Easy Bio Data Website UI/UX

Think 360 studio build a great matrimonial platform. Matrimonial sites have become very popular in India and EasyBioData will make your search & selection for bride/groom extremely simple. EasyBioData is here to help individual to find their perfect match through easybio data site.

UI/UX & AngularJS development

This app designed for patients so that they can get connected with doctor instantly. This hospital has 5 Branches in Chandigarh and Punjab. They want an easy to use the app so that patient gets an appointment with related doctors. Think 360 teams make the UX accordingly and developed this cool app.

Experience Live Website

A Harvard-based startup tackles Indian matchmaking…

A quick Google search revealed that roughly 90% of Indians still participate in arranged marriages. With more than 10 million weddings every year, India’s wedding industry is estimated to be worth more than $25 billion and is growing at 30% annually, according to the BBC.


Matrimony & Weddings


User Personas

1. Our 90% users are Indian NRI’s who are searching their life partners.

2. Most of the time Biodata created by Father for their children.

3. Caste is very important for biodata matching.

UX Challenges

After CEO decided the main features of the application, each stakeholder expressed their own requirement to the features and design, I had to consider those constraints and maximize the user experience in design.

1. Since there were many features – Like Login / Register, Traditional Form-based biodata creation & Payment Gateway.

2. Biodata creation was not easy because interface taking data in the traditional form-based method.

3. Interaction in between user and data inputs was missing.

4. Investors required the entrances for user biodata creation directly from home screen. It might weaken the data feature and interaction.

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Colors & Typography



Oswald Font Family

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”< >?/.,’;\][=-`





Say Hello! To Wireframes


We designed High-Fidelity Wireframes (Prototyping) & User Interface from scratch – as a Product manager, We collaborated on product design and user experience design.

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Create a New Biodata


Mobile Friendly Design


How We Solved UX issues

1. Biodata creation in an easy manner from HOMEPAGE we communicated with eye catching call to action.

2. We took the basic survey just before starting the biodata creation. So that when they land on creation page, they feel like home.

3. We reduced the input type feature and converted into various button taps. This method helps my user to make a decision in a second.

4. We take care of the biodata Interaction and gesture. And We kept the whole UI in a biodata preview form so that they can preview the biodata during creation. This method helps my user to finish their bio-data creation journey.

5. We also help to build the BIODATA MATCHMAKING ENGINE.

Tools We Used

Market Research, User Surveys, Paper/Pencil, Axure for Prototyping, Photoshop for UI designing

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Our Client Love


Think360 was fantastic to work with on the high def wireframes and concept development for the v2.0 version of our site. They always came with tons of ideas and thoughts and really help us move the site from old and stale to fresh and reinvigorating! Users have loved the new design since we launched and we are constantly getting feedback on how beautiful the site is now. Would absolutely work with him again for site design work!

Allyson M. Pritchett

Co-Founder, Easybiodata.com



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