UI UX Course From Scratch (Offline)

  1. Industry Relevant Skills with UX Portfolio
  2. Become a Pro UX UI Designer in 4 months
  3. Get up to 5x Salary Hike & Placement

Weekdays Group classes for students in Think 360 - BG 22, Third Floor, Central Plaza, Sector 105, SAS Nagar (Mohali) office for 6 months.

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About Instructor

Course created by HFI Certified Designer and Industry Expert Mr. Prince Pal Singh

He is a leading Product UI/UX @Think360. He has 18 yrs of extensive Practical Experience in UI/UX Design. Founded three Startup Think 360, UIUXstudios & kTube.

His designed application is used by employees of Facebook, Uber, Intel, Paypal, Google, Microsoft, and many more.

Get Social with him @ www.princepaluiux.com


Who can do this course?
Architect Designer
Digital Marketing
Web Designer
Tech Influencers
UI Developer
Graphic Designer
Architect Designer
3D Designer
UI UX Designer
Product Designer
QA Tester
Program Highlights

This is a 4 months course for Students & professionals who want to learn and build end-to-end projects on Android or iOS Platforms in UX UI Design.

  • Industry Relevant Skills
  • 1 on 1 Mentorship with Experts
  • Experience UX Case Study
  • Project-Based Training
  • Build 1 Project & 1 Portfolio
  • Interactive Prototyping
  • Building Designer CV
  • Mock Interview with Experts
  • Get Placement Also
Weekdays Batch

2.5 hrs a day

Course Fees

₹59,999 ₹79,999

Why become a UX designer?


Be in Demand

UX is a high-growth sector. The demand for UX designers far outstrips the supply of qualified professionals.


Get well paid

UX designers are highly paid. The average entry-level salary for a UX designer in India is ₹32K to ₹50K.


Love your job

UX designers make an impact. They solve real-world problems using an exciting mix of research, design, technology, and psychology.

Course Outline

Using the latest best practices in Web Design and Mobile Design as well as User Interface and User Experience Design (UI/UX), this course focuses on efficiently getting you from zero to a point where you can get hired or win freelance contracts. We will use in-demand tools like Figma, Adobe XD, and Axure to show you a full workflow from start to finish.

The topics covered in the course are...

Module 01

Intro To Design

  • Gain a deep understanding of the UX design process.
  • Affordance, signifiers, and metaphors
  • Cognitive biases
  • Product strategy and revenue models
  • B2B vs B2C apps
  • Homework
Module 02

User Research

Master core research methods, from usability testing to in-depth interviews

  • Design Strategy with Design Thinking
  • Competitor analysis
  • Quantitative survey
  • Homework
Module 03

Analysis Techniques

Translate research data into user goals, personas, and journey maps.

  • Motivation mapping
  • Empathy map
  • Mapping touchpoints & channels
  • Solving pain points
  • Exploring business opportunities
  • Homework
Module 04

Structure And Navigation

Define navigation, user flows, and information architecture.

  • Cognitive load, mental model & decision making
  • Navigation & hierarchy creation
  • Card sorting & user flow
  • IA creation
  • Homework
Module 05


Dig into the details of interaction design and prototyping.

  • How to use Figma/AdobeXD on the web & desktop
  • Understanding components and variants
  • Learning responsive design
  • Creating stylesheet for Hand-Off
  • Prototyping/Wireframing
  • Homework
Module 06

Design Principles

Harness the power of design principles to create better software.

  • Understanding the usage of colors in UI & Typography
  • Understanding interface
  • Setting a visual design strategy
  • Converting the wireframes into visual design
  • Interactions and micro-interactions
  • Assets and style-guides
  • Homework
Module 07

Mobile UI/UX

Learn how to design mobile websites and applications.

  • Various Sections of iOS
  • Introduction to material design
  • Understanding various sections of a screen
  • Using the UI kit
  • Introduction to material design
  • Understanding various sections of a screen
  • Preparation for development review
  • Homework
Module 08

Portfolio Projects

Develop your UI UX portfolio through a series of real-world projects.

  • UX case study
  • iOS presentation
  • Android presentation
  • Website presentation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Certification
  • Homework
Module 09

2-Hour Theory

Get assessed on your knowledge through a final exam.

4-Hours Practical

Complete a test task on mobile or the web and Earn a Professional UI/UX Certificate from Think 360.

UX Designer Salary

UX Designer Average Salary Minimum to Maximum


Amit Kumar

Product Designer @UIUXStudios

“The highlight of my learning experience was finishing the course with a tangible case study to add to my portfolio... One of the most valuable skills I learned with UX/UI, is understanding how important it is to follow the design process, as it has been developed for a reason.”


