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Our Capabilities

User Research and Evaluation
User Surveys
Screen Flow Diagrams & Maps
Wireframes & Prototypes
Experience Design
UI/UX for iPhone & iPad Apps
Usability Testing / Audit
Conversion Rate Optimization
eCommerce UX / MicroInteractions
At Think 360 the User Interface Design (UI) and User Experience Design (UXD) process is woven around the user needs. We focus on genuine understanding of the requirements of the user by taking their opinion early in the process and doing our own homework before beginning the user interface ui design and user experience design process.

We Follow Simple UX Steps (Process)

1. UX Research

This is a first step of UX CheckList /Steps where I explained very important step known as ‘UX research’. A Research about your competitors with your market analysis and collect all information. After research, analyze data either you collect it from your existing web analytics or buy the related data or survey results. Customer feedback – it’s important especially when your are planning to re-launch your brand. Collect all videos and feedback and serve accordingly.

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2. UX Plan

In this article I discussed how to plan UX and create the user persona’s with User Stories  For User Persona’s, write down user stories and scenarios now. Create your User’s Flow based on the scenarios you created, this flow will help to create easy to use wireframes on top of each step. Define Red Routes for your product and after this you can able to identify, arrangement and wipe out any usability problems with key user interaction.

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3. Explore UX

In this article I discussed how to Explore UX in real. I explained how a UX designer starts the project brainstorming, Low / High Fidelity wire framing and Prototyping for product demo. This step is like UX breath – without it, you cannot imagine a perfect product. So lets have a quick look.

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4. UX Communication

In this article I explained how to communicate with UX designs. How a UX designer starts creating a bridge of communication in between user and product – with the help of Information Architecture and User Accessibility. Lets have a look on following 3 basics pointer of UX communication.

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5. Create UX

In this article I discussed how to Create UX using : UI Elements  – Re-use elements and patterns, create your guidelines and follow it. Start with small bytes, then create mega pages.  a swipe slider? Study first about user behavior fits like – pinch, drag, zoom, rotate, shake, six-inch smartphones, left handed people, mouseover, kinect, motion detection. Can I see it on my mobile? As per Google 60% people browse website on Mobiles, Still thinking about a Responsive website?

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6. UX Feedback

In this article I discussed how and when provide UX feedback to your designer about Application speed and response – If your users have to wait a lot for the page to load, at least show them a loader, if it’s still taking longer try something more entertaining and creative. Feedback about Errors – Do a detailed error testing and Be clear where user’s error is. Feedback about Final AGive quick / clear feedback on successful user’s actions.

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7. Finalise UX

In this article I discussed how to Finalise UX. First  always ask “is this the best you can do?” Use of images and icons – In any UI, icons play a major role to connect with the audience. Besides, depicting the color and style, they must communicate with the users and can bring huge improvements. Font & colors hierarchy – Make a simple guideline and follow it, using colors and font sizes properly. The best visual hierarchies lead users to take the action confidently.

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8. UX Delight

In this article I discussed how to create UX delight with micro copy this will help you to embrace the brand personality, with micro interactions like sync data, set alarm or pick a password your app engaging more with your app product. This micro interaction is possible with high level of UI transitions / Animation.

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9. Analyze UX

In this article I discussed how to Analyze UX with Detailed KPI’s Setup, including your goals, achievements and Write down how you define success and failure. A/B Testing planning will help to improve your KPIs with User survey, sessions recording, observe and fix, test, observe and fix.

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Our UI / UX Work

Skillfied App

This app designed for norwegian people. Client provided us Low Fidelity  Wireframes in a PDF file and our UI designers make awesome Android app screens based on Material Design Principles.

Our Other Design Services

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