15 Tips To Create Client Delight – A Success Formula
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15 Tips To Create Client Delight – A Success Formula

These tips will help in understanding client delight, which should be a primary goal of any company. Client satisfaction is prime for product success.


Everything starts with the customer. Be it motive or result. They form the basis of the business. In fact, the key to unlock the potential of any firm lies in the hands of the clients as they are ones who can push the boundaries. Many companies boast that they are customer oriented. That the clients are their prime focus. But is it all words or even action? For any business, in order to climb heights, there ought to be a connection with the customers. Value is what they desire and it should be outrightly be given.

Promises that can be kept only should be made. Satisfaction can only be derived when the expectations are fulfilled and the clients have what is called ‘the best’ in store. Nevertheless, it is always easier said than done.

There are various clients to be dealt with and the major challenge is to establish a set dimension. You might think that you have won the business battle. But that is not where the real victory is. The real conquest lies in maintaining consistency. The clients that are there and will stay. Are they delighted enough not to get drifted to other brands? Yes, can that delight ultimately extend support for a lifecycle? Tough, that’s what you think? Let us make you game in. Here is what you need to do :-

1. Emails - Help At Your Service

Emails have been an excellent tool when it comes to marketing especially while voicing a new brand. This, indeed, helps the business to scale heights by way of pulling more audience. But are emails restricted to generating sales only? What about using emails to create an edge post the sales and keeping the communication alive? Yes, emails can serve as a great delight to the clients even after the purchase as they can prove to be a reminder of the value added services.

They can undoubtedly strengthen the relationship further. However, it is necessary to monitor the number so that the bulk does not create a burden. Delight mails should cater not deter. Make sure to think like a customer while composing such mails. Include what is valuable and is of utmost importance so as to help them succeed ahead. Avoid clutter of any sort. You can even use marketing automation software to study the contact profiles and track the visited pages, downloaded eBooks and the past conversations so as to get a fair idea of their interests and choices.

This can filter the relevant data to a great extent and please the customer with its right areas of focus. Sending best resources, tutorial videos and contextual write-ups revolving around the marketing software used to measure their efforts will be of great aid to them. eBooks used as a takeoff guide and source for common FAQs can any day be an added benefit to them.

2. The Human Touch

It is important to connect with clients. To have a connection that unites them with the company. So, what majorly matters is how the communication is done so that a better link can be made.  Using technology has eased the process but has reduced the effect. Establishing an association on mechanical lines takes away the personal touch. You might think that emails will do the  needful but nobody can replace the charm of a customer service line.  

Machines are too automated to do business and deal with people. If you want to engage your clients try adding more one on one interaction with the clients so that customers can identify better with the firm. Interpersonal communication can nurture the relationship and churn out better results. A good tip to delight your client is to celebrate their special days like birthdays, anniversaries etc. with them by sending something special as a gesture of care so that they feel valued and stay loyal forever.

3. Reports Say It All

It is always good to keep the clients in loop and inform them about the happenings of the business. The best way to do that is through reports. Collecting all the information and presenting them is not only favorable for the clients but also for the business as it will give a clear idea of what is the market standing, what is a hit and what is a miss and also the target areas that require action. The clients who are associated with the agency also get to know the financial allocation and the areas where the investment is high. This explains the picture of the budget clearly.

They will have more faith in their choice. Now, sending an automated report through email is an easy task. But if you want to give delight to your client, be more considerate. Small moves such as usage of easy language for better understanding, marking the major points and giving answers and reasons for any doubts or queries is something that will win the hearts of your customers and make you all the more different. Giving the clients the freedom to be involved in the business and regularly reporting them the activities will align them strongly with the agency and pave the way for progress.

4. Get It Together

Matching wavelengths with clients is one of the toughest challenges every business has to encounter. While the clients have their own mindsets and way that need not mean it will necessarily match with the professionals at the agency.  The thinking patterns will differ definitely. Well, here is where a common line is to be made so that there is no confusion and ideas flow with clarity.

Clients relate better if they get the approach, have access to visual resources and have self explanatory material provided. Be it a new client on board or launch of a mega campaign for the old ones, it is necessary that everyone is in unison with the framework as this will make them feel empowered and give ultimate delight. Let them be involved more personally as it will give them a better insight of the brand and also provide awesome experience.

5. It’s Different

When it comes to offering the clients some info, usual blog posts have always been the best resort. New week- new post. But is that actually effective? Is it giving you the lead conversions you desire? If not, you got to do something different. Do not get bound by the same. If you want to deliver something extraordinary that creates an impact then come up with something that is interesting and interacts better with the audience. Something whose value remains with time and always creates an impression.

For deriving such a piece of content, a series of A/B tests can be done so as to know the areas that can be optimized so as to benefit a campaign or initiative. Going for the unusual will chalk out new ways and open grand doors to success. Sticking to what they expect is the biggest mistake. Go beyond the expectations, which they cannot even think. Be more user oriented as this will delight them and make them associate with the brand on a deeper level.

