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Who says cooking can’t be quick? Yes, now your dishes can be prepared just in a jiffy. Here is an app that looks into your grocery supplies and not just grocery, but all your cooking must-haves. LimonChilli is a dream come true for the lazy or busy people, who just don’t want to spend much time in the kitchen and still get the taste of the most delicious homemade dishes.

This unique kitchen app provides you a fantastic cooking kit that not only consist of all the vegetables and ingredients, but also the size and form you want them in. And wait, that’s not it, you even get a recipe to give your taste buds a culinary delight cooked from your hands.

Daily Staples

Daily Staples is to keep a track on the groceries. Potato, Tomato, Onion, Garlic…. and the other o-so- must items required for the dishes are displayed giving you the option to select the specifics you want.

What comes as a cherry on the cake is that all these vegetables are sliced or chopped or diced in a way you prefer so that you can savor every bit of the flavor. Spices for the gravy complete the kit meaning you don’t have to look for anything in the kitchen cupboard.

Logo Designing

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Be it busy couples stuck in the long hectic hours of the office or singles having amateur cooking skills, Limon Chilli is an ideal cooking companion that will put all the cooking woes away! We have used WordPress development for the cutting edge features to create high impact. Adding to the versatility, our expert developers have done iOS and Android development to make it a robust app in the marketplace.

Think 360 has also handled the branding part of the product and casted it as value driven app for the kitchen use. For a quick delivery, you must register your home or office address, and then all you have to do is pick and toss. Orders can also be made from the results of your history of orders. So, what are you waiting? Get Set Cook.

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