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A responsive design automatically adjusts to display with devices and content becomes readable like desktop versions with easy navigation. If your website is not functioning well, it will not respond to the user's needs and the devices they're using.

With 13+ years of experience in the world of design, we are helping businesses accelerate their growth through our skeuomorphic design, long scroll page designing, mobile design, animations, and much more.

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Professional Responsive Design Services

Think 360 delivers responsive websites and web portals with self-explanatory navigation, mobile-specific interactive elements, and smooth performance on any network, thus creating a higher mobile conversion rate.


User Interface Design

User Interface Design defines the visual elements of the website. Our UI design philosophy focuses on target customer engagement while ensuring that your site's interface conveys a consistent brand image.


Technical SEO Consulting

Our technical SEO expertise includes sitemap maintenance, indexing, and crawling optimization, canonical tag implementation, bot rendering, URL structure, tag and image optimization, schema recommendations, and structuring categories and sub-categories.


HTML and CSS Coding

We have HTML and CSS coders who optimize your website for different screen sizes. HTML5 and CSS3 are used for Website Development today because they allow for automatic webpage sizing and flexible media retrieval required for responsive web designing.


User Experience Design

User experience (UX) refers to how your visitors interact with the structure and design elements of the website. Before designing UX, we create a user experience strategy to determine how potential users will navigate through online content.


Single Page Checkout

We know what it takes to improve the shopping experience in eCommerce stores. We can help you design a new site or redesign your existing store to provide you with a single-page checkout, include payment options and cross-sell and upsell features, and to achieve to enhance site UX.


eCommerce and CMS Design

Our Responsive Web Design team can turn your existing website into a Responsive CMS site. We provide the Best UI/UX Design Solutions for eCommerce tools such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Drupal, WooCommerce, and more.

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Responsive Website Design


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Why Choose Responsive Web Design for Your Business

When our team takes on web design, we always ensure that we create an end solution that meets - and exceeds - all expectations.

Fresh Look

Flexible Layouts

Layouts are flexible enough that the website can re-arrange itself based on the screen size


Integrate analytics and reporting

Google Analytics; optimized at one level to handle responsive reporting, monitoring, tracking, and analytics.

Improved Branding

Better User Experience

Responsive Design Performance and consistent look ensure a great user experience.

Optimize Marketing Costs

Effective Cost

Redirecting to just one URL reduces the cost rate compared to two different websites.

Optimized for SEO

Optimized SEO

SEO-optimized content, backlinks, and a better bounce rate.

Drive Sales Growth

More Mobile Traffic

The mobile design layout is an important factor that drives traffic and provides more efficiency.

Our Work Process

We always look for a proven methodology and agile process to deliver superior solutions that reflect your business while growing you. We create responsive web pages that can be navigated on any device and screen size.

  • Nice to Meet You

    Nice to Meet You

  • wesome Design Creation

    Awesome Design Creation

  • Well Development

    Well Development

  • Closer Look

    Taking a Closer Look

  • Deliver

    Deliver or Go Live

  • Audience

    Reach Your Audience

Responsive Website Design
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Hire a Professional Web Designer

Our expert web designers deploy CSS media queries and practice industry-leading designs, guaranteeing great site UI/UX delivery across all screen sizes. We enable our clients to appoint a dedicated team of designers who will work closely with them. Our highly talented team of designers will understand your idea and help you achieve an eye-catching design for your website.

  • Mobile-first approach
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quality on time, every time
  • 12 Months of unparalleled support
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Key Take Away From Think 360

We ensure that your website responds according to user demands with great scalability. Whether designing a site from scratch or modifying a legacy application, we vow to keep up with current industry trends and build a digital following to gain more customers.

Quality Assurance

Brand Research

We believe in a collaborative process of uncovering your brand story, your process, your industry, and your target audience to ensure that we tell your story in an engaging way.

Quick Support

Customer Research

We conduct competitive analysis and identify the needs and preferences of your target audience. This strategic brainstorming helps us provide them with a great experience.

Affordable Price

Intuitive UX/UI Design

We design websites that are device agnostic, meaning they work excellently on multiple devices and with a variety of browsers, including iOS, Android, Windows, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.


Design for Real People

We design responsive websites to solve real people's problems. If a website doesn't meet your user's needs, they won't return. Our designs for real people help you get real results.

Rest Assured

Fluid Performance

With our design work, you get a website that looks clean, modern, and easy to navigate. Our designed websites have fluid performance, which creates satisfaction among the end users.

Experienced Team

Time Save

With our responsive website designing services, you save time and reduce development costs. You don't need to maintain two websites for desktop and mobile users. one is enough.

Strict NDA Policy

SEO Friendly Design

A higher ranking on search engine result pages and more traffic can help you generate millions. We provide a design that is easy for search engines to understand and gives your site credibility.

Grow With Us

On-page and Off-page

With our on-page optimization, your store will become a sales machine. And off-page activities along with a solid content marketing strategy will boost our SEO efforts.

100% Satisfaction

Reports & Analytics

With a responsive website, Google Analytics is optimized so that you can easily handle site reporting, tracking, monitoring and analysis and understand its performance.

Tools We Use for Responsive Web Design

Our aim is to establish a consistent user experience across all mobile devices. There are an array of platforms we use for creating Responsive Web Design:

  • Adobe XD Adobe XD
  • Figma Figma
  • Gridset Gridset
  • Wirefy Wirefy
  • Bootstrap Bootstrap
  • Invision Invision
  • Export Export Kit
  • FitVids FitVids
  • Webflow Webflow
  • UXPin UXPin
  • Browserstack Browserstack
  • Colorlib Colorlib

Trusted by Popular Brands

We deal with everyone from the world's largest corporations to one-person start-ups with a great idea. We work closely with our clients to meet their requirements.

