50 Best Fonts For Your Website Headings
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50 Best Fonts For Your Website Headings

Designers always wonder about the best fonts and when it come to choosing a right font, designers have so many options to choose from.


When it comes to choosing the right font for your website headings, it can be really time-consuming. Now if you have selected a really good font for your website headings, that will add more value to your designs & will make the final product look more beautiful. The best thing about today’s web scenario is, you have so many options & places available from where you can download a font that you think is best for describing your product or business. Even if we talk about free ones these are really cool too & design-friendly at the same time. Now let's just come to the point, fonts that you’ll find here are simple and straight-forward which is suitable for the modern design concept. Font selection really depends on your product requirements I believe but no one can point the personal choice thing.

1. Densia Sans

Densia Sans

This is very popular font, designer know this font by the name of an economic sans serif. Basically Denisa sans is designed for using with sizes from 6 to 14 points.

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2. Bebas Neue


Bebas Neue has grown in popularity & available via an open-source license.

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3. Simplifica


Simplifica is a beautiful looking font and if we talk font family simplified is a condensed sans-serif family font.

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4. Calendas Plus


Calendas Plus is a free typeface with a classical air. Calendars plus was designed for work in small sizes.

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5. Aileron


Aileron is a free font inspired by aircraft models from the 40s. This font add good value to your design.

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6. Gidole


Gidole is a beautiful font with a modern feel into it. It is a sans-serif free font designed and by Andreas Larsen.

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7. Corbert Condensed Italic


By the name itself you may have got an idea, this font is the condensed version of the original Corbert font, with its letters being 15% closer than those of its parent.

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8. Graviola Regular


Graviola is a sans serif typeface with semi-rounded terminals that give it a soft and friendly look.

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9. Moderne Sans


Moderne Sans is a clean sans-serif typeface free to download font. This font is designed by Marius Kempken.

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10. Fertigo


Fertigo is now updated & now it is called Fertigo Pro and like the old one, this one is also available for free download.

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11. Baufra


Baufra is a humanist sans-serif typeface. It is based on the sans-serif typefaces of the early 20th century.

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12. Proza


Proza is a humanist sans serif type family, proza is designed by Jasper de Waard

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13. Fontin Sans


Fontin Sans is absolutely free for personal and commercial use and can be downloaded at Mac & PC.

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14. Gentona


Gentona font was designed for a wide range of applications, it was intended to support the goals of contemporary design paired with a mostly swiss oriented demand on typography.

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15. Gone Typeface


Gone typeface is released for free. Gone font was created by Nathan Metzler.

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16. Qontra


QONTRA is a condensed sans serif font with low contrast which suits well any kind of text and typographic applications.

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17. Frutiger


Frutiger is a humanist sans-serif typeface and one interesting thing about this font is that it is named after its Swiss designer, Adrian Frutiger.

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18. Cinzel


Cinzel is a typeface inspired in first-century roman inscriptions and based on classical proportions.

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19. Brayden Family


Brayden Family is Family font that includes 3 weight on script fonts + 1 Sans serif fonts to create the beautiful combination

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20. Prosto Sans Bold


Prosto sans bold font belongs to the sans serif category and it is a quality sans serif font created for casual use in interactive environments.

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21. Hit The Road


Hit the road is a free to download font & this free for commercial use as well basically hit the road font based on the lettering on the signs of our nation's Interstate highway system.

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22. Foobar Pro


Foober pro font belongs to the sans serif category. There are so many fonts like this you can find online.

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23. Manifold CF Font


Manifold is a cool looking font and manifold sans serif font family is a utilitarian typeface created with the strict precision of a computer terminal and polished by modern design influences.

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24. Brixton Line Font


Brixton Line is a creative and free font for amazing design projects. It is a simple and effective handcrafted serif font.

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25. Audrey


Audrey is a new & beautiful looking font created by Cristina pagnotta. Audrey is a free download for personal & commercial use.

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26. Proxima Nova


Proxima Nova is available as a desktop font and a web font. Proxima Nova font is designed by mark simonson studio.

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27. Raleway


Raleway is an elegant sans-serif typeface family. It is available for both Mac & PC free download. Raleway was designed by matt mcInerney.

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28. Ikaros


Ikaros is a free font & it is designed by matt ellis. Ikaros is a modern sans serif typeface available for both commercial and personal use.

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29. Margot


Margot is one of the most beautiful font and we can say that this font is vibrant, cheerful, perfectly suited for a great variety of typography.

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30. Paytone One


Paytone One font is sans serif font which is designed by Vernon Adams. This font is labeled as Google Font

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31. Quantico


Quantico is an angular typeface family that was inspired by old beer packaging and military lettering.

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32. Allerta


Allerta is an open-source typeface designed for use in signage and this font is free for commercial use & personal use.

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33. Belleza


Belleza is a humanist sans serif typeface inspired by the world of fashion. Belleza is a free font for personal & commercial use.

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34. Wire One


Wire One is a condensed monoline sans and wire one is created by alexei vanyashin and gayaneh bagdasaryan from cyreal type foundry.

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35. Ainslie


Ainslie is a really nice free font that is a highly readable yet modern feel to it. Font is very popular because using Ainslie is a simple way to enhance the design of your eCommerce site.

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36. Coco


Coco is a sleek font meant for fashion projects, with high cap-heights and thin stems and coco is created by moinzek back in 2012.

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37. Korneuburg Slab


Korneuburg Slab is a text font family with character and great legibility and korbeuburg slab is influenced by the neoclassicist city Korneuburg in Lower Austria

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38. Bavro


Bavro is a very nice clean font perfect for posters and headlines and this bavro font is created by marcelo reis melo.

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39. Linotte


Linotte is ideal for food or children related products and linotte font is designed by Joël Carrouché back in 2014.

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40. Bandera Text


Bandera is very unique looking font & the best thing about this font is that It has a very classic design which nonetheless doesn’t feel dated, and comes in six different weights.

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41. Brandon Grotesque


Everyone from web hosting companies, magazines, schools, fashion brands has been using this font from the last few years now.

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42. Bellota


Bellota is an ornamented, low contrast sans-serif & the best thing about bellota is that font is very easy looking.

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43. Hallo Sans


Hallo Sans is a free sans-serif font available in three weights: regular, black and light and hallo sans is designed by Fredrik Staurland back in 2014.

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44. Roboto Slab


Roboto slab is available in regular, thin, light, bold and if you want to use this Roboto slab for commercial or personal use you can because it is free.

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45. Josefin Slab


Josefin Slab font is slab serif font that is designed by Santiago Orozco and josefin slab is labeled as a Google font.

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46. Gotham


According to so many designers, gotham is one of the most iconic fonts of the last decade and continues to be popular on the web.

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47. Futura


Futura is a geometric sans-serif & it was designed by Paul Renner back in 1927, yes you read it right in 1927 and still one of the most popular font in web world.

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48. Libre Baskerville


Libre baskerville is google font font & it is designed by Pablo Impallari. Libre baskerville is a webfont optimized for web body text (typically 16px).

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49. Voga


Voga is one of the most cool looking fonts available and voga is available with three weights: Regular, medium and bold.

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50. Recia


Recia is a contemporary-style serif font. Recia was designed by Carlos del Toro for use in print and display and the best thing about recia is very readable across all of its styles.

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