JetPopup Add-On vs. Elementor Popup Builder. What To Choose?
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JetPopup Add-On vs. Elementor Popup Builder. What To Choose?

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  1. Introducing JetPopup Plugin?
  2. Introducing Elementor Popup Builder?
  3. JetPopup vs. Elementor Popup Builder
  4. Wrap Up

Popups are something that marketers love best. The popup has been proved to be one of the most effective tools for increasing sales, leads, and conversion rates. Every business using popups can greatly benefit from them. Fortunately, there is a great number of instruments that make it easy to create a popup on the website. Today, we are going to present a brand new Elementor popup builder along with already known JetPopup and compare them. Consequently, you’ll be able to opt for the one that would perfectly meet your needs.

Introducing JetPopup Plugin?

JetPopup is a plugin that allows creating elegant popups using Elementor to inform the visitors about the essential details. You can create popup templates on various topics and set different entrance conditions for them. Besides, you have an opportunity to apply the templates to versatile widgets and showcase them on various pages.

Getting JetPopup you’ll receive multiple presets including layout presets and advanced functionality to change the popup design and other components. Furthermore, drag-n-drop nature of the plugin makes popup creation as easy as pie. With that being said, the whole process needs just a few clicks and you are done.


Introducing Elementor Popup Builder?

Elementor Popup Builder is a fairly new tool for creating popups. It is considered to be the first design-oriented popup builder for WordPress. The whole process is intuitive and handled inside Elementor editor. Unlike other popup plugins, Popup Builder doesn’t need any optional add-ons to operate. One of the main goals of developers was to make popup creation a part of a single website building process. Thus, you get a chance to customize the design for popups and include website content into them. Additionally, you can make the interface alike for website and popups and configure advanced targeting.

Please be advised that Popup Builder is an upgrade to already existing Elementor Pro add-on. Therefore, if you already have the pro plugin installed, just click ‘Update’ button to start using brand new popup builder.

JetPopup vs. Elementor Popup Builder

Now, when you know more about two popup builders, it’s a high time to move further to their comparison. We are going to consider features and functionality each of the builders has. By the end, you’ll obviously be able to choose the one you want to work with.


Both JetPopup plugin and Elementor Popup Builder can boast with top-notch features allowing them to beat the competitors. Curious to know what features we are talking about? Just keep reading!

Let’s start with JetPopup and consider what exactly the plugin includes out of the box.

Ease of Use

With the help of a drag-n-drop tool, you can create and manage your popups without touching a single line of code.

Layout Presets

JetPopup includes presets for different purposes. Popup Layout block contains classic, bar, full-view, slide-in, bordering, and custom layouts. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to use built-in presets, you can just go with Horizontal or Vertical position.

Different Trigger Events for Popups

They allow selecting the way you want to display the popup. You have an opportunity to choose from on opening, user try exit, page progress scrolling, attached to the widget, on set date, and user inactive time triggers.

Attached to Widgets

With JetPopup add-on, you can easily attach the popup template to the widget button. Doing so you make the popup appear when one of the conditions is met.


Animation Effects

JetPopup plugin comes with 13 animation types including fade, zoom, move up, bounce in, slide up, rotate etc.


A Wide Range of Use

The mentioned plugin offers templates for different purposes including:

  • Subscription form for MailChimp integration;
  • Discount & sale offers;
  • Yes/No popup to identify users’ intentions;
  • Countdown;
  • Contact Us form;
  • Info Card etc.


Note: Please be advised that subscription form, discount, and countdown timer require optional plugins to be installed on the website.

Once you get a basic understanding of the features available in JetPopup add-on, let’s take a closer look at ones included in Elementor Popup Builder.

Integration into Website Building Process

Now, you have a great opportunity to save much time creating popups inside Elementor editor. WordPress texts, images, and media, widgets, layouts, WooCommerce products, ACF custom fields, dynamic content, and other elements are all can be added to your popup with just a few clicks.


The Power of Elementor

Popup Builder makes it possible to customize popup window and surrounding design in addition to content. You have a chance to manage width, height, vertical and horizontal alignment of popup window layout. Besides, you can style up close button and the overlay. Furthermore, a few advanced settings are at your disposal as well:

  • show close button after a set time;
  • close after a set time;
  • prevent closing on overlay and ESC key;
  • block page scrolling;
  • prevent multiple popups.


Triggers and Advanced Settings

Conditions, triggers, and advanced rules allow setting the terms when and how the popup appears from the front.

Conditions enable selecting pages, posts, and locations to display your popup.


Triggers help to start popup depending on users’ actions.


Meanwhile, advanced rules specify the terms that have to be met to make the popup appear.


Popup Templates

For those who don’t want to create a popup from scratch, web designers have created over 100 custom-made templates. They are available in different types like bottom bar, classic, fly-in, full-screen, hello bar, and slide-in.


Integration to Email Marketing Tools

Elementor Popup Builder already includes a great number of marketing tools that can be used with your popup without a hassle. All you have to do is just enter your API key in Elementor settings from the very beginning. Consequently, all your sign-ups via forms will be sent to the marketing tools. This allows you to use the emails to send follow-ups to your consumers.


Range of Use

Elementor Popup Builder can be used for different purposes. A few of them are listed further:

  • Email subscription:
  • Login forms;
  • Promotion & sale banners;
  • Lead capture;
  • Welcome mat;
  • Announcements and others.
What Do WordPress Bloggers Say about Elementor Popup Builder?


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When creating popups, it is crucial to make things right to inspire the visitors to subscribe. This is the exact reason you shouldn’t be limited in functions while building an outstanding popup. Thus, when it comes to using a specific builder, functionality really matters. For good, both tools we consider today guarantee you’ll get it in its fullest.

So, let’s start again with JetPopup. Working with this builder you can:

  • choose from different popup templates available for different purposes;
  • use Elementor widgets to build the layout and add content to it using the drag-n-drop tool;
  • style the created popups without any coding skills using versatile style settings;
  • select the events, set timers and dates when popup should appear from the front;
  • apply any content to the popup including MailChimp, Cookie policy, or even GDPR;
  • adjust the popup layout and its position to make it noticeable;
  • change the positioning, size, and behavior of popup window if needed etc.

In the meantime, using Elementor Popup Builder you finally have a chance to:

  • design and manage your popups from a single interface of Elementor editor without touching a single line of code;
  • add any kind of content to popup including dynamic one with the drag-n-drop tool;
  • create as many popup windows on your website as possible without any restrictions or additional cost;
  • go with the ready-to-use templates if you don’t want to create a popup from the very beginning;
  • take full control over your popup performance and behavior;
  • set up the condition who, when, and how many times sees your popup;
  • create and manage multiple popups etc.
JetPopupElementorPopup Builder
Price$15$49 (for Elementor Pro including Popup Builder)
Ease Of UseNo coding requiredNo coding required
Triggers6 trigger events and advanced settings6 triggers, 7 advanced rules options
Animation Types1336
PurposeSubscribe, discount, yes/no, countdown, contact us, info card, GDPR, cookie policy etc.Subscribe, login, promotion & sale banners, lead capture, upgrades, announcements, welcome mat, related products, upsells etc.

Wrap Up

While JetPopup plugin is well-known among WordPress users, it is probably more popular than Elementor Popup Builder as of now. Yet, it doesn’t mean that the second tool is worse or less effective. We are sure that its popularity will spread quickly on the market thanks to its high functionality and a wide range of cool features. Whatever tool you select, you’ll definitely benefit from any of them. Thus, we recommend taking your time and learn more about each popup service to choose the appropriate one. In case you’ve already worked with one of them, feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

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