Manish Sharma

UI/UX Designer @Amazon

“Our instructor... was clear, detail-oriented, and made the learning environment safe and collaborative. We got a lot of real-world examples from him, and all the little details he shared made this entire course special, and more than simply reading a textbook. Overall, I'm a big advocate for Think 360's courses - they've proved to be extremely valuable in my career.”


Jai Kumar

Lead UIUX Designer @Think360

“When you take a Think 360 UI/UX course, you're learning with some of the very best in the industry. You collaborate with product managers, digital strategists, UX designers, and all kinds of other backgrounds.”

Tools & Software


Weekday Batch | 2.5 hrs a day

Course Fees Instalment

— Rs 5,000/-Registration Fee

— Rs 25,000/-1st Month

— Rs 20,000/-2nd Month

— Rs 9,999/-3rd Month

₹59,999 ₹79,999
Earn A Think360 UI/UX Design Certificate

Upon completing Think360's UI Design Course, you'll receive an industry-recognized professional certificate to share with your network and showcase all that you've learned. Think360 certificates are formatted for sharing on LinkedIn.

What will You learn?
  • Become a UX designer.
  • You will be able to start earning money from your XD/Figma/Axure/InvisionApp Skills.
  • You will be able to add a UX designer to your CV.
  • Build a UX project from beginning to end.
  • Become a UI designer.
  • Build & test a full mobile app.
  • Build & test a full website design.
  • You will have a project of your own to add to your portfolio.
  • 51 lectures of well-structured, step-by-step content.
  • Learn to design websites & mobile phone apps.
  • Work with fonts & colors.
  • Prototype your designs with interactions.
  • Test on mobile phones.
  • You'll create a realistic prototype complete with micro-interactions.
  • Send your designs for feedback & comments.
  • Export production-ready assets.
  • Create your first UX brief & persona.
  • Create quick wireframes.
  • How to use premade UI kits.
  • Learn professional workflow tricks & shortcuts.
  • You will get the finished files, so you never fall behind.
  • Downloadable exercise files.
  • Forum support from me and the rest of the BYOL crew.
  • All the techniques used by UX professionals.
  • Build a mobile app prototype that responds to voice commands.
  • You will be able to talk correctly with other UX design professionals.
  • You'll learn how to choose colors.
  • You'll learn how to pick the correct fonts.
  • You'll be able to send your finished work to other professionals in the correct formats.

More questions? Schedule a call with an educational
advisor, or email us at team@think360studio.com

UX design is the craft of making a user's experience as effective, efficient, and pleasant as possible, especially when interacting with digital products. Essentially, it's the process of designing products with the user in mind.

On the other hand, UI design refers to all the visual design elements the users of a website, app, or piece of software (or mobile device, or even appliance) interact with. The "UI" in "UI design" stands for "user interface."

UI design, therefore, has a narrower focus than UX design, which concerns a user's entire journey from beginning to end. These two specialties must work seamlessly together to create a strong user experience.

Yes, when you complete the UI Design course, you will earn a Think 360 User Interface Design certificate, which can boost your LinkedIn profile and resume, helping you stand out in the job market when applying for UI or UX design positions.

Think 360 offers some of the most competitive payment options for UI/UX design course, with a range of flexible plans.

Monthly payment instalments Allowing you to split your tuition into smaller monthly payments.

Throughout the UI Design course, you will learn to work with design tools that will take your digital design skills to the next level.

Get hands-on experience with Figma, XD, Invision, and Axure. You'll also have the chance to try out motion graphics, mood boards, and accessibility testers that will help you effectively plan a stimulating and inclusive design.

People from any background can join our course, we have a wide spectrum ranging from Freshers/Students to Professionals. We teach everything from scratch and prepare you for the industry

Hiring UX/UI Designers is Top Priority Right Now 87% percent of managers said hiring more UX/UI designers is the top priority for their organisation. Yes, Looking at the projections and the demand that is ever-rising in the market for UX/UI Designers, currently, it's a safe bet to say that it's a secure career choice.

Yes. Each course has a dedicated mentor. All our mentors are topclass UI/UX professionals with many years of experience working in the field. Your mentor will host the class, and will be available during those sessions to answer questions, review projects and keep you motivated.

Yes. Practical work is a huge part of the course. For the Professional Course in UI/UX Design there are a total of 3 projects to give you hands-on experience on all the key aspects of UX/UI. Each project is part of a single case study - researching, designing and prototyping a website or a mobile app. The output will be a portfolio of work that will showcase your skills and experience in UI/UX.