Everybody spends more of his/her time in office and your colleagues become more as a family to you. Every individual in the team plays important role which makes us  think all around and implement ideas. Apart from our work there are various social and fun activities also in which Think360 team contributes and enjoy upto full. We celebrate each and every moment in office either by working or enjoying in free time. Think360 is not a brand name, its our team name – our efforts – our family – our friendship and our concerns.

So here i am posting some of the pictures our trip on weekend to Xtreme Warzone (Paintball) Chandigarh which actually worked as a stress buster after a long working week.

It was a game where we had two teams and there were 3 rounds. Team A wins and the best part was that not only team A but Team B was also celebrating the victory of the other team. This shows how close and strong we are as a Think360.


Dressed up!! Ready for the Paintball. Ah.. Full Excited


And This is a true example How to spoil  a photograph?


Cheers for our Team Leader !! Yay We won the Game!!


Band of Brothers 🙂 Here we go!!


Helmets are for Amateurs!! Well i don’t need that 🙂


So here is the most simple and natural smile:)


Bullet Proof  Raja 🙂


Omg!! This is Amazing Team


Up on the tree house !! Was afraid to come Down:)

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