Internships are a stepping stone in our career. And, so, when it comes to choosing the place or company, we scratch our heads as we don’t have the access to a lot of options. Now not anymore. Project Bay is a unique platform where students get to connect with the companies and companies get to explore fresh talent brimming with ideas. There are heaps of options as the employability ranges across various sectors.

The clients can even test the potential recruits before hiring so that the projects can be executed effectively. We have worked in full throttle on Node.js API framework and WordPress integration in this portal. Normally such intermediate services sites confuse the user with its complex working, but this one is an exception with our UI/UX specialists taking special care on the easy to use and high responsive mobile compatibility feature.

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Other Projects

Learning Management Portal

The website is the intro to the product/plans. All users will register on the website portal.


ESadvisor lists the courses for juniors and adults across the various schools of UK. It is a dynamic platform

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