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We worked on projects with Packt: Author Sight Portal, CRM, Packt Link, CSIM, and Author search redesign, plus created the Packt Design System for consistency.

The Packt community of experts has chosen the best titles to get you learning quickly.

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Helped Packt craft their eCommerce experience with a well-defined design system.

We manage their eCommerce website experience, craft a captivating design system, and facilitate seamless team collaboration.

Packt Design System

A UI Style Guide is a tool that has the information you need about the user interface of your product, ensuring consistency throughout the design process.








Tertiary Blue



Tertiary Green



  • Regular
  • Medium
  • Semibold
  • Bold


  • Headline 1
  • Headline 2
  • Headline 3
  • Headline 4
  • Headline 5
  • Headline 6

Font Size

  • 36px
  • 24px
  • 22px
  • 20px
  • 18px
  • 16px

Line Height

  • 61px
  • 40px
  • 37px
  • 34px
  • 30px
  • 27px

Space mono


Space Mono






Packt Packt Packt Packt Packt
Packt Packt Packt Packt Packt

Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive

Other packt's Products Designed By Us

In the period of 16 months, We have done multiple projects with packt. Here is the preview of our work.

Author Sight Portal

We designed the author portal for Packt, enabling authors to update the status of ongoing books, track published book updates, view earnings, and connect with team members in marketing and accounts.



Upon signing up, users can choose their desired job role—author, technical reviewer, or general reviewer. They will then complete an onboarding form to provide details about their skills and how they discovered the company.


In-Development Book

When an author is working on a book, they upload details in the "In Development" section. Editors, co-authors, and managers can view these updates. Any changes, such as chapter approvals or shifts in the publishing date, are tracked and visible here.


Published Books

Authors with multiple published books can view detailed information for each title, including ratings and revenue generated on a monthly, quarterly, yearly, and projected basis.


Author Profile

In their profile, authors can add basic information, payment details, and social media links for easy outreach.

Packt CRM Product Page

The CRM is designed for Packt’s internal publishing team to manage various products, such as books and video courses. Product managers can track development timelines and view total revenue generated post-publication.


Packt Link

This webpage is designed for creating links to facilitate marketing activities and conduct analysis.


Packt CSIM

CSIM is a dedicated project aimed at aiding individuals in learning and preparing for the CSIM exam. Users can access mock tests, flashcards, and exam tips to enhance their preparation, along with recommended books for comprehensive study.

Packt Packt

Founders & Creators Platform

Founders & Creators is a vibrant community where creators can engage with founders directly. This platform enables creators to follow founders, gaining insights into the companies and products they've developed over time.

Packt Packt Packt Packt Packt
Packt Packt Packt Packt Packt

Author Search Page Redesign

I have to redesign the author search in the packt itself according to the new design system.

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