5 Product Strategy To Build A Human-Centric Healthcare Mobile App
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5 Product Strategy To Build A Human-Centric Healthcare Mobile App

This article analyses five strategies for preparing for your digital health technology and presents companies that have successfully applied these strategies to create outstanding healthcare apps.


In this article, five planning strategies for your digital health technology are covered, along with examples of how these planning strategies have been successfully applied by businesses to create outstanding healthcare apps.

Roadmaps are evidence of strategy. Not a list of features

-Steve Johnson

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I covered the following topics in this article:

  1. Introduction to Product Strategy
  2. The Importance of Human-Centered Design (HCD)
  3. 5 Core Product Strategies for a Digital Healthcare App
Introduction to Product Strategy

Healthcare App Product Development Strategy

Product strategy is a plan that helps a business in creating, positioning, and developing its products in order to achieve commercial objectives. Decisions must be made about consumers, pricing, features, distribution, and competition. This strategy establishes a plan for product development, marketing, and sales that is in line with overall goals and improves the value and market performance of the product.

We understand your potential for creating a beautiful and efficient mHealth application by utilizing your boundless imagination and ground-breaking design skills. However, take a minute to consider if you have established an effective strategy before moving on to the wireframe stage.

  1. What specific issue would your app resolve?
  2. What makes it unique compared to other options?
  3. Who will it help?
  4. What was the primary motivation for its construction, in essence?

Your app is not going to attract the target user base if you don't have a clear plan and don't apply a human-centered design (HCD) approach, even if it has excellent aesthetics and originality.

Long-term success will ultimately be attained by healthcare visionaries and innovators that fully understand this idea.

The Importance of Human-Centered Design (HCD)

Human-Centered Design

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a human-centered design (HCD) strategy improves:

  1. Effectiveness
  2. Efficiency
  3. Human Well-Being
  4. User Satisfaction
  5. Accessibility
  6. Sustainability

When product managers as well as engineers put the end user's needs first, they can be sure that the final product will be both used and valued.

You may establish constant confidence in the digital health app you introduce to the market by empathizing with different user groups like clinicians, healthcare administrators, or patients, conducting in-depth research, putting surveys into place, engaging in real-life testing, and appreciating user feedback.

Use these strategies to develop empathy for your target market and adopt a human-centered design theory.

5 Core Product Strategies for a Digital Healthcare App

#1 Gaining Insight through Observation and Understanding

It is necessary to first identify the issue you want to solve for end users before moving on to the solution. Spend some time understanding their requirements, problems, and difficulties. You can create a solution that meets the wants and desires of customers by beginning with an understanding of the problem.

Uncovering the Fundamental Problems: A Step-by-Step Approach

  1. Observation, Following, and Shadowing:
    You can pinpoint problems and areas for development by directly experiencing the user’s routine.
  2. Trend Identification:
    Analyze the information gathered from your sample set of users to identify trends.
  3. Broad Validation:
    Determine whether the problems you found are shared by a larger user base.

1. EXAMPLE IN ACTION: TeleDental Care

TeleDental Care

At Think 360, we understand the difficulties people have managing their medical history, appointments, and data. Our developers created "Teledentix," a patient-focused native app, in order to have a significant effect in this field. For patients, the healthcare experience will be made simpler by this highly personalized app.

From virtual appointment scheduling to exploring different treatment options, Teledentix provides flexible options that enable patients to make smart choices. We effectively solved the issue at hand by developing the Teledentix smartphone app, which gives users a practical way to manage their dental care.

2. EXAMPLE IN ACTION: Patient Centric Dental Care

Patient Centric Dental Care

To quickly resolve dental problems, we have partnered up with Dental.com. You may quickly get online dental care with Dental.com. Through experienced dental experts, our patient-centered platform provides a quick and practical solution to address dental-related difficulties.

  1. It only takes a few minutes to set up your account, after which you may select a dentist.
  2. Complete a short questionnaire and explain why you are having a virtual dental visit.
  3. Connect with a qualified dentist as soon as possible, and you may also exchange documents or images to help with diagnosis and treatment.

#2 Minimize Time and Frustration for Individuals

While many digital health systems put an emphasis on data analytics, dashboards, and improving individual health or healthcare delivery, it's important to remember that your users also face various other problems. It is crucial to address these problems within the healthcare environment since time restrictions have an impact on both healthcare providers and patients.

1. EXAMPLE IN ACTION: Telepsychiatric Solutions

Telepsychiatric Solutions

Leading TelePsychiatry organisation WellPsyche provides excellent therapy and psychiatric care to people of all ages. Their goal is to make mental health understandable so that people can reach their full potential and have the best possible mental health. They want to transform the mental health field and help individuals lead happy lives with their online therapy platform.


