99$ Logo Portfolio – Part 3

Below each logo cost is $99. This package Includes 3 samples and 3 Revisions!
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Green Goddess Smoke

Client’s company goal would be to eventually franchise the store. He want to creatively market themselves as a BRAND.

Dental Cloud

Dental Cloud provide a cloud based state of the Art practice management software for dentists. Their vision is help dentist the most simplified and efficient matter.


Sterlings would like the value to be proud of what customers wear and what the name stands for. Client goal is to franchise out as a brand store under the name of Sterlings.


Client want make a Highlight T . i want to when user see T has to be identify Tikka express. When user see Mc donalds M is going to be high light.


The consumer’s resource for exclusive business to business personal referral’s. Establish an exclusive subscription/membership, invitation only web site that will feature a business to business personal referral resource. Including professionals, service providers, personal services, specialty boutiques and restaurants in each “local community” throughout California.

Social Unity Network

Client want the logo depicts the basic schematic structure of the business model matrix system.

Fifth Ref

Fifth Ref has a global following – most are fans, and are passionate about the game of soccer (football – the way it’s called elsewhere in the world). Values are simply “soccer, passion, drama, and family” The Fifth Ref family is all about being a passionate fan, a referee, a coach, the devil’s advocate , but more importantly sharing all the drama and love for the game.


Client Want Arouse Inner Feelings, Target All Ages, Healthy, Nutritious, Another Option For Smokers, Lovers Of Chocolate And Confectionaries.


It is to represent the import car seen and the illegal street races. Maybe like some Cam Gears or Smoking Tires. Client need one symbol or image to capture all the adrenaline for the race. He also race for Big $$$, like $2,000­5,000. So there is a great prize waiting at the finish line.


Client Want, no image, but consier something stylized with a kangol hat, aviator glasses, a goatee, and maybe a pipe. He want to be able to use the image for a facebook/twitter icon

Happy Hubby

The popular saying from a man’s perspective is “Happy Wife, Happy, Life!” Trademarking the female response to this popular male phrase, which has never been done before as: “Happy Hubby, More Lovey!”.

The Integrated Professional

The Integrated Professional R.E.F.I.N.E.s the convergence of Personal, Professional and Public requirements into manageable activities that promote positive well-being into all aspects of living.

Dress Up

My business is a mobile clothing boutique for women’s’ fashion.

Untouchable Enterprise

Its a corporate financial advisor company logo type.

Bite My Head

Rubber/silicone LIKE material headband with teeth to hold hair back. Waterproof. CLEAR for ADULTS and neon and pastel colors for little girls and teens.


This is a beauty care brand, Client want logo type itself an image.

The Power Lift Brief

A revolutionary-new undergarment for women and men that both lifts and shapes the buttocks and can be worn comfortably all day long for a more youthful, sexier look.

Snappy Lobster

This logo represent locally caught and distributed lobster, scallops, striped bass and other fresh New England seafoods.

h2pro Services

Clean and professional / commercial company that cleans & pressure washes paving & exteriors of homes & commercial buildings.

Best American

The logo is to target all consumers (Professional, everday people, service organizations, social clubs, etc. The values are liberty, enlightenment, equality, high ethical standards, high service quality, inspiration, hope, and all things that relate to the Spirit of America. The goals reflect the pursuit of the highest levels of quality and service to all parties involved with our company.

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