99$ Logo Portfolio – Part 1

Below each logo cost is $99. This package Includes 3 samples and 3 Revisions!
Think 360 Provide an affordable Logo design & Brand Identity solutions, Our designer make logos for your company in fast turnaround.

Pet Beauty Center

Colorful, Luxury since it is in a Highend Residential area next to hte W Resort, Grooming & Bathing for Cats and Dogs.


The picture of the bowl targeted our signature dishes..Pho* Seasoning & Ingredient.

Talent Trumps

Client targeting small businesses, corporations and senior level management/owners interested in attracting, developing and retaining talented individuals.

Performance Paradigm

This logo designed for Entrepreneur Teaching Institute, this institute preparing the best in their country from various fields.

Body Queen

Its a red wax stamp from the scarlet letter days when they use to seal letters with hot wax and a stamp. Client want people to look at the stamp and know that that is BODY QUEEN stamp even without the letters being spelled out. If we have to we can use the Initials and a figure of a woman and a crown in some way put together.


This shop will sell uniquely flavored popcorn and gifts in a visually appealing way where customers are compelled to try something new. We will sample all of our products. our target customers are women with school age kids.

Hashi Mashi

HashiMashi is a health management center. they have expertise in body care, weight loss and nutritions.


Zero Quit is designed for online iPhone app. Which calculate the daily calories with some inputs of daily life and give suggestions to reduce more calories with eating habits and exercises.


Swim Wear, Swim Short brand of every age.

Prairie Girl

Prairie Girl is a line of pure, natural body care products, such as lip balm made with beeswax, goat milk soap, bath salt scrubs, and sugar exfoliating scrubs. Target customers are women. Looking for a natural, simple, whimsical theme with ‘prairie’ colors like golden wheat, sky blue, robin-egg blue, spring green, wildflower pink, and sunset rose.

LayLow Entertainment

This logo designed an financial online magazine, straight target on WallStreet guys. The provide the Investment consultancy too.

iTrack Call

The “ i “ small alphabet inside the green apple then text “TrackCall” the right side of apple.

Exact BoardSports

This brand is providing the t-shirts for summer and beach ares.


This is an online health magazine, providing health solutions with Message and Touch therapy.


‘Agritecture’ is the fusion of architecture and agriculture. They are a website that explores cutting edge innovations, businesses, and developments in the field of Agritecture.

The logo should carry the values of sustainable urban agriculture and the aesthetic appeal of modern architecture.

Nail Artistry

This logo we designed for a Nail Artistry designer located in Newgersy.

King Realm

This is a clothing brand located in Toronto, Canada. They are pioneer in Tailoring services.


This logo designed for an Online project management system, client want very clean and crispy type face which can pinup on user’s brain.

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