection, Isn't that amazing? This is really important especially on mobile where you can create a HTML5 experience and still be able to use and reach that experience when you don’t have an Internet network. It also allows you to save to local databases as well as caching data offline.

Let's have a look at the features:

  • Application cache
  • Local Storage
  • Web SQL & indexed database
  • Online / Offline events


Storage: Now we don't have to worry about storing data of the user and immediately uploading it to the server. HTML5 gives you the privilege to save the data on the client device and you can sync it back to the server anytime you need. This makes your app work when the user is offline and also enhances the performance.


3. Device Access:  Ah!! it’s a big one now it's possible to use the things like geolocation API for making your application location-aware and also be able to access different sensors on your device. Its give you an awesome facility of drag and drop from your desktop to your browser and including audio or video input access to cameras and microphones.

4. Connectivity: More efficient and faster Real-time chats, faster games and better communication is now possible with the help of WebSockets and server {-sent -events} are reasons to make the communication between the server-side and the client-side. Real-Time Communication allows connecting to other people and controlling video conferencing directly in the browser, without the need for a plugin or an external application.



5. Multimedia: Here you need to pay attention! This is the ability to incorporate audio and video directly into the browser without the need of plugins like - Flash or Silverlight.

Earlier in HTML to show the video along with the webpage in the browser there was no way to integrate naturally into HTML.

So different companies develop their own video players. These work fine, but there were all external plug-ins means if you have to download them and this was well annoying and potentially risky. So HTML5 added a capability to deal with this stuff like the video so plugins won’t be necessary and bunch more stuff that previously was tricky or impossible to implement with HTML alone.


6. 3D Graphics & Effects: In the past, the developers always have to rely on Flash or CSS and javascript to produce animations and visual effects to their websites.  HTML5 has introduced some new tags like a canvas which allows you to do really impressive visual effects and is very similar to the way in which developers use to do things in a flash. So bye-bye flash.

In fact, there are many new features which deal with graphics on the web: 2D Canvas, WebGL, SVG, 3D CSS transforms, and SMIL.


7. Performance and integration: This is essentially allowing you to built the more faster and robust application and the things like web workers which allow you to do multi-threading now directly in the browser.

A web worker is a JavaScript that runs in the background, independently of other scripts, without affecting the performance of the page. While web worker is running in the background you do a lot more of things much faster like clicking selecting etc.


8. CSS3 Styling: Well CSS3 is not a part of HTML5  technically but if made in conjunction with HTML5, It allows you to do stunning visual effects like:

  1. New background styling features
  2. Many fancy borders
  3. New presentational layouts
  4. Animating your style
  5. Typography improvement

Definitely it's advantageous over some native Mobile Apps


1. Deploy immediately: Once you are done with coding you don't have to submit it to the app store or you don't have to wait for the apple to approve it. You can deploy it immediately.

2. Cross-platform: It feel so good when you make an app or website which is working on all the platforms across Apple, Windows, Android or Blackberry.


3. Searchable: Once you deploy your web-based HTML5 app, its index quickly and searchable in various search engines like GOOGLE.


4. Open standard: It's really easy to use you don't have to learn different ways to develop across different platforms. Its magically work in all OS (Operating System).


5. Content friendly: HTML5 can be deployed on both desktop and smartphones as well. These days everybody likes to browse on the phone and this market is diverging day by day so HTML5 is supported throughout the whole spectrum. Definitely HTML5 is here to stay.

It's a prime time now. So definitely you should consider it for your business or brand.

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