Think 360 Studio at ART fair 2014 Delhi, India
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Think 360 Studio at ART fair 2014 Delhi, India

We were amazed to see a well managed mega art fair event, I've never seen as BIG ART event as this before. We saw amazing art work by International artists.


Hi Friends,

Last week we traveled from Chandigarh to Delhi for this mega ART fair 2014. We touched delhi around 11am and Reached NSCI Ground Exact 11:40am. We were amazed to see a well managed mega ART event, I never seen this kind of BIG ART related event before. Its kind of dream to jump into the Imaginary world. We saw best art work presented by International Artist around the world. We were amazed to see the Creativity / Styles / Patterns / Paintings / Sculpture and the most importantly Fusion of ART in advertising world. I clicked more than 250 clicks and below shown the most stunning ARTworks which touched my soul somewhere. And on few i given my personal comments too. I hope you will enjoy this article.


This is the exterior front of the exhibition entry gate. I like these pattern.


Again, its a Paper Pattern Based painting. I love the way artist use the negative space.


This Sculpture is made with Pins, Artist portrayed the innocence of a kind when you saw it from distance but when you go closer you will see the real picture :)


I love this metal sculpture, every tourist experience this indian Three wheeler i think!


I am amazed with the colors of this painting, thats why i made it cover photo of the Article.


This Painting touching all heights of realism. The way Artist shown the detail of bride's costume is awesome.

Who want this Big Stamp lol A cool Sculpture with Bold Message.


This alien looking sculpture is infront of the Entry gate.


This collage is the glimpse of Ancient India. My eyes gonna blow with these colors.


This Sculpture is portraying a musician, in below zoom out pic you can see the whole musical group.

art-fair-2014-55 art-fair-2014-54

These both sculptures is showing the colors of life. I clicked both male and female versions.


Cool couples, enjoying holidays lol


This colorful 3d looking collage painting with lots of messages will touch your soul for sure.


This colorful painting, ooops sorry a colorful Horse painting will blow your mind.


Its Al-quada's new weapon. Beware! lol.

art-fair-2014-48 art-fair-2014-47 art-fair-2014-46 art-fair-2014-45

This is a cool sculpture showing the entire life journey.


Again this realistic painting touched the heights of surrealism.

art-fair-2014-43 art-fair-2014-42

This gallery has stunning paper artworks. I have more picture which i can show you upon request.

art-fair-2014-41 art-fair-2014-40 art-fair-2014-39

Above Stainless steel made sculpture with the use of Utensils, can easily grab your attention.

art-fair-2014-38 art-fair-2014-37 art-fair-2014-36 art-fair-2014-35 art-fair-2014-34 art-fair-2014-33

This painting is made LipStick, It can make any Fashion Designer's wall awesome.

art-fair-2014-32 art-fair-2014-31 art-fair-2014-30 art-fair-2014-29 art-fair-2014-28 art-fair-2014-27 art-fair-2014-26 art-fair-2014-25 art-fair-2014-24 art-fair-2014-23 art-fair-2014-22 art-fair-2014-21 art-fair-2014-20 art-fair-2014-19

This Deer is a Lively look like sculpture, Artist given so much details which given next life to it.

art-fair-2014-18 art-fair-2014-17

This is Indian Flag Box, the base of the box has many Freedom fighters illustrations and on Top a fine layer of Lenses which we use in Specs. This painting is giving a message to whom who forgot the devotions of our Freedom Fighters. Very nicely composed.

art-fair-2014-16 art-fair-2014-15 art-fair-2014-14 art-fair-2014-13 art-fair-2014-12

This sculpture is made with Stapler Pins, which force to say that 'Art is Everywhere'.

art-fair-2014-11 art-fair-2014-10 art-fair-2014-9 art-fair-2014-8 art-fair-2014-7 art-fair-2014-6

This Sculputure is giving the message to a life with joy and happiness. Even we missed half of it due to stressful daily routine :)

art-fair-2014-5 art-fair-2014-4 art-fair-2014-3 art-fair-2014-2 art-fair-2014-1

Thanks to all who Read this most with Patience.

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