Project Planning

Web / Mobile app design and development take time, Sometimes a lot. The project planner’s role is to understand all of the moving parts and develop a group strategy. By structure, we mean the processes and governance to keep everything running smoothly. These are things like the change management process, the budgeting process, how you are going to sign off the deliverables when the time comes, what quality measures are important and things like that. End Goal: A polished product, delivered within budget and on time.

The Elements of A Project Plan

A lot of project planning with the design and development team, getting the views of the people who will be affected by the project and working out how it all hangs together. There’s a lot of chat and a lot of thinking time.

The end result of your planning phase is an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) document called the project plan. These include:

  • A plan for managing the human resources on the team both in terms of availability and skills
  • A plan for managing costs and the budgeting elements of the project including any procurements or supplier engagements you might have.
  • A communications plan setting out who is going to receive messages about the project, when and in what format
  • A plan for dealing with project risk including the processes for logging and tracking risks
  • A quality plan that specifies the quality targets for the project.

Project planning is the center point of our process. Not only it saves unnecessary work but also always keep our clients’ satisfaction and the success of their product.