99$ Logo Portfolio – Part 2

Below each logo cost is $99. This package Includes 3 samples and 3 Revisions! Think 360 Provide an affordable Logo design & Brand Identity solutions, Our designer make logos for your company in fast turnaround.


(2B Safe) is a brand that is going to be used for fire alarm and fire fighting equipments. The brand should target the fire consultants, Fire contractors, electromechanical companies interested to buy fire products. Brand also should be attractive to who are interested to enhance the safety conditions and follow the fire code regulations.


PLEMO is a brand name for consumer electronics and accessories targeting young customers in the US and Europe.

Medical City Eye Center

Provides general eye care with focus on refractive surgery..Ie lasik and cataracts


Design is fun and targeted to homosexual men, using the interlocking symbols that symbolize male homosexuality.

Beared Buddy

BEARED BUDDY is an Economical Analyst and Stock Market Researcher. Client want the brand identity very cool / confident and respective.

Fierce & Fabulous

A Garment company, Totally targeted on Females. They are manufacturing female garments & accessories.

Tutts Clothing

King Tutt, Clothing Young, Old.


This is a conceptual 2nd world war based game logo. Client want steel feel logo graphics with Retro typo style.


Products are for Athletic Protection, such as Headbands, Doorags, Bandanas. Chest Protectors for Infielders and Pitchers. Under Baseball, Hats, Helmets others in custom Headgear for soccer.


Consulting firm focusing on management, strategy, and marketing for Internet companies and digital initiatives in Emerging Markets.


These are headbands with the names of rock ‘n’ roll “hair bands” from the eighties on them. I.E. “Kiss”, “Motley Crue”, “Faster Pussy Cat”, etc. Customers: fans of hair bands, teenagers, athletes, novelty gift buyers. Logo should be fun, comedic, sexy, colorful, eye catching, and rock ‘n’ roll!.

Socal Surfer Girl

It should emulate girl surfing and beach attire. Young, trendy.

CM & M LLc

Writing a book, survey, brochures on what someones eating personality is and sexual personality is. Describing how ones eating behavior and sexual behavior say something about how we live our life. Identifying any issues with behaviors, discussing what they mean about personality, and ways you can change, improve or work on these behaviors to improve your health, sexual life and eating habits.



Family Center

This is a center that will include a martial arts school, full sized play park, cafe, rooms for hosting events and birthday parties, as well as offering additional developmental and enrichment activities such as arts and crafts, music lessons, tutoring, etc. The underlying theme of the center is personal growth and development for individuals of al ages through the principles of the martial arts. Families will develop skills designed to strengthen relationships and communication. The core values of the center are to serve as a community resource, 21st century educational facility, and for all staff members to be educational and family allies for members of the center. Very much would like for it to have a ASIAN feel to the look.

De Bello Brides

Hair and Makeup for brides and bridal parties. We travel to your location. To provide our customers with beautiful services for their wedding day.

Ticket to Fame

Client want to act as a bridge for aspiring artist to get together as well as fans a one stop shop for everything about music and helping them achieve their dreams.

Data Zoltar

Currently there is no one on the market that Client know of that does what he is developing.

The Wurx Ministries

Client’s logo targets the musical masses ,and they want it to catch peoples eye explaining that its more than music its a lifestyle and movement, the wurx symbolizes that its more to life than saying you have faith you have to back it up with the wurx and services you do to prove it.

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