Lab Advisor

Lab advisor is a Medical Lab Tests Booking Mobile App. Think 360 user experience design team produce the wonderful result for them. Lab advisor is a group of professionals passionate about delivering quality healthcare to the average Indian.

Project Brief

LabAdvisor is a group of professionals passionate about delivering quality healthcare to the average Indian. They help patients in need of pathology or radiology discover their neighborhood labs and select one which specifically caters to their needs – be it a certain kind of testing, distance from their homes, the convenience of home collection, or an affordable price. The projects involved building their user-centric website, user research, mobile responsive design, social media marketing management, and a native mobile app for Android and iOS.

Live Website

LabsAdvisor raises $183K in angel funding

LabsAdvisor, a startup that connects customers with diagnostic labs through an online marketplace, has raised nearly $184,000 (Rs 1.2 crore) from a group of eight unnamed angel investors from India and abroad. Though LabsAdvisor did not disclose names of the participating investors, it said the angels work with large organizations such as Barclays Capital, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and others.

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Project Goals

  • Identify user needs based on existent user research
  • Identify main features for MVP
  • Design the best “Booking” & “Payments” experiences for Patients
  • Design Prototype, Brand Identity & UIs
Live Website


  • User research analysis & Patient interviews
  • Perform a “Circumstantial Inquiry” to identify user’s behaviors
  • Identifying the user needs and persona development
  • Usability testing for concepts validation
  • Hight Fidelity Wireframe
  • Validate designs with “Usability Testing”
  • Identify main features for MVP

User Research

Based on our research we picked up one pain point of users – “How to find a right & affordable lab?“ and designed a solution for it. We introduced our solution as medical tests search engine where a patient can find a lab and book the tests.


  • 3 participants were not sure after reading the “press the call button…” message who were they calling.
  • 5 participants read the message in Hindi.
  • Female participants were more comfortable to share their health problems with the female representative.
  • The participants on their own mentioned their location and budget while talking to the customer care representative at Lab.
  • Calling Customer Care Representative was found to be helpful and easy.
  • Time of test reports delivery should be on time so that they can take consultations from Doctor fast.
  • Budget is an important parameter for deciding a lab from the options given.


  • Easy to find the test on website
  • A patient is suffering from fever from past 2 days and doctor recommended some test. Now test reports are required quickly for further treatment.
  • Blood collection from home as per patients timings.
  • How to find the best medical test packages.
  • A reliable system that is quick to check in/sign up.

Pain Points

  • Payments are a pain point with the current system labs are taking payments in hard cash.
  • Check-ins are a pain point clunky, slow.
  • Reporting is complicated to set up. It needs to be done via email in pdf format.
  • Current solutions are unreliable.
  • Patients don’t want to stand in long queues.
  • A patient is not able to find a certified Diagnostic lab.

User Personas

Thanks to our findings from the research analysis we were able to identify 3 main kinds of users who will be benefited from using LabAdvisor App.

Geeta Pushkar

House Wife Female, 36 Yrs

Needs & Goals

  • Taking care of small kinds
  • Own a home in Chandigarh City
  • Take blood samples at home for tests
  • No compromise with health of family
  • Yearly checkup required

Pain points

  • Frustrated with costly medical tests
  • Required a hassle-free solution
  • Write a Review on labs

Albert D’Sousa

Working Individual Male, 29 Yrs

Needs & Goals

  • Very much ambitious about the career.
  • Required an automated system.
  • Book test for Parents from anywhere
  • Send medical reports in digital format
  • Finding a best healthcare app

Pain points

  • Time and money should be spent on original test reports
  • Don’t want to share too much information
  • Having bored and ugly websites
  • Find a lab using current location with filters and map
  • Search for lab by name
  • Want to read reviews on lab

Rajesh Singhania

Aged Person Male, 67 Yrs

Needs & Goals

  • Find a lab using current location with filters and map
  • Sign up and make an account
  • Book a lab with a phone call
  • Find out as much as possible about patient experience
  • Need diagnostics test report on mobile for doctor’s consultation from anywhere
  • Serum collection from home

Pain points

  • Can not stand in long ques
  • Want to pay via wallet or credit cards
  • Make an Appointment with lab technician

Usability & Customer Experience Testing

When asked about the application as a whole, participants said they thought it was very easy to follow and understand with a simple but pleasing design. Participants also all seemed to like the customizability of the application, when it came to the filtering lab tests or Search and account preferences. Looking at improvements, on the splash page, one user mentioned the readability of the middle text on the screen and the length. When mapping free labs, the majority of participants demonstrated confusion when it came to entering a current location, as they had trouble locating and identifying the current location button on the screen. When looking at the map, users also mentioned wanting to see an indication of where they were in regards to the pinpoints on the map.

Real Time Wireframes

With Our paths mapped out, We needed to decide where the elements would be placed on the screen. We first started sketching in our creative studio. Using the user flows as our guide, We sketched out each individual screen, signifying buttons and other elements. Each drawing led us closer and closer to the most sensible and effective layout. Starting the wireframe process using low-fidelity sketches, helped me test out different positioning and determine what type of layout works best for completing user goals. The classification of the filter test categories was seen as intuitive by users, except for the first category “sort by” as one tester mentioned how the category title is unclear and not specific enough like the rest of the categories. While examining the lab profile, one user showed disappointment and confusion, when it came to the heart icons symbolizing rating.

UI Design

The current design is comprehensive, and yet professional so that the users not only feel comfortable using it but also know that they can entrust the platform with their sensitive medical data. In addition, it is ultra light, which has a positive influence on performance and maintenance.

Live Website
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Identity Design

We want to embrace our spirit to serve our customers with ease and to be closer to our Indian customers. So we decide to transform our brand from paper to digital Lab Advisor. For the logo, We wanted to design something simple and to the point. The pinpoint shape is an icon that is well known for symbolizing a location someone is trying to get to. The hands give even more meaning to the medical care. We added the red colored pin in the middle as it is a common symbol for medicine.

Color Palette

We chose a split clean medical color palette, with lighter shades of sea green and red to create balance. The color sea green seems to dominate mobile applications and social media sites, but most importantly creates a sense of calm and comfortability. It is also used by many organizations who practice medicine. The red shades add a pop of color and base hue, orange, symbolizes vibrancy and energy.


For fonts, I chose different versions of San Serif DIN Font family for logo and combination of Robot Serif and Open Sans for Website, as it’s a simple and clear font that is readable at various weights and sizes.

Mobile App Wireframes

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Mobile App UI Design

Not only website, Lab Advisor want to feature on the mobile platform. We provided the same service with another different experience. We believe smart users are deciding their favorite platform.


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