School Management ERP Mobile App

School Admins and teachers use this to reach out and feed information into it where the powerful system centralizes the data and redirects it to Parents. This app deployed in India’s Top Schools.

About App

This app creating a bridge in between Teachers, Parents, Students & Principle. This app easy adopt a school branding because the app is providing white label solutions.  Admins and teachers use this to reach out and feed information into it where the powerful system centralizes the data and redirects it to relevant users. Know what EVERYONE is doing EVERYWHERE and ANYTIME, even while traveling or off campus. Our 4 main users are:

  • Teachers: Teachers can make attendance, upload marks, approve/disapprove holidays, manage calendars and circulars, also can send notifications.
  • Students: They are the most complex user who can manage their homework and update it.
  • Parents: They are our app’s main user who can track their kid’s performance and attendance.
  • School Management: Management can review each student performance and get connected with teachers and parents.


This App deployed in India’s top schools



PPS Nabha

YPS Patiala

App Key Features

This app designed for two individual users – Parents & Teachers. Below we are presenting Parents app features with the actual user interfaces.


Post your Holiday Assignments, Syllabus, Lesson Plans and much more! Have it available 24/7 for your parents.


No more bunking, no more being late. Let your parents into the classroom, digitally, and rest safe and sound knowing their wards are safe at school.

News & Events

Report on your School News / Events. Engage your most left out members – the Parents. Let them see all the exciting and valuable initiatives the School takes. Allow them to like and comment but under the strict moderation afforded to you by the system.


Posting Circulars on a website is a waste of time. Important information is lost waiting for people to first log in to Google then your website and then, maybe, your Circulars section. Increase the viewership and reach of all your School Circulars / Announcements / Notices by posting it DIRECTLY to their phone.Harness the power of the App to ping their phone whenever a new Circular is released. Even if they haven’t logged in to the App.


Show your School Calendar with all Holidays and Events marked. Enable the App’s intelligence to set reminders for Events that interest the parents.

Leave Management

Extend your parents the convenience of applying for Leave online, from the convenience of their homes. Approve or deny it from your teacher panel. No more inefficient paper trails or application re routing. Instantly all applications are stored and a history maintained, for both parties.


No more inefficient and costly SMS packages. Don’t have your important messages ignored with marketing spam and OTA advertising messages and Emails. Say no to impossible, unprofessional and unmonitored WhatsApp. Now message through your very own school App. Message your stakeholders on the fly. Get guaranteed responses. Check user engagement (ask us how)Utilize the power of Push Notifications to send important messages.

Easy to adaptable White Label Solution for any school

App Branding

My client launched this app as the name of SchoolShare. So we created an icon which gives a message of care and protection

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