How To Develop a Website Redesign Strategy Successfully In 2019
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How To Develop a Website Redesign Strategy Successfully In 2019

A redesigned website can be a huge success – or it could be a blunder, Its all depend on your redesign strategies and web design process followed by your designer or your web design agency.


So you want to redesign your website?

A redesigned website can be a huge success – or it could be a blunder, Its all depend on your redesign strategies and web design process followed by your designer or your web design agency.

When you redesign, your vision should be clear. In this article, I mentioned 14 tips of the website redesign, includes doing appropriate research, setting realistic expectations, overseeing the design process, and measuring your goals. So Let’s Jump into it

1. TouchStone Your Current Metrics

Before you begin planning your redesign, document your current performance metrics

Ask yourself- Are you getting the desired traffic? If not then find the reason, If yes then find which pages bring the more traffic. Maybe wrong pages bring traffic than the main pages.

Maybe you are leading but not as fast as you want. Then you must change something in your website design.

Start by analyzing your existing site over its history in areas such as:-

  • Number Of Visits / Visitors / Unique Visitors from Google Analytics
  • Realistic goals / Bounce Rate
  • Your Target Audience
  • Relevant keywords Research
  • Competition and Total amount of Sales Generated
  • Fresh Content for your new website
  • Start FindingA Professional Web Design Agency

Google Analytics

2. Determine Your Changed Goals

If your goals marketing strategy has changed then your website should reflect that. Like if your blogs not giving you those much outcomes then you must be planning to use it for selling e-books and courses, then your website needs to update reflect that as well. Because you should be very clear about why you’re doing the redesign in the first place and tie it to measurable results on various search engines. Than A high-Class communications of your goals with your team, designer or web design agency.

Determine Goals

Points to ponder while redesigning your website:-
  • Design
  • Navigation
  • Functionality
  • Tools and Technology
  • Promotional strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization

3. Define Your Target Audiences and Find Which Way You Drive Your Traffic And Leads

Target Audiences

1st of all you need to decide that who you’re designing the website for, who is your targeted audiences?

Here some question you need to find the answer before designing the website.

  • Who will use your website?
  • What they will do there? (What pages will they visit?)
  • When will they visit? (day and time?)
  • Where will they visit from? ( Physical location? What site or search engine led them to our website or any social media ?)
  • Why are they visiting? (What do they want to achieve on our website?)
  • How will they visit? (What device do they use—desktop, mobile, or tablet? What web browser did they use?)
  • Who do we want to visit our website who isn’t already? (How would they find us? What would they be looking for?)

Many types of people view our sites like promised clients, current clients, job seekers, students interested in internships, competitors, employees, hucksters, vendor,  media, and industry folks who read our blog for knowledge and to stay up-to-date.

But here we need to filter most desired audience like the Blog reader, current clients, prospective clients. So that we can make changes in website design according.

Now let’s talk about the way of traffic leads.

Do you know which of your marketing platform are bringing in the most traffic and business Leads? With your smarter investment in social media or search, engine marketing can hit the arrow on target. You need to monitor the following points first:

  • Social media measurement:  Understand how social media is driving leads.
  • Organic vs Paid:  See how much of your search traffic can be attributed to search engine optimization, and how much you’re paying for.
  • Buyers vs. Browsers:  See which Way brought in serious leads versus website visitors who just came to look around.

4. Keep Inventory of Your Valuable Performing Assets

During redesigning the website, don’t forget to keep the inventory of your valuable performing Assets

Following Assets, you can keep the same for your new website with your smarter strategies:

1. Most shared or viewed content
2. Most trafficked pages
3. Best performing keywords you rank for and associated pages
4. A number of inbound links to individual pages

for example, if you remove a page that has a higher number of inbound links, you could lose a lot of Seo credit, which could decrease keyword rankings.

Hire a designer who knows basic search engine optimization, he or she can save lots of time and your current online value.

