Logo Portfolio Part 4

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Compassion Fitness

Client wants a logo targets a Conscious Dance community and advertises an alternative to gym workouts.  Client teach 3 different healing modalities, Nia, JourneyDance, and the MELT Method.  These are all unique, self-healing and self-directed movement programs.  And their clients are unique and creative as well.

Light Life Coaching

Light Life Coaching is a education centre. And want a logo that represent better quality of life. they want leave in their logo.

OTS Promotions Inc.

Our Client want a logo that represents their services, clients, products, and every entertainer looking to launch a career and make something of themselves.


Our Client want a logo that represents their services, clients, products, and every entertainer looking to launch a career and make something of themselves.


Why rush when we all end up in coffins anyway?

Just an an-elegy for people to slow down in life,because we all end up in the same place anyway.

Royal Chef

The character is Royal chef who makes authentic Indian food for Royal families

Clare Downs

Having business of horses client want two horse heads, one either side with the centre leaf stem.


Happy Hamster Productions

Our Client would like to see an orange hamster head looking directly at the viewer with a super exaggerated smile taking up at least half of the face with lots of teeth.

Slab Jiggies

We hand tie (make) all of our fishing lures (jigs) . Our goal so to provide a high quality effective fishing lure

Food & Beverage Association

Food & Beverage Association is a non profit organization with a very clear purpose. To educate the under-skilled, unemployed, veteran and felony offenders with hospitality technology, curriculum, research & development. FBA is the culmination of both an association and a hospitality training school. Food and Beverage is served. And final, this symbol will be worn on the suit coats of C level professionals, presented on business cards and on membership certificates and presented at local award dinners.

The Franchise Sleuth

Think like Sherlock Homes when thinking about making the logo…possibly a picture of the character with a magnifying glass, detective hat hot, with a pipe in his mouth (maybe not politically correct today…but lets see!)

Viva Vege

To provide nature, organic, vegetarian food; to promote healthy, balanced life vegetarian life style. The “vege” here includes not only vegetable, but also super grains, fruits, legumes, seeds, etc. Target customers are whoever pursuits healthy live with environmental consciousness.

Client want a logo in horror look. He would like unique font that match with the icon.

Blew Chocolate Inc.

We service clients of all ethnicities that wish to wear extensions that flow offering services that keep there natural hair consistent with there extensions using great blow-out techniques. Quality guest seeking professionalism . We provide a clean environment , being available for the female client of all ethnicities who enjoy flowing tresses with extensions or natural hair tresses. Flexible scheduling  with a  free 10minute hair interview.

Fu Ken Unreal


FU- large capital letters


Something along the lines of that,so the brand name will be FU.

Get Fit or Die Trying

They are a fitness equipment company and want a logo text incorporated with icons

Anchor Point Archery

Client need text to fit on an arrowhead or fletching.Hunters are the target market; reliability & durable

They want a logo with royal look match with their name.Their Products are excellent quality / value.

Home Inspira

The logo will be use on the material of stainless steel, ABS plastic or glass. The logo is for household appliance such as small electric kitchen appliance or health monitor devices such as body scale, smart wrist band. They hope to inspire people by their products with healthy living and new style cooking experience.

Susan & William Boutoque

Client would like the sign to have Susan+William Boutique, thinking a pretty almost a handwritten font. They were picturing S+W vertically and Susan+William Boutique across the bottom of the hang tags. Rectangular in shape, longer vertically than horizontally. They like the quatrefoil pattern as an idea. They love turquoise, yellow or gold as an accent??

Fusion Love Stories

Our Client have a design already in mind. Her company name is Fusion Love Stories. She would like the word FUSION and the word STORIES in either red or black font in a circle surrounding the picture of a red heart-shaped book. The heart should actually be made to look like an open book. The word LOVE stretch horizontally across the inside of the circle, incorporating the heart-shaped book as one of the letters in the word (either the ‘O’ or the ‘V’).

Wicked Garden

It’s a rockband logo and want incorporate guitar and drum together.

Hawk Happens

He want the club looking like a full swing completion. Would be nice give a logo check swing look but may be infringing on Nike seal. Grass image growing enough for golf season for great golf.


Convey the message that organized and coordinated activities bring the most sustain efficiency. Plan to build out a website as a hub for user groups to organize daily activities


This client want logo that represents their entertainment business “Fly Young Niggas” It targets the repre sentation of the business and trademarks any product of clothing or any physical ( Albums & Mixtapes ) or media ( Internet ) music releases.

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