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Learn UI/UX in 10 minutes INFOGRAPHICS

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Learn UI/UX in 10 minutes INFOGRAPHICS

In this post I collected One of the best UI/UX related infographics, so that anyone can learn UI/UX in 10minutes. These infographics covering - Difference between UI/UX design, UX process, Phycology of human brain, How to use colors smartly, Why Storytelling approach is always successful and Elements of user Persona. I hope you will learn and enjoy this post.

How To Become A UI/UX Designer? - Guide

2. The UX Design Process - Ideally Follow by everyone

3. How Brain interact with User Interface?

4. Storytelling approach for a UX success


5. How The Psychology of COLORs enhance the User Experience?

6. Learn about User Persona's elements

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