Key Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Magento Development Agency From India In 2015
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Key Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Magento Development Agency From India In 2015

In this article we are helping consumer who wants a good, reliable Magento development agency for their eCommerce business.


Before hiring a Magento Development Agency

Magento is a professional open-source solution to e-commerce full of rich features. It offers complete flexibility and control over the look, content and functionality of their online store.

Magento is completely scalable with wide range of control option plus flexible through its modular architecture. Magento is one of the best CMSs which is used by the developers, because its that Magento is easy to use and make website more convenient for the user.

“Magento is going to win the ecommerce software war, hands down. I’ve never seen another platform so well architected and designed as Magento.   ~Jack  Aboutboul- Redhat


So lets discuss what all things need to be considered before hiring a Magento Development Agency.


Strong Company Portfolio

Before hiring a Magento development Agency check the portfolio and the delivered projects similar to Magento that will help you to decide about the quality and style of the work. In this you can also consider the testimonials and the feedback from the previous clients of the Agency and get an idea about the work.


Pre / Post development Support

Magento development is not at all a time process. It needs to be constantly monitered and updated as well to make it work without any issues. Therefore you should always check upon the post development support on the agency for different issues arising after the final development as well as deployment plus with that pre support which includes suggestions from the developer to enhance the services at user end.


Honestly, speaking even in E-commerce business there are thieves known as cyber criminals and they are always into finding a loophole in the code from where they can attack particular website. So before hiring an agency you should keep in mind that the agency takes security as a priority. Magento gets updated consistently, So the Developer should keep on implementing that updates with to keep it protected.


Quality and Cost

Apart from low price - Quality of work is very important. You should never compromise with the quality of Magento development. Good quality work will give your online business a cutting edge to survive in this competitive social environment.


High end resources

A good development company should always have high end resources which includes enough number of Developers and Designers so that the team doesn't fall short of them. Apart from that resources like High speed internet 24*7 power back up and effective Phone connection is very important to avoid communication breakage.


Prompt Communication

Magento developer should have superior communication skills. This is very important aspect. As communicating and understanding requirements of your clients require strong intrapersonal skills on the part of developer. The developer needs to be a good listener as well. Make sure that the development team is fluent in English, as it is the globally used language of communication.


So whenever you choose the company make sure that its worth paying.

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