20 FAQ About WP Themes Answered: Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask
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20 FAQ About WP Themes Answered: Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

Without an exaggeration, WP is the most popular CMS around the globe. That is why there are so many rumors and talks around this content management system. Sometimes, it can be really hard to figure out how to choose a theme properly, install and customiz


Intro to 20 FAQ About WordPress Themes

Without an exaggeration, WP is the most popular CMS around the globe. That is why there are so many rumors and talks around this content management system. Sometimes, it can be really hard to figure out how to choose a theme properly, install and customize it. Today is a day you are going to get all answers on the most intriguing and frequently asked questions about WordPress themes. All questions on this list are carefully handpicked from all over the web and answered in a simple manner.

So if you are a beginner in a web design industry, this list will help you to get a deeper knowledge of how premium themes for WordPress work. Moreover, you will know how to properly choose a theme that fits your needs and customize it, according to your taste. Let’s proceed straight to our list.

1. What is a WordPress theme?

WordPress theme is a pack of files that are gathered to create a graphical interface for a website or blog.

Modern WordPress themes are usually equipped with:

  • The overall design of the website layout
  • Page layouts
  • Font styling
  • Variable color scheme options
  • Useful widgets
  • Additional styling options/built-in plugins or modules

2. Why Are WordPress Themes So Popular?

The popularity of WordPress themes mainly depends on the success of the WP CMS itself. According to the statistics from W3Techs, WordPress holds the 1 place among all content management systems by a number of websites using it. Just imagine, 32.8% of all websites, which CMS we know, chose WordPress. Which is 59.9% of overall market share. So it is not a surprise that WordPress themes are so popular nowadays. They allow people all around the globe to successfully launch their own websites, regardless of the coding or design experience.

3. How Do WordPress Themes Work?

All template files that your WordPress theme contains, are written in PHP and HTML. The MySQL database keeps all individual info from your website or blog. For example, such information as your site name, blog posts, comments, etc. And with the help of PHP programming language, your info is extracted from the database. After that, your theme’s template files showcase the extracted data, using HTML and CSS.

4. Who Makes WordPress Themes?

Nowadays, there are a lot of theme providers or design agencies that develop WordPress themes. However, there are also many standalone developers that are making their own themes and selling them on freelance websites or via popular marketplaces.

5. How Can I Use WordPress Themes?

It really depends on your needs. The magic of WordPress themes is that you can create literally any type of website, using them. A blog, corporate website for any business niche, portfolio, personal online CV or even an online store – this is not even a full list of all possibilities that WP themes give you. Owing to a flexibility of the WordPress CMS, it can be a perfect basis for any kind of online project. All you need to start building your website is to choose the right theme, install and customize it. Here is a tutorial on how to install a WP theme, that will definitely come in handy:

6. How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme?

Certainly, your choice completely depends on your specific needs. Luckily, modern WordPress themes offer you a feature-rich functionality, so you can be sure there are some that will meet any your requirements. Think about the design of your future website and write a short list of desirable features. It will help you to choose a theme in accordance with your needs.

7. What Is WordPress Theme Development?

The WordPress theme development is a process when the theme’s code, layouts, content blocks, modules, UI elements are created.

8. What Is WordPress Theme Customization?

It is a process of theme’s adjusting, according to the specific requirements of desirable website design. During this process, you can change the color scheme, add custom plugins and extensions, customize page layout and personalize your website by fulfilling it with your unique content.

9. How To Handle WordPress Theme Customization?

There are a few options of WordPress themes customization. Most of all, everything depends on the theme you choose. Take a look at the list of the features. If it includes the so-called drag-n-drop functionality, you can easily make the adjustments in the visual mode. If your theme doesn’t have such an option, then go to your WordPress dashboard, find the ‘Appearance’ tab, choose ‘Themes’ section and click on ‘Customize’.

10. Will Changing WordPress Theme Affect Content?

Changing your WordPress theme will switch your theme settings. However, we suggest you make a backup version of your website’s data before switching to a new theme.

11. Will Changing WordPress Theme Affect SEO?

Sure. A modern theme with SEO-friendly functionality, fast page loading, and some pre-built marketing modules can help your website to rank higher on Google SERP.

12. Which WordPress Themes Are Mobile-friendly?

Nowadays, almost all WordPress themes are cross-browser compatible, responsive and adaptive. In 2019, a lack of the mobile-friendly functionality under the hood of WP theme is considered to be a move on.

13. Which WordPress Theme Is Used On a Site?

If you are curious, what WordPress theme is used on a website, there’s a free online tool. Thanks to What WordPress Theme Is That? you can look up which theme and plugins certain WordPress website uses.

14. Which WordPress Theme To Choose For Non-Techies?

As we mentioned earlier, the drag-n-drop functionality really helps to handle the WordPress theme customization process. Take a look at themes, powered up with an Elementor page builder. Thanks to a visual mode, it makes a customization process as easy as a child game even for those, who don’t have any coding or design experience.

15. Which WordPress Theme Is Best For eCommerce?

If you aim to build an online shop, choose a WordPress theme with WooCommerce integration.

16. Which WordPress Themes Are Best For Beginners?

Any WordPress theme with a drag-n-drop functionality will be a good choice for a beginner. Usually, such themes are equipped with a pack of the pre-built content blocks, design and UI elements that will definitely come in handy.

17. Can WordPress Themes Be Customized In The Visual Mode?

Sure, with the help of an Elementor page builder you can easily customize your website content in a visual mode. Moreover, with the help of Live Customizer, you can also implement all the changes into page layout in a live mode, without a need to reloading.

18. Can WordPress Themes Be Changed?

One of the main advantages of WordPress CMS is the variety of themes for it and the ease at which you can switch between them. However, don’t forget always to make a backup version before changing your theme on the other.

19. Can You Modify WordPress Themes?

As was mentioned earlier, modern WordPress themes usually have a lot of pre-designed UI elements, content blocks, along with ready-made page layouts and built-in plugins and extensions. This feature-rich functionality gives you the flexibility to modify the appearance of your WordPress, according to any of your preferences.

20. How Can I Update My WordPress Theme?

Usually, modern WordPress themes get updates automatically. However, if it doesn’t happen to your theme, you can make it manually. Simply go to the Dashboard, choose the ‘Appearance’ tab, navigate to ‘Themes’ section. Choose a theme you’d like to get an update to and click on ‘Update Now’ button.


That’s all for tonight, guys. As you can see, in 2019, building a website can be a really simple task even for non-techies. And WordPress theme is a good option to create an appealing web design with powerful functionality. Moreover, a modern WordPress theme can also improve your website’s SEO and improve the online presence of your project. I hope you got all the answers that you needed. Do you have any other question about WordPress themes? Don’t hesitate to mention them in a comment section below. I’d be happy to answer them and help you to build a successful and powerful website for your project. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends, if you find our list useful.

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