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More Power and Easy Our Pricing

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  • Around 5 Screens.
  • Around 5 Integrations
  • Only simple validations on device
  • No offline storage of data
  • Timeline - Within 2 months
  • Team consists of:
    Team - 1 Developer (full time)
    QA Team - 1 Test Engineer (shared)
  • Web APIs and Online Database
  • Payment Gateways Integration
  • Shopping Cart
  • 3rd Party APIs Integrations



  • Unlimited Screens.
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Only simple validations on device
  • No offline storage of data
  • Timeline - Within 2 months
  • Team consists of:
    Team - 1 Developer (full time)
    QA Team - 1 Test Engineer (shared)
  • Web APIs and Online Database
  • Payment Gateways Integration
  • Shopping Cart
  • 3rd Party APIs Integrations

Dedicated Resource


  • Unlimited Screens.
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Only simple validations on device
  • No offline storage of data
  • Timeline - Within 2 months
  • Team consists of:
    Team - 1 Developer (full time)
    QA Team - 1 Test Engineer (shared)
  • Web APIs and Online Database
  • Payment Gateways Integration
  • Shopping Cart
  • 3rd Party APIs Integrations

What our Clients say

A delight to watch our happy clients who are all praises for us!


Throughout our project together, Think360 has delivered a quality product with a high level of service and professionalism. We required some website templates built which had more advanced requirements than most projects. Think360 was able to fulfill these requirements easily while still meeting the deadlines. We would recommend Think360 to anyone.

Thomas Leenders

Thomas Leenders

Product Designer for CultureCounts,


Think360 was a lifesaver. I had a bad experience with another web developer, and then I found Think360. They offered me a very reasonable price for my web development project. They were very responsive and showed me lots of progress throughout the whole project. I am very picky because I am a designer, and they always complete my picky changes with no complaints. I will be continuing to do work with them because they are so reliable, and do a great job. My website looks great on desktop, mobile, and iPads. Thanks again, Think360!

Victoria Myrand

Victoria Myrand

Graphic Designer,


Think360 team are most amazing design team with an insight that is second to none. They can design what you dream. They had all milestones completed before they were due and their communication was excellent. Looking forward to working with them again. If you want a job done to the best it can be then hire them. They made my experience unbelievable one – If there were rewards Think360 team should get one.

Mary Culloty

Mary Culloty

Entrepreneur, IGNITE Program UCC


We have worked with Think360 Studio for a period of time to Our experience has been really great and we are very grateful for their support and good work. We will surely give them a lot of jobs to fulfill and we look forward to a good long-term relationship. Thank you for your amazing support!

Bob Sachdev

Bob Sachdev

Internet Marketing Coach,


I have worked with Prince Pal and Think360 team for a year now. We have designed and built several websites together. We have also discussed ways of growing my online business here in Switzerland, which is proving very helpful today. The think360 team and Prince Pal have shown themselves to be fast, efficient, and friendly partners to work with. They have provided unwavering support in solving all technical challenges facing us. Prince Pal has also provided support and counsel in marketing matters and helped me think about my business targets and how to reach them. Despite the long-distance (Switzerland – India), the daily collaboration has proved very dynamic and fruitful and I hope to be able to maintain good work with think360 in the future.

Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie

Serious Entrepreneur,


"The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing." - Einstein.

What’s the cost of developing a website?

It depends on how many pages you want to create or develop on your website; custom design, and or use of templates. Online marketplace sales, inquiry forms, search engine optimization for your website pages, the website’s key features, functionalities, and other things all matters in determining the cost of a website. We will be able to provide a fairly accurate quotation. Please contact us to know more.

Yes, Of course! It helps your current business more efficiently and improves customer retention rates. Adds a refined and immersive user experience no matter how and where they view your site. According to Google data, 76% of people use their smartphone to find something nearby and start a business within a day.

Our centralized tracking system enables clients to connect directly with our project managers and team members. Furthermore, as a leading Responsive Web Design Agency, we provide formal live reports to clients. These serve as progress updates.

This can vary, although there are more specific schedules for corporate and eCommerce sites (according to their page volume and site features). For business sites of 10 -100 categories, it may take around 1 - 1.5 months.

For personalized sites, all businesses have their individual needs and methodologies. For eCommerce Website Development and Custom Website Development on any platform, the time frame may be different. In collaboration, we can provide you with a realistic estimated timeline for planning and executing a project.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a style sheet language used to describe how documents written in a coding language such as HTML or JavaScript should be displayed. The word 'style' highlights how CSS specifies the colors, fonts, and page layout of your document. HTML can be considered as the foundation and CSS as the interior design.

A responsive design can change its layout and appearance, from a huge desktop computer to a tiny mobile phone, depending on the screen size of the device being used to view it. Because the layout adapts to flow regardless of the viewing device, responsive design is fluid.

Using an adaptive design requires creating a new layout for each device the website is browsed on. Since the website is rendered differently depending on the device or browser being used to view it, adaptive design automatically falls into place.

Responsive web design is a design that perfectly meets the needs of users and is displayed on any type of device and browser without any problems. So if your website provides the same UI in every screen size, then it will be counted as a responsive website.

Your input and feedback are very important to this process. We'll start with lots of questions about your needs, your preferences, and your work with you to develop the perfect look and functionality.

Usually, that is you. You are the expert in your business, so it is usually best if it comes from your side. If you need more help, we can recommend copywriters who will help write or clean up original content for you at an additional cost.

The best web design agencies for small businesses include Hibu,, GoDaddy, and Dotcom Design. These companies offer reasonable prices to suit the budget of growing businesses, without sacrificing web design quality.