How To Optimize Your Website For Voice Search Assistant in 2019?
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How To Optimize Your Website For Voice Search Assistant in 2019?

Nowadays audience likes to find the product/ services via voice search using Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana or Siri as compared to typing on the search bar. In Jan 2018 Alpine.AI calculate there are over 1 billion voice searches happening per month.


Introduction of Voice Search Assistant:-

Nowadays the audience likes to find the product/ services via voice search using Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana or Siri as compared to typing on the search bar. In Jan 2018 Alpine.AI calculate there are over 1 billion voice searches happening per month.

Before going further let me tell you something about the voice search program. These are known as virtual assistants which offered through a mobile or smart home device. These assistance uses for voice queries, create the interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions on requests/commands.

In real-world people talks to voice search devices with Siri, Google, if you want to take a selfie just need to give the command to your VSA, talking to them is just like you are talking to the human. Everything will be done without using the mobile screen

Here Is The Top Choice Search Assistant’s List:

  • Google Assistant:- It is the virtual assistant device developed by Google and powered by Artificial Intelligence which is available in mobile and smart home devices.
  • Siri:- It is the virtual assistant device of Apple Inc.'s which is compatible with the HomePod, macOS, watches and tvOS operating systems.
  • Cortana:- It is an also a virtual assistant which is created by the Microsoft for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Invoke smart speaker, Microsoft Band, Surface Headphones, Xbox One, Android, Windows Mixed Reality,
  • Alexa:- It is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service available millions of devices that help you to build natural voice experience. It also helps to offer customers a more intuitive way to interact with technology.
  • Bixby:- Bixby is a virtual assistant device that comes in Samsung’s Electronics.  

So we have predicted that 50 percent of all searches will be voice-initiated by 2020. So now it's important to find the best techniques and practices for optimizing your content.

Tricks & Tips For Marketers To Optimizing a Website For Voice Search Assistant

SEO now changing in the rise of voice search, people still use keywords as part of their requirements but these keywords are embedded with more natural language. Instead of “top UI/UX design company in India” searcher using voice search to ask “what/which is the top UI/UX design company in India” so marketers need to structure content with the natural - language because question always asked from VSA which begin with who, what, where, which, why and how. A marketer should think deeply about user intent (for what he/she looking for) and use open-ended questions that should be clear and concise and easily digestible on a mobile device.

Here Are Some Steps That Will Help You To Make the Best Search Query For Your Content.

  • Identify common questions related to your business in your market on which you are able to write.
  • Determine which are interesting and suits your business answer in great depth.
  • After that select and develop a set of related questions which are long-tail keywords tail phrases.
  • Try the synonyms of the keywords.
  • Use trigger words like who, what, how, best top, tips & tricks, etc.
  • Try to understand the user’s intent and create content around that.
  • Use natural/conversational language which makes content interesting.
  • Write the content which is addressing the target questions. And unique title & description.

Let's discuss how a searcher will find you through a voice search assistant. I am having a keywords research pattern I often used It for creating long-tail query searches.

W/H + Subject + City

W/H can be  “Who, Which, Where, What, When, How”

A subject can be “ Shoes, boot, snickers”

A city where u want your product to be shipped or your location nearby.

With the understanding in place, the query might be:-

“which is the best shoes store in Chandigarh”

“What are the top shoes store in Mohali”

The user also can search your business with clear intent like:-

“Which is the best cheapest shoes store in Chandigarh”

“Where I can buy white snicker under 1000 near me”

Above was the demo which will help you to know “how to start making a query for your business. This query strategy can work best if you know how to manage rank on Google’s paragraph answer featured snippet. Not only for SEO even the voice searches also pull information from snippets to answer searchers query. Now let's talk how featured snippets work with VSA

Voice Search & Featured Snippets:-

Firstly let's know something about featured snippets

Featured snippets are the quick information/ answer that shows on the top of the search page while searching/asking something on google.

The featured snippet is a summary of the answer with page title and URL of the web page from where it's taken.

Here is the example of featured snippets looks like while searching “How can I learn English”

Here I Will Tell You How Snippets Are Helpful For Content In Voice Search.

When you search any query on a search engine like “what are the tips on writing a UX proposal “ then you will see the result in SERP like below in the screenshot

Above is the featured snippets when you will click the of this page it will take you to the website from where this information was taken. Now let's see how voice search assistant will show the result on the same query.

I hope now you understand, how important snippets featured are for content promotion.

How Google Creates The Snippets

  • Google 1st match the title with the user’s intent.
  • After matched the blog’s title, description, keywords and URL and tags H1, H2.
  • At last, the search engine goes through the whole content. If it found all matching to the user’s intent then it will use the content as snippets.

  1. Schema Markup And Voice Search:- Schema markup is another important way that helps to increase rank in voice search. Schema markup is a code that you need to put on your website.

Schema helps the website in different ways:

  • Makes your website more informative
  • Help search engines to find you easily on the web.
  • Beneficial to create snippets featured for your blog.
  • Boost the Local SEO

Google always give the preference to JSON-LD for schema markup. Below is an example of a schema markup code.

Simply a schema tells the search engine about your pages, address, working hours, upcoming events, when you added the schema code in your website then google make the marked-up information searchable by voice assistants.

Summary :

So above you read how voice search assistant works and how we can optimize our website for voice search assistant. Now let's take eyesight on the summary, how we can make our website voice search assistant friendly.

  • Think about how people will search your product & services as a query then make your keywords and add more Q/A pages to your website.
  • Target long-tail keywords and make them more descriptive.
  • Use natural language while writing content.
  • Use H1 Tags with keywords.
  • Appearing in a Featured Snippet may help in voice search ranking.
  • The average voice search result page loads in 4.6 seconds (52% faster than the average page). So mind that your website loads faster.

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