Medical Appointment Platform

Think 360 Studio excels at creating top-notch mobile applications for the healthcare industry. Their Health Guru Mobile App Mobile App provides a practical way to quickly schedule appointments with outstanding healthcare providers in your area.

#3 Recognise the importance of connections with others

Despite the fact that our lives have grown completely dependent on smartphones and applications, we still crave real human interaction. It's important to remember that community is important, even in digital relationships. Consider the importance of creating connections between people when creating an app because it's possible that this is what your audience wants more than any knowledge or data.


Hospital CMS App

Our Think 360 team contributed to the development of the Indus Hospital app, which streamlines the appointment process. The app offers a user-friendly interface for finding doctors, checking their availability, and making convenient online payments. Patients can easily book appointments, receive alerts, access emergency contacts, and take advantage of special offers. Instant doctor appointments are available at nearby branches through this application.


Patient Record Management Solution

Think 360 has developed 'Roche', our patient record management software. This EPCS-certified and HIPAA-compliant app offers a range of innovative features at an affordable price. These include clinical data sharing, electronic referrals, mobile connectivity, seamless data access from any device, cost-effective solutions, secure cloud data access, ONC-ACB certification, SureScripts integration, and much more.

#4 Recognize obstacles to accessing healthcare and maintaining good health.

Use technology to enhance public health and medical care. You can create innovative solutions to fill gaps by understanding the obstacles that keep users from receiving essential care or leading meaningful lives. Engage with the population you are targeting to learn about their access to care difficulties and look into solutions that will have a positive impact.

1. EXAMPLE IN ACTION: Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management

Uzima Health, an advanced Hospital Management, and Information System (HMIS) that transforms Kenyan healthcare operations and medical practices, was developed by Think 360. This widely appreciated HMIS converts every aspect of medical practices and hospitals and provides efficient solutions for managing money, inventories, and human resources. The intuitive design of Uzima Health makes it user-friendly for managers and owners of healthcare facilities. The Uzima Health telemedicine platform also makes it possible to provide distant patient care via online consultations, improving access to healthcare services.


Lab Test Booking App

LabsAdvisor.com has rebranded to mFine, becoming India's largest medical testing platform offering over 1500 tests from 200+ certified laboratories. Through the mFine app, users can easily connect with licensed providers who best suit their needs, regardless of location.

mFine is a digital primary healthcare platform that provides on-demand professional diagnostics and health check-up services. Users can access online consultations with doctors via calls or chat, receive continuous care from doctors across 30+ specialties, and enjoy the convenience of availing of healthcare services from the comfort of their homes, offices, or even spas.

Digital health startup, MFine, has recently secured $48 million in funding, co-led by Moore Strategic Ventures and BEENEXT.

#5 Expand your perspective beyond your familiar audience.

In healthcare, it's important to look beyond the traditional audiences of patients and providers. Consider the needs of other stakeholders who also seek innovative mobile health solutions. Don't limit yourself to a single known audience when identifying the problem you aim to solve; there may be others who can greatly benefit from your solutions.

1. EXAMPLE IN ACTION: Doctor Liaison

Doctor Liaison

Our solutions provide flexible workflows and advanced automation to address compatibility issues. We replace outdated and error-prone systems with our web-based referral management technology that complies with HIPAA. For Doctor Liaison specifically, we offer complete solutions for both incoming and outbound recommendations. Using API, HL7, FHIR, or Direct protocols, we may connect a wide range of Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practise Management Systems (PMS), and Radiology Information System (RIS) systems.

2. EXAMPLE IN ACTION: Doctor Booking App

Doctor Booking App

introducing an effective mobile app that improves interactions between professionals. With the help of this software, users can quickly and securely create and share documents, photographs, and videos, enhancing global cooperation and allowing for the demand for second opinions from employees. To guarantee privacy, the app places a high priority on patient data protection.

Experience the ease of HOSPIK Virtual Doctor, which offers online consultations with board-certified doctors. Access healthcare services whenever you need them, including on weekends, holidays, after business hours, and from the comfort of your home.

Wrapping Up

Strong strategies are essential for the successful integration of mobile apps with healthcare organizations. Planning is essential for effective healthcare marketing and keeping your app in the spotlight.

It's not a good idea to launch apps too quickly. Instead, to achieve the best results, businesses and developers should take a careful and methodical strategy. When creating your healthcare app, take into account these five digital product tactics to compete successfully in the market.

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