5. Analyze Your Competitors (What Are They Doing?)

Competitor Analysis

While we don’t recommend obsessing over your competitors, it helps to know how you compare. Here are a few tips:

Run your website through marketing grader – to get a report card of how your website and marketing is performing.

Run your competitors through marketing grader so you are aware of their strengths and weaknesses

Take a look at competitor websites, and note what you like and what you don’t. This is not meant to copy them, but to uncover what you can do better.

Once you run the analysis, compare these are suggestions and action list with your competitor and think innovative!

6. Personalize Your Website Based On Your Brand

Personalize Website Design

Find the way in which you can communicate with your audiences such as social media post, blogs(Article) or voice. Nothing is wrong in if you are showing off your blog personality.

Use color font and image which can promote your brand identity and your audience can easily recognize your content.

When defining your brand, Here are three key steps to help you get there:

  • Make an inventory of your skills.
  • What are your customers’ needs?
  • Focus on what differentiates.

7. Define Your Buyer Persona If You Are Running an E-Shop Buyer-Personas  

E-Commerce Website

Your website should be like that it will describe you as well as satisfy the query of the customer. If you will go to any website then definitely many questions would arise in your mind such as “Is this website give me the answer to my question?” “What is unique in this website?”

So you should keep one point in mind that your e-shop website is well defined about your brand or products which you are selling. Your e-shop will be visited by various people of different categories and different countries. Make your e-shop website on demand by remembering the following points:

First of all start with your existing customers. Just make a report on their choice, place, and profession. After that give more description, products, and services as per their choice on your landing page.
Next thing is, try to solve their needs as what they want most on your website? What type of trend is going on? And what type of information they want from your website? Make your e-shop website socially active. Try to build your website with easy navigation that will satisfy the query of all type of persons of different countries with different languages. Think more on brand loyalty and trust.

8. Protect Optimized Pages

Optimize Website

All work is done on your website and your website is also launched but what will you do if your pages will not index on Google. No one will come to your website, no traffic means no leads and no business. Then all the hard work which is done above will become useless. For this purpose use the following tips:

1. Here you have to do the most important step i.e Do your keyword research. By doing this you will know that what type of keywords are in trend and you can do best ON Page SEO tactics to optimize your website.

2. By using Google analytics you can determine as which page of yours getting more traffic and you can vary your lead according to that page. And another important thing is to create 301 and 404 redirects properly on your website.

9. Optimize The Website For SEO And Voice Search Assistant

Voice Search SEO

For any type of work, we have to do the analysis first. In the same way, we have to do SEO practices to generate traffic and business leads. It’s your choice whether you want to hire an SEO expert or you want to do its own. But remember there are various things, which only SEO expert can tell. The following points can help you in your SEO  

Keyword Research – make a report on keywords that which keyword has a high-level search.
Title – Put your title in a short and attractive way.
Description – It will tell the importance of the website.
Linking – Try to make internal linking, it will give more information to visitors as well as they consume more time on your website.
Social Networking – One of the Important step of all steps. People are more active on their social websites so you should be present and active on the social website.

Nowadays people more likely interact with you their smartphone. Instead of typing, they prefer query on voice search assistant. Optimize your website for voice search assistant so people can find you easily.

10. Launch With Extras!

Launching is the final step of every website. Therefore before launching your website, you must do a detailed Quality Analysis. The quality analysis consists of various steps such as

  • Your all desired ideas are applied or not?
  • All URLs of the website worked properly?
  • Are All internal linking links has correct links?
  • Are all pages worked in a proper sequence?
  • Is Google analytics integrated into all page for better measuring of your website performance?
  • Is your website is working on each device like iPhone / iPad Desktop?
  • Like all the above, points there are many more points which is related to your website. So must do the Quality analysis of your website.

In last I want to say that when all the above mention points are fulfilled using proper analysis, strategy and brainstorming then your website will definitely achieve a great success!!!

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