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Our California-based full-stack web development team has been developing React applications since 2017. Deliver Web Apps in weeks, not months. Trust your React web application to Think 360’s, experienced team.

Examples of front-end ReactJS projects:

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We deal with everyone from the world's largest corporations to one-person start-ups with great ideas. We work closely with our clients to meet their requirements.

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Our Expertise in React Projects

Deliver the Best with ReactJS

ReactJS Web Dev Services

We are an exclusive ReactJS Agency, dedicated solely to React development. Our expertise lies in ReactJS, and we specialize in delivering exceptional results. Regardless of the scale of your project, partnering with us at Think 360 guarantees you access to enthusiastic professionals who will meet your deadlines and work within your budget.

Our capabilities extend to crafting adaptable front-end applications and seamlessly integrating them with any existing back-end systems you currently employ.

We have expertise in the following business domains:

Deliver the Best with ReactJS

Web Application

Our forte lies in React-based web development, crafting dynamic and responsive web applications with precision.


Mobile Application

We excel in React-based PWA development, delivering progressive web applications with seamless user experiences.


E-commerce Websites

Leveraging React, we specialize in creating powerful and scalable e-commerce solutions that enhance online shopping experiences.


Educational Platforms

Utilizing React, we specialize in developing educational platforms that offer engaging and interactive learning experiences for students of all levels.


Healthcare Portals

Harnessing the power of React, we specialize in building secure and intuitive healthcare portals that streamline patient management and enhance healthcare delivery.


Streaming Platforms

Leveraging React's capabilities, we excel in crafting immersive and seamless streaming platforms that provide exceptional entertainment experiences for users.

Benefits of using React



The use of HTML tags and JS codes in React makes it versatile to deal with huge sets of data. It helps decide which component needs to be changed to get accurate results.



React JS allows developers to build beautiful and SEO-friendly UI across browsers and search engines. It helps to create a great user experience which is positive for SEO.

Fast development

Reusable Components

React platform empowers developers to reuse components created for another application with similar functionality.

The Right Tools for the Job

Digital Products with ReactJS

ReactJS provides an unparalleled blend of strength and adaptability, making it the perfect choice for projects demanding a tailored solution. As a comprehensive ReactJS development company, we possess in-depth expertise and mastery of the tools to deliver exceptional full-stack solutions.

Common options include:

  • ReactJS - No surprises here.
  • NextJS & BlitzJS - We stick to well-documented frameworks.
  • React-Query - Simple state management and API integration.
  • ChakraUI or Tailwind - Styling using the approaches with the biggest mindshare.
  • Framer motion - Animations and delightful interactions are table stakes in our opinion.
  • Typescript - Static typing is a must.
The Right Tools for the Job

Think 360's React Development Process

We bridge the gap through innovation & deep industry expertise




Irrespective of your current stage in the development lifecycle, we are committed to upholding best-in-class standards for code quality, functionality, and user intuitiveness to ensure exceptional results.




Collaborating closely with you, our dedicated in-house full-stack development team will guide the process of architecting a resilient web application, providing end-to-end support and expertise.




At every development stage, your dedicated Project Manager will proficiently handle your requests and provide regular updates on project milestones, ensuring smooth communication throughout the process.




Welcome to the realm of enchantment! Whether your project spans a few weeks or several months, we dedicate ourselves to crafting a meticulously documented, extensively tested, and cross-device optimized final product that will captivate your audience.




Throughout the journey, we will actively engage key stakeholders to ensure seamless user acceptance testing and obtain their valuable sign-off, ensuring a collaborative approach to project success.



Post-launch support

Our commitment extends beyond development, as we offer comprehensive post-development assistance and maintenance to keep your web application modern, up-to-date, and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience for your audience.


  • 30+

    Projects Delivered

  • 20+

    Happy Clients

  • 85%

    Client Repeat Rate

  • 6+

    Countries Served

Our React Development Services

Development From Scratch

React Custom Development

Through our Intuitive UI/UX Development Services, we seamlessly connect the realms of the real and the virtual, leveraging the expertise of our skilled team of React developers who are committed to creating impactful experiences that leave a lasting impression.

App Migration

App Migration to React

We will shift various front-end frameworks to React, providing intuitive user interfaces without affecting the performance of the app.

