The Green Crowd

Crowdfunding Social Network, That Makes A Difference

A new social website focused on “crowd funding environmental projects”, aimed at people who would like to both submit and support green projects. People are encouraged to submit inspiring projects to a platform so their friends and networks can easily donate to them.

Create massive impact in the awareness & innovation of sustainability & clean tech. This spring boards into a global movement, focused around a community that shares a common goal of transforming our planet’s environment, sustainability and humanities dignity, through initiating & funding projects that create a brighter future for everyone.

Demographic Profile of people who most liked TheGreenCrowd:

  1. Women (but DON’T make it just for women, must appeal to both sexes)
  2. 25-40 age group
  3. Income under $25,000
  4. Completed 4 year degree
  5. Working full time
  6. Single
  7. Significant number were small business owners
  8. Significant number were students
  9. Use Facebook and Gmail a few times everyday

They are already donating to these organizations, in this order:

  1. Red Cross 48.3%
  2. WWF – World Wildlife Fund 24.1%
  3. GreenPeace 17.2%

3 Most Important Elements to Communicate Through Our Brand:

  1. TRUST – donating with confidence, knowing you are part of positive global green change.
  2. INVITING and FUN – something you’d like to be a part of.
  3. GLOBAL – we have INTEGRITY and community backing.

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How “TheGreenCrowd” Brand Makes People Feel

“Love it – makes user feel like I’m part of the “crowd” contributing.”
“It sounds fun and inviting without reminding me of hippies. Also, it is to the point without trying too hard to be trendy.”
“It evokes a group of people…”
“We are the ‘green crowd’ who helps fund ‘green’ projects; ‘going green’ is one of the catchy phrases used now-a-days for being kind to mother earth.”
“Sounds like people willing to help and is catchy”
“The brand name is because it evokes a sense of community and teamwork. Making the world a greener place requires more than just one person’s work. It takes a crowd of people. The name also fits with the “Green Crowdfunding” name of the website.”
“It makes the connection between eco-friendly and working together”
“This is a good eye catcher and information to remember”
“You are trying to get a crowd involved!”
“I enjoy the green crowd because all participants will feel like they are a part of something, a crowd. Its also casual and easy to remember”
“It lets the consumer know that it will be a bunch of people networking together (crowd) as well as that it’s about environmentalism (green)”
“Has the word green in it, and crowd, which says a lot of people”
“Sounds like a site I would go to”

The Green Crowd – Alive New York

Crowdfunding Borneo 3D: Rise of the Eco Warriors

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