6. Always On Time

Time wastage is one thing clients detest. Try not to keep them in delays. Do not cause any inconvenience by misguiding them on the time required to deliver the tasks. If there is some sort of confusion, it is better to give them an estimate looking at the time frame of a similar project done in the past as it will give more realistic idea to the clients. Relative projects should be taken to have an idea of the timeline so that the right investment of both the time and money can be made.

It will take care that the clients are not put off as it will leave them frustrated and disappointed with the brand. Your word is important to them so make sure to keep all the promises and stick to the deadline that has been committed.

7. Full On Follow-Up

Clients like real stuff. Even though you have meetings and a volley of ideas are discussed, even budgets are fixed, still it can only show when it is implemented. And for that a follow up is a must. It gives a concrete form to what all is actually happening. Yes, it is this follow up which forms a thin line between client lost and client delighted. So, make a point to follow up with the clients through messages or emails after the meeting so as to share all the notes and send them all the documents that are required to have a final confirmation.

Be responsible for your actions and let the meeting be sealed through follow up rounds. Showing summaries of the conversations held can caste an impression of accountability which can go a long way in strengthening the relationship with the client.

8. Space Out

Well, it is always good to show your customers that you care. But excess of everything is bad. Don’t get after their life by flooding them with emails and messages and that too of repetitive nature. Receiving such kind of emails on regular basis can be very frustrating for the client. They can get annoyed which in turn can spoil the business –customer relationship. The companies having the best intentions can be projected in bad light if they follow a wrong approach. So, make sure to give clients their freedom and provide them some space time-to-time.

9. The Concerned Contact

Customers go wherever they sense direction. Give them the contact of a specific person who can lead them. That way they will approach that concerned person with their concerns or comments. They will not have to think twice to put forth their issues as it will be this point of contact through which they can easily communicate. Through this humanizing gesture, agencies can certainly delight their clients as it will show value and care they have towards them.

10. Listen To Understand

Want to put the client in charge? Then listen. Listen and that too with full intent as that will make you understand the needs of the clients better. Once you master the art of understanding the needs of the client you will always keep him in the delight position. So, never ignore the feedback given by the customers. Pay full attention as to what all is pointed out by him as it will give a deep insight on the public image of the brand and what all can be done to improve its market ranking.

11. Personas That Work

By creating buyer personas you will be able to chalk out what all the client wants. A buyer  persona is kind of an ideal image of the customer that is somewhat reflected from the existing customer and takes into account the location, demography, aims and desires. By developing buyer personas on detailed terms, it is easy to determine the core areas of focus channelize product development and thereby align the customers with the agency.  Thus, making such profiles will ultimately change the course of the business by attracting more clients and generating a large number of lead conversions.

12. Smooth Step Forward

Give your clients an experience that is perfect and is worth their effort. Buying should be termed as great by them. This is when the delight comes. A process that is lengthy and old fashioned will irritate them and will spoil the whole purpose of purchase as well. Do not create complex steps for the transactions as it will push the clients away. By having simple steps at the sales stage, the clients will be at ease and can proceed without any hassles. This will also create a positive effect for the brand as the clients can enjoy a flawless experience that is fun and not tiresome.

13. Reward It Up

Cherish your clients. The best way to celebrate their loyalty is to reward them with incentives. Let them feel privileged for being associated with the brand. Indeed, it is this appreciation of their presence that gives them delight. Give them special discounts on their next purchases or free items with their high value purchases. For that matter, loyalty points can even do the trick as this brings them back to your brand time and again.

14. Low On Budget

Clients are already given the timeline and the budget within which the project will be done. But who does not like saving on money? Try finishing slightly under the budget so as to cut the costs and see the reaction. Delight is guaranteed here. This is the bonus that they can get if they stick with you. Complete the project under the budget promised and they will certainly come back to you. Further, the brand will rise high considering the amount of referrals and repeat business this strategy can generate in the long term.

15. Free Expert Advice

Clients always want to outshine in their businesses. By analyzing their weaknesses and opportunities and helping them built leverage through their strengths you can create a first place in their ‘best brands’ category. If you offer such advice or strategy for free you are bound to make them delighted as they get to avail so much advantage at no cost. Services like analyzing the web traffic and improving the SEO quality can be given free of charge as it will be viewed a great welcome gesture and create goodwill for the company.



Last Note

So, aiming of taking a leap in your business? You know the secret. Make your clients happy. Do not limit the scope to their satisfaction. It is only when they are delighted that they will spend their resources to partner with you, promote your brand, make references and create a social presence that will add on to the credibility. The companies who follow the principle practice of client delight surge ahead as they are rewarded with loyalty that keeps the products scaling high.

So, adopt the route that goes beyond expectations and give them solutions that they cannot even think of. Appreciate their presence with little gestures. Value adds a great deal to client relationships; Work on the delight quotient and set the turnover rolling!

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