UX Design Session With A Cup Of Coffee At Think360 Studio
News / 29-June-2015 / minute read

UX Design Session With A Cup Of Coffee At Think360 Studio

UX session at Think360 to make aware front-end and backend developers, so that a product successfully launched from design phase to development successfully


Hello Friends, I am Prince Pal - UI/UX designer at Think360 Studio.

Every design agencies / companies developing mobile and web application. Do you know 65% products failed on Launch Pad? Have you ever think why its happen? Do you think your Ideas has a problem? Do you think you can not communicate well with your development and marketing team? Do you think your application design is not very much attractive? These all questions came in your mind after launched an unsuccessful product. So what is the missing key? These all above question's answer we discussed during UX session... Here we go.

Me and my office mate Sushma Shukla designed a beautiful Powerpoint presentation about basic UX process and steps. Here is the Agenda of this Session -

1. Understanding about UX (User Experience)

2. Front End and Php Developers take care about UX during development. Specially during interaction with Online forms.

3. Explained Basic UX process / steps to the team so that UX team can interact more from design to development and testing to launch the Product.


Me (Prince Pal) giving the start to this session and explain the agendas.


Sushma explaining - Why wireframes is important before start User InterFace.


Core developers of Think360, enjoying the UX session over a cup of Coffee LOL


Rajinder explaining Why UX knowledge required for each developer.


After UX presentation given by Sushma, I am facing the bombardment of Questions :)

Enjoy this stunning Presentation

Pointers Of this UX session-

1. Understand the UX. Why User Experience is based on User-Centered Design?

2. We explained the UX elements which create the best User Personas.

3. Discussed the User's