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The transportation scenario, while appearing deceptively calm is being disrupted by technological forces that are trying to solve delivery challenges, freight management issues and meeting the increasing demand for efficient supply-chain logistics.

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  • Venture investors put $5.7 billion into transportation businesses by 2015, more than twice the level of investment in the previous two years combined.
  • Mobile PC’s and laptops account for 62% of the spread. Mobile PC’s and laptops account for 62% of the spread.
  • There is $2.4 trillion worth of societal benefits as a result of a digital transformation of the industry up until 2025, with $1.5 trillion up for grabs.
  • Almost 80% of manufacturers are developing mobile applications, and at a more rapid rate than traditional applications for enhanced logistical support.

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We designed apps for India, Middle East, and American consumers…

HoppInRide App

We helped our client cum friend to create experience a luxurious taxi booking app for Enterprise customers.

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Truckquote UI/UX

ruckquote.com is a Southern Oregon based company that was founded by a group of individuals

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