React Team & Staff Augmentation

Frontend Development

Our experts in React can solve various challenges like single-page apps, multiple frameworks, and different architectures.

Application Maintenance

Application Maintenance

Think 360 offers support to guarantee the smooth work of your website or app. We present the issues and make sure you achieve the best possible result.


Hire React Developers from Think360

Think 360 hosts a number of React developers who are experienced in building web apps of the highest pedigree for global clients. Our React developers are well-versed in agile and adaptive development methodologies. Our team specializes in developing fast and lightweight React-based products as well as developing high-performance web applications. Hire React developers from Think 360 hourly or full-time, and benefit from their expertise in development, customization, integration, and more. We build interactive UI/UX that ensures a cohesive user experience across all devices.


Obtain valuable demographic and user insights specific to California, unlocking key information and understanding about your target audience in the region.

Gain valuable insights and recommendations on how to tackle upcoming challenges through a comprehensive "why-what-how" report. Demographic Insights, curated by Think 360 Studio, allows you to delve deeper into the online conversations and learn more about the participants.

Los Angeles has experienced a remarkable surge in its tech scene, establishing itself as a prominent hub for digital expertise. Beyond its reputation as the entertainment capital, the city boasts the second-highest net tech employment in the United States, with over 503,000 professionals.

Top global corporations like Northrop Grumman, Deloitte, Raytheon, and The Boeing Company actively seek tech talent in Los Angeles. The demand for skilled individuals in various tech roles, from Java developers to software engineers, is on the rise, particularly in the thriving Hollywood sector. The tech industry significantly contributes to Los Angeles' economy, accounting for 10.3% or $91.4 billion.


The state of tech growth in the city hints at the need to work with React development in Los Angeles & San Francisco (CA)

When technology is mentioned, Silicon Valley is often the first thought that comes to mind. Home to tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook, along with numerous other companies, the region holds a prominent position in attracting tech talent. Consequently, it's no surprise that California has emerged as a leader in multiple categories in our annual Cyberstates study.

However, what may be surprising is that California's IT industry extends far beyond Silicon Valley, contributing a staggering $481.7 billion to the state's annual GDP, accounting for 18.9% of its economy.

At our company, we cater to a wide range of clients, from large corporations to ambitious startups with innovative ideas. We firmly believe that a comprehensive understanding of the user is key to solving complex design challenges. Hence, we work closely with our clients, ensuring their requirements are met with utmost dedication and precision.

Get California's Market Research

When it comes to achieving success with digital products, there's no better strategic partner than a React Application Development agency based in California.

By teaming up with Think 360 Studio, a leading React Development Agency in California, you can unleash the inherent potential of your product, avoiding the pitfalls of building something that falls short of its full capabilities. With a team of skilled designers, strategists, and creative technologists, Think 360 Studio has made a profound impact on numerous top-tier organizations nationwide.

When you sign up for California's Market Research, here's what you will discover


Market sizing

Gain insights into your market size to facilitate more effective planning. Understanding the scale of your market plays a vital role in strategic planning, enabling you to thoroughly assess opportunities and strategically allocate resources and investments.


User Group and Behaviours

Stay informed about critical metrics, from initial downloads to user engagement, transactions, and loyalty. By gathering comprehensive data about your visitors, you'll be equipped with valuable insights to make informed decisions regarding your website, mobile app, or SaaS application development endeavors.


Feature or service optimization

Maximize the effectiveness of your website through Service Optimization, employing A/B testing, multivariate testing, and redirect testing to identify the most effective strategies for your users and optimize their experience.


Concept testing and optimization

Save time and resources by validating product, design, and marketing concepts early on, enabling you to prioritize the most promising ideas and proceed with confidence, ultimately leading to cost-effective and successful outcomes.


Discover Unmet needs

Utilize user research techniques like A/B testing, multivariate testing, and redirect tests to gain valuable insights into user behavior and identify optimal strategies that resonate with your visitors. This data-driven approach helps you understand your users better and optimize your website accordingly.


Innovation and ideation

Embrace the power of Think 360 Studio's unique innovation and ideation process to spark fresh ideas, integrate cutting-edge technology, and nurture a continuous creative mindset.

Immerse yourself in a transformative Design Thinking workshop held in California, where you'll engage in hands-on exercises and collaborative sessions to unlock innovative solutions and cultivate a design-driven mindset.

