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Without doubt, users are the best judge for your site or app. What if you are faced with a situation where UX specialists and designers are in a conflict? UX experts opine that some interface element will make the system extraordinary whereas designers feel that it is quite a burden on the final design. 

What now? In this case, you should go for usability testing as it is the right approach to get to the decision of this problem. At Think 360, we value the impressions of our users and use their opinion to make your product all the more attractive. Even a design pattern can do the deed, but a design pattern lacks in upholding usability as usability is a multifaceted process governed on several factors, with subjective ones in the count too. Clearly, usability testing is great at handling complexity. Our studio delves deeper to examine your project’s users’ behavior and then convert our understanding into a comprehensive written report.
According to research, mobile device users don’t think twice while discarding websites or applications those are tricky to use, thus making usability a must for these products. Websites or applications that are complicated won’t be able to make a place in the market. Testing the usability of mobile websites or applications on mobile and tablet devices corresponds more to help rather problem for your customers. Think 360 performs mobile device and tablet tests in its custom built, technically advanced lab or at a facility of your choice.
We test anything and everything such as-
  • Desktop applications
  • Websites and web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Prototypes and design patterns of the aforementioned things
As such there is no set stage for usability testing. It can be conducted during any stage of development and the best approach is to go iterative in process. Even if you go for single testing, it will improve the final result to a great extent. We value the trust of our customers and take extra care in case of confidential project data and stick to the policy of non-disclosure strictly. We also abide by the confidentiality clause in the results obtained from usability testing.
Being the leader of UX design in the market, we don’t believe in comprising on quality. Striving for absolute conduct, our experts complete usability testing in the following three stages-
  • Preparation for testing and looking at the ones surveyed
  • Testing
  • Writing a Report

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Usability Testing Services

Be it the prototype or the iteration of your existing app, it is important to cross the boundary of reviews and give your app’s users a terrific experience. And to accomplish this, Think 360 is always at your service. Our task-based mobile app usability testing solution goes for real users to evaluate your app and these valuable insights further help you to measure, manage and enhance your app’s performance during the initial stages of deployment. Our services enable-

Quantitative and Qualitative Data

Many solutions are limited to just one or the other. At Think 360, we believe in being complete and our mobile app testing solution always gathers both quantitative (UX metrics) and qualitative (screen recordings) data.

Various Recruiting Options

At our studio, either you can intercept real users straightway from your app or pass on an invitation link to your target audience via email.

Multi-Stage and Agile Testing

Our process permits you to test without any limit especially at the time of most crucial cycles of app’s release. We give you the edge to run tests on live apps as well as robust HTML prototypes, so that you can recognize usability issues in the first run.

Specialized Services

Struggling to make it big? Don’t worry! Our team of professionals extends full support and troubleshooting to make things work phenomenally for you, even installation of our SDK.

In-The-Wild Testing

Gathering mobile data from users in the lab can never match the level of collecting data from the users in the natural setup. Receive feedback from your target audience as they participate on their own devices from any place or location.

Fast and Inexpensive

With us, you don’t have to waste resources on expensive lab equipment and manual labor. And yes, at Think 360 moderation is not the key in usability testing. You can gather feedback in a matter of hours and take full benefit of real-time, automated data.

International App Testing

Giving various languages in selection, Think 360 can easily be adapted to your favorable language with a simple drop down menu. Building a global community, we test your app with everyday consumers, business professionals and difficult-to-reach users around the world.

The outcome of our proficiency in usability testing brings-

  • Effectiveness ratios, i.e., success, error, abandonment and timeout
  • User screen recording
  • Behavioral events
  • Efficiency ratios, i.e., time on task and amount of clicks
  • User comments
  • User satisfaction rates

Client’s Testimonials

Mary Culloty

Mary Culloty

Entrepreneur, IGNITE Program UCC Think360 team are most amazing design team with an insight that is second to none. They can design what you dream. They had all milestones completed before they were due and their communication was excellent. Looking forward to working with them again. If you want a job done to the best it can be then hire them. They made my experience unbelievable one – If there were rewards Think360 team should get one.


Andrew Guild CEO

CEO, I am a customer of Think 360, whom has just completed my New Zealand Based Property Website. Think 360 have been extraordinarily amazing to work with, it’s not just their professionalism that makes you feel good about them, it is their attitude, and they are always there for you. Think 360 is a 1 Stop web design Shop with all the technical capability to complete any project at the highest of levels with integrity honesty and vision, we are all good friends now. Give them a go they are worth it.


Bob Sachdev

Internet Marketing Coach,

We have worked with Think360 Studio for a period of time to Our experience has been really great and we are very grateful for their support and good work. We will surely give them a lot of jobs to fulfil and we look forward to a good long term relationship. Thank you for your amazing support!


Mark Ritchie

Serious Entrepreneur,

I have worked with Prince Pal and Think360 team for a year now. We have designed and built several websites together. We have also discussed ways of growing my online business here in Switzerland, which is proving very helpful today. The think360 team and Prince Pal have shown themselves to be fast, efficient and friendly partners to work with. They have provided unwavering support in solving all technical challenges facing us. Prince Pal has also provided support and counsel in marketing matters and helped me think about my business targets and how to reach them. Despite the long distance (Switzerland – India) the daily collaboration has proved very dynamic and fruitful and I hope to be able to maintain the good work with think360 in the future.


Victoria Myrand

Graphic Designer,

Think360 was a lifesaver. I had a bad experience with another web developer, and then I found Think360. They offered me a very reasonable price for my web development project. They were very responsive and showed me lots of progress throughout the whole project. I am very picky because I am a designer, and they always completed my picky changes with no complaints. I will be continuing to do work with them because they are so reliable, and do a great job. My website looks great on desktop, mobile, and iPads. Thanks again, Think360!


Thomas Leenders

Product Designer for CultureCounts,

Throughout our project together, Think360 has delivered a quality product with a high level of service and professionalism. We required some website templates built which had more advanced requirements than most projects. Think360 was able to fulfil these requirements easily while still meeting the deadlines. We would recommend Think360 to anyone.

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