The latest stable release of WordPress “Benny” (Version 4.0) is available, fully loaded with new features to give you a “smoother writing and management experience” with the blog management tool. You can download the new release now from (6.3MB).

Here’s their video to show all features and benefits with WP 4.0:

Following new features will blow up your mind:

1. New Media Management Style

A simple / easy Media Grid system exploring your photo uploading experience to next level. A new Photo Preview and editing will take all photos at single place.

2. Working with Embeds is easier than ever

Just simply paste the URL of youtube or twitter in your editor, with preview boost your confidence of blogging and save time. You can now also embed videos from CollegeHumor, playlists from YouTube, and talks from TED.

3. Smooth and Focused Content Writing

Editor expand automatically to your content during writing and keeps the formatting tools all together – all the times.

4. Easy Plugin Installer

WordPress 4.0 makes easier to find the right plugin from 30,000 free or open source plugins. Plugin search experience improved with new metrics and graphic user interface design changes.

Use full links:

1. Embeds Codex –

2. Benny Goodman –

3. Download WP 4.0 –

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