Premium Logos Portfolio

Want to make a mark in the market? Well, firstly, you need to create a mark too, a symbol that express your brand and makes an impact on the mind. Let us help you explore and give a voice through your logo! We offer premium solutions to our clients and even have redesign options open to trend up with the changing times. Our creative flat and minimal logo style will not even pinch your pocket with the affordable prices.

School Share

Ushering in a new era of communication in the School Biosphere via mobile app. The most far reaching and groundbreaking innovation to hit the education industry since the Smart Board invasion……NOW IN INDIA ! We not even designed the UI/UX of this app but also made a brand identity. In logo we portray the bridge in between Parents and School Teachers.


The Punjabi brainchild, made from the creativity of two desi designers, to give you an apna sort of style. It is all about transforming your ethnical wardrobe so that you can cash on the rich historical opulence and make those heads turn with the scintillating creations.

Funk the System

They are a band called “Funk The System” from Norway, and they play a mixture of different styles, but mostly something similar to Funk-Rock. they want a logo for their band. They want something simple, inspired by rock, but they also want to stay in touch with the funky and wild, at the same time as they want it to look professional. They want the text to be big, clear, compact and easy to both notice and recognize. They were not quite sure about the colors, but we suggested them few styles and logo samples and they choose the best one.

Auto Plant

APS specializes in offering professionally customized safety management solutions for your plant / project. They want very clean / corporate logo which can easily mapped in user brain.

Sweet Tooth

This creative / sweet logo we designed for a local bakery. Client want something abstract but close to life and we did the same.

Bygg Reform

– A Construction Reform as a builder company that performs large and small construction jobs in Oslo and Akershus. Client want a youth oriented logo, which can portray the both male and female gender emotions.

Digital Self Defence

DSD provides a unique kind of digital self-defence solutions, which you can manage from anywhere from your smart phone. Client want a very cool logo out of Security shield idea. So we suggested him to a ‘Security over a Cup of Coffee’ Client love this ideas and on the behalf of it we constructed this logo.

Trave Globe

We designed this logo for a Dubai Based Travel Agency. Client want an eye-catching abstract symbol which create an brand image in customer’s mind.


The logo is to represent a city called Medellín, located in Colombia, that’s where client from. Medellín is a city that went from being one of the most dangerous cities in the world to the most innovative city as named by the Wall street Journal. Client described it as a city and want a logo icon for very fastest growing city in the last decade. So we designed various icons for which portray the nature and economical growth of the city Medellín (Columbia).


iCrypto is an Authentication-as-a-Service solution focused on making secure authentication easy for both enterprise and end users. The iCrypto cloud architecture delivers secure authentication to your trusted mobile device, whether that be through your smartphone, tablet or wearable device. Client want very clean / corporate logo.


Intellinet is a Belgium based VoIP services provider company. They have a BIPT license and be put to the test every day by thousands of customers. They want we create logo where ‘i’ play around the community.

Other Logos