Why It’s Important To Invest In UX?
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Why It’s Important To Invest In UX?

Invest in UX for your brand success because the more delightful experience you give to the users more successful you'll become as a brand.


Many businesses question the worth of UX in their investment plan. Well, they know that they should be investing; still they don’t find it good enough to put money into. They don’t think UX is justifiable to get a significant part in investment. Now, this is when they miss the point. UX is an umbrella term that not only deals with visual design, but also brings into play interaction design, information architecture and user research. UX provides an in-depth view on users’ needs, values, abilities and limitations. It takes into account research through methods like usability testing, click testing and eye-tracking etc. to unveil the measures required for awesome user experience.

UX is by all means a right priority from the business perspective as it has great potential of converting the traffic into sales. Its investment gives tremendous advantage to the companies and also guarantees long-term success for them. Again, how so? With increased customer satisfaction and users’ loyalties and recommendations. Not leaving anything to doubt, here we have some valuable reasons why you should invest your time, money and energy in UX :-

1. Conversion Count

An average website records a conversion rate of 2 percent whereas the forerunners in the game report more than 10 percent conversion. If people are attracted to your site it means that it scores high in appeal. These visitors are warm lead and the major challenge comes in converting them. If your site can’t convert 1 in 10 warm leads, then I’m afraid your site will come across as a failure. In conversion, the most important step is when the user gives your site a chance and visits it. The fate of a site depends upon UX design’s power to influence conversions. So, it is actually ridiculous to cut down budget on the area that is the most crucial of the entire process.

UX is without doubt the most significant point of a user’s journey with the product. It is not a matter of jiffy. Just like marketing and development, it is a specialized arena that requires trained professionals. Remember hiring a cheap UX designer just to wind up the task can cost you heavily in the end. Yes, UX needs more, but you will reap more too.

2. Loyalty Wins

It is the UX that helps you win loyalty of the users and makes them come back to the site time and again. Also, the word of mouth does wonders as the recommendations they give further enhance the number of conversions. However, you must know that negative user experiences are not easily forgotten and they ruin the impression of your product or service in the minds of users. If you work hard on delivering a positive UX, you will surely be successful in winning the trust of your users and fulfill their expectations. And, ultimately you can enjoy long-term loyalty by these customers who stick with your brand come what may.

3. Time Equals Money

It is a no brainer that if a user spends more time on your site there are chances that he or she will spend money on you too. Now, for that your UX must be excellent. If your UX meets the users’ goals, they will definitely make the buying decision. Take note that your deals are not the only offers users are limited to. If users fail to understand and complete the actions on your website, it is likely that they will drop-off.

4. Customers are Happy

UX focuses on the needs and expectation of the users first. Further, by adopting a user-oriented methodology for your site, you will gauge what the customers exactly want and what will satisfy them at the best. If you fall in line of their wants, there are chances you will fulfill their expectations. As a rule of thumb, you must view your users’ needs as your product main goals, then only you can deliver maximum satisfaction. Additionally, this is also a good way to defeat your competitors; if they fail to meet the needs, you can take charge and win.

5. Make Way for Revenue

Even if you have a small conversion rate, but there are many visits pouring in for your site, you can collect huge revenue. A top notch UX design aids in achieving your goal. It imparts a sustainable revenue model that leads to increase in your profit margins to a great extent. An effective UX automatically results in customer retention, which paves the path to success.

6. Value Resources

Let’s say you spent a lot of time and effort in delivering user experience that eventually didn’t result in positive ROI. Still, you should be happy for the fact that you didn’t waste valuable resources. Through proper research of UX, you can craft an experience that totally complies with the needs and expectations of the users. By proper investment, you can avoid all the problems that come from making changes at a later stage and the trouble that comes on sorting the flaws to get a perfect product. Keeping UX on the priority will fix all the performance issues and serve the needs of the users completely.

7. Competitive Edge

User research rightly reveals what your competitors are upto. Yes, you can spy on them and know where they are heading. Run user tests on your competitors to determine their course of action and find whether your users trust them more over you. You can also uncover which other brands in the industry your users are dealing with and the reason they prefer to work with these businesses. People these days are fully aware of the advantages of investing in UX and customer experience and it is likely that your competitors are also part of the same league.

Don’t fall behind in competition. With highly interactive UX on surface, customers are always on the lookout of best user experiences and have become extremely critical for the bad ones. Although bitter but it’s true that if your customers enjoy working with your competitors, chances are they will stick to them only.

8. Easy on Customer Support

We often suggest using chat support log at the time of user testing. This can help to find the problems that the customers are constantly facing with the site. There on, your team can get to work to respond to these concerns and fix them. If you are proactive in finding and solving these problems, you can also use these findings as a guide for the future and thus even reduce tedious work for the team and save on a lot on money.

9. Right Role

UX is a kind of commitment and as soon as you commit to the investment you reap rewards. It is important to work on the UX first and then move on to the other stages. UX designers get to work after the developers or graphic artists have done their part. But actually this is not the right approach as it leaves less scope for the designers to imply meaningful changes. The right way is to keep UX near to marketing rather than development. UX must come before design and development instead of following the two.

It is the most crucial step in product creation so don’t even think of cutting corners by handing over the responsibility to graphic artists and web developers who label themselves as UX designers just to save on money. It will be a disaster in the long run. Invest in a professional UX team to get all the processes right for the business and solve all the design issues smoothly. It will cost you, but then success never comes for free!

10. Timely Updates

UX investment makes you adopt the latest ways involved in high user interactivity. You get to know the avant- garde methods to achieve enhanced level of user experience. By upgrading to the latest versions of the product and software you will have more user engagement which will result in increased purchases too. This will also encourage new subscriptions as the audience size expands with the modified product having unique features.

Bottom Line

What separates a poor business from a successful one? Yes, it is UX. The factor that can change the face of any business. If a user encounters negative experience with your company, it is likely that he or she won’t forgive and will never come back. Choices online are made on the usability quotient, which includes appeal and usage of your site that also sets the trigger towards calls to action. Indeed, first impression is the last impression here, so you got to be very careful.

You just have seconds to influence your customers and cast a good impression on them albeit the hours put into work by you for that design to come to life. Remember no matter how much taxing the process is, investing in UX certainly holds a promise of loyalty and user retention from the customers. Hope this article busted the intangibility associated with UX and brought to light the potential benefits it has in store.

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