Unfortunately, If your site has been hacked!

Every day, cybercriminals / hackers hacked thousands of websites. Hacked website not even harmful for the users but also a financial loss for the site owner. For example, If user browsing a hacked website than harmful code can record keystrokes on visitor’s computers and steal login credentials for online banking or financial transactions.

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In this first step out of eight steps, we explain how and why hacks happen, and review options for recovery.

Step 1 : Watch The Overview

Step 2 : Contact Your Hosting Company And Build A Support Team

Step 3 : Quarantine Your Site

Step 4 : Touch Base With Search Console

Step 5 : Assess The Damage (Hacked With Spam)

Step 5 : Assess The Damage (Hacked With Malware)

Step 6 : Identify The Vulnerability

Step 7 : Clean And Maintain Your Site

Step 8 : Request A Review


Article Source: Google Webmasters

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