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Featuring its specialty as a Node.js web & mobile application development company, Think 360 Studio is gaining the lead as a service provider. Node.js is proving its worth as a perfect technology partner to be used by software architects.

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In simple terms, Node.JS is JavaScript on the server side. Now, we know that web application development comes with the limitation of large investment on server setup, mainly due to expanding customer base and activity which as such cannot be sufficed with low computing power. But, exceptionally, this is not preferable for applications that deal with minimal data for each user. In such cases, these applications will do well with Node.JS as it scores well in scalability and is apt in dealing large amounts of connections. App development industry is flooded with the choice of frameworks and amidst all this frenzy, we come to your rescue by helping you go for the right framework that matches your user base and business evolvement plans. At Think 360, As a Node.js development company, it is our mission to find the architecture for growth and productivity so that you can optimize your resources at the same time make your business sustainable.

Why Node.Js?

Node.JS merits on its lightweight and efficient traits that comes across because of the event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. In structure, Node.JS employs ‘callback’ for all the actions that require I/O, like gathering of data from DB or internet. This ‘callback’ minimizes the waiting time of the CPUs so that a particular I/O action is executed along with some other requests.

Node.JS is the perfect framework as it renders the biggest advantage of building scalable network applications quickly without much hassle. If horizontal scalable applications are what you are looking for, it is best to go for cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) considering it’s easy to nail these applications through the auto-scaling and balancing features. Giving you a profitable deal on your investment, Node.JS when used together with the setup of Simple Queue Service (SQS), Simple Notification Service (SNS), S3, RDB and DynamoDB lays a lucrative platform that can unanimously benefit from Node.JS’s non-blocking I/O model.

Node.JS also poses a major challenge to PHP through its fast development and deployment in run time setup. If you want to get leverage with this framework in cross-platform real-time applications, get started with Think 360! Empower your products with Node.JS and unlock the advantage of-

  • Lightweight and simple modification
  • Real-time web socket programming or API
  • Less parsing time
  • Open source community driven modules
  • Budget friendly testing and cheap hosting
  • Speedy and scalable architecturen
  • Reuse of codes at every level
  • Many packages and extensions
  • Compatibility with Google V8 engine to enhance performance

Why Think360?

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Powerful team with experienced developers
  • Valuable business insights
  • Boosting performance by working on analysis tools
  • Proactive approach in scalable frameworks
  • Complete package of architecting, writing and deploying Node.JS

Node.js Development Services

Node.JS is capable of tackling various client applications and that too without getting entangled in the RAM boundaries. It offers versatile solutions that handles vertical slits and enables code reuse facilities. Node.JS has become an absolute necessity for clients considering they are saved from the trouble of managing the influx of users as the business expands. The framework does not differ much in comparison to other platforms; it is actually the approach we adopt at Think 360 that makes your websites and apps ace. We offer a variety of services to make sure that the clients get the most from app performance, speed and scalability.

  • Useful business MVPs
  • Real-time solutions
  • Fast Execution
  • Data streaming
  • Single page apps