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iLikeThat, Inc., or simply iLikeThat, is a New Zealand online marketplace company that was founded in 2010 and was created by Andrew Guild. At Think 360 we provided Design, Branding & Web Development Solutions for Realtors, Brokers, Agents, builders, Contractor & more...


iLikeThat. Inc.


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UI/UX, User Research, Branding, Website Design & Development

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I absolutely love what Think360 did for my business! They have a great team that went above & beyond refining aspects of my business that I was struggling to perfect. Think360 have improved my business in ways I never would have imagined. I am so grateful to be working with this company, they definitely made my dreams become a reality. Their team is very reliable, creative and trustworthy. I have tried working with many other companies over the years yet by far they are the most experienced and professional app development team I have come across. I love working with their friendly team and will always continue working with them on all my future projects. Thank you Think360 for pointing out a way to achieve my goals and educating me on opportunities that wouldn't have been possible before. Andrew Guild

News App

We designed this easy to use news app user experience, branding and user interface designing from india.

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Meditation App UI/UX

Guided Meditations, Chants, Mantra’s, Meditation Timer & Tracker!

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