What is it?

What is it?

Discover the unparalleled excellence of our design approach, the driving force behind our success, and the catalyst for your achievements. Engage with Think 360 Studio's Design Thinking & Consulting services, and unlock the potential for remarkable innovation and growth.

What's in it for you?

Design thinking encompasses far more than a mere design process. It embodies the journey of transforming ideas into tangible success, encompassing a profound understanding of human nature and desires, along with a spirit of experimentation, to set your organization on the path to ultimate achievement.

Benefits of Design Thinking Workshop in California



Successful implementation of design thinking necessitates input from the entire team, fostering an inclusive environment that welcomes fresh perspectives and innovative problem-solving from individuals who bring diverse insights to the table.

Thoroughly Tested

Thoroughly Tested

Prototypes or sketches serve as invaluable tools to test ideas and gather feedback early in the process, enabling potential breakthroughs and preventing unnecessary expenditure of time, money, labor, and materials. Embracing this iterative approach empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your resources effectively.



The versatile nature of Design Thinking allows its application across various domains, ranging from product development and finance to customer service. Its adaptable methodology can be employed effectively in diverse contexts, fostering innovation and problem-solving across multiple areas of business.

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  • Around 5 Screens.
  • Around 5 Integrations
  • Only simple validations on the device
  • No offline storage of data
  • Timeline - Within 2 weeks
  • Team consists of:
    Team - 1 Developer (full-time)
    QA Team - 1 Test Engineer (shared)
  • Web APIs and Online Database
  • Payment Gateways Integration
  • Shopping Cart
  • 3rd Party APIs Integrations



  • Unlimited Screens.
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Only simple validations on the device
  • No offline storage of data
  • Timeline - Within 2 months
  • The team consists of:
    Team - 1 Developer (full-time)
    QA Team - 1 Test Engineer (shared)
  • Web APIs and Online Database
  • Payment Gateways Integration
  • Shopping Cart
  • 3rd Party APIs Integrations

Dedicated Resource


  • Unlimited Screens.
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Only simple validations on the device
  • No offline storage of data
  • The team consists of:
    Team - 1 Developer (full-time)
    QA Team - 1 Test Engineer (shared)
  • Web APIs and Online Database
  • Payment Gateways Integration
  • Shopping Cart
  • 3rd Party APIs Integrations

Technologies we use with React

  • Redux


  • React


  • Typescript


  • Storybook


  • GraphQL


  • Jest


Looking for Other Services?

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"The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing." - Einstein.

Why should we use React for our website/application?

There are many advantages to the React JavaScript library, so much so that our team has chosen to specialize in it. Speed of deployment, responsive interface, widespread adoption, extensibility, and scalability are some of the key strengths of React. Our clients regularly remark about “how fast” the interfaces are that we build using React or Next.js.

Unlike many JavaScript libraries (or meta-libraries), React is a mature framework, used by startups and global companies alike.

It is common for React applications to run into SEO issues, due to how JavaScript works in the browser and how a React website/application starts up.

We have a full in-house SEO team that our developers collaborate with, as well as plenty of experience resolving SEO issues for our React-based clients. We incorporate these solutions as part of our development process to ensure your website can be indexed properly by search engines.

Likely yes.

The versatility of React allows us to integrate with virtually any platform or web application. Whether you want your back-end CMS coupled with a React front-end, or a JavaScript-based full-stack React website/application, the possibilities are endless.

We are fluent in the MERN stack
  • MongoDB
  • Express.js
  • React
  • Node.js
We also use:
  • ReactNative
  • Next.js
  • Gatsby
  • GraphQL and Rest APIs
  • AWS

Due to the component-based architecture of React, extensibility is baked in from the ground up.

Essentially, the very nature of the frameworks makes it possible to extend functionality and improve the end product without rewriting the entire codebase. At the same time, 9thCO’s development process ensures that your short and long term needs are accounted for during the architecture planning phase.

Our team of experienced React developers will regularly test and optimize your new or existing application to ensure it continues to perform blazingly fast by profiling performance, and checking for unnecessary re-renders or memory-leaks.

Absolutely. Most of our clients see us as their outsourced development team.

We can work within your environment to extend the functionality of an existing app, and even bring roadmap suggestions to the table based on experience with other clients or industry trends.