Great Tips To Take Your Google Ranking On Top in 2017 and 2018
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Great Tips To Take Your Google Ranking On Top in 2017 and 2018

I given great tips to take any website to the top of Google ranking. this article will help you in making SEO planning and strategies.


Responsive Website

Do you have a responsive website ? No!! Go make it one.

According to Google new Hummingbird upgrade if your website is responsive that means it fits the screen of all the devices is surely going to have a higher ranking than those which are not responsive. Most of the users in fact 70 percent use their iPhones to browse or search. So that means if your website is optimized for various devices that means your website will rank higher.

Social Media

Social media and social shares improve your search ranking on google without a doubt. Google also analysis on social media, tracking visitors to your website across social networks including twitter, facebook, linkedin, Pinterest and google’s itself google+. But again your product or blog will have more shares, likes, tweets or +1s when it is useful and valuable to user.

Your Website Speed

Everybody likes speed so why not Google. Google announced in the new algorithm that website speed will have an impact on search ranking. So how fast someone could view your website is an important factor. But it is not even consistent that websites with faster page load will have higher ranking than website with slower page. So the websites with servers and back-end infrastructure that could quickly deliver web content will have higher ranking than those that are slower. So in the nutshell its not only the front end but back end performance of the website that impacts search engine ranking.

Usefull Tool - PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster.

Linking Internally

Internal links definitely contribute a lot on the page rank of your website. Google not only gives importance to external links but also to internal links. You should always select the internal links carefully. The linking website should actually be related website ( gone are the times when you use fake links). They should be user friendly plus should add value to your website.

Few Principles for internal links:

  1. Always emphasise on using text links.
  2. Instead of relative links use absolute links
  3. Include title attribute in your link.
  4. Keywords should always be used on your linked text.


Click-Through Rate

High click-through rate leads to high-quality scores. It increases the quality score of your campaign and it is directly related to a low cost per clicks. So with high click-through rate you need not to spend unnecessary money on keywords. It brings down the overall cost of your campaign and also increases the conversion rate. Increase your click-through rate by followings tips:

1. Don’t use banner ads filled with graphics and colors. They should be text emphasized that explain the value of your product in 1 -2 sentences.

2. Never add price to your Banner ads because if you going to that you may end up getting fewer clicks.

3. Optimize your title tag and meta tag description.

Some of the keywords tend to get clicked a lot:

  • How to

  • [List-related numbers]

  • Free

  • You

  • Tips

  • Blog post

  • Why

  • Best

  • Tricks

  • Great

 Stay Tuned! & Keep posting me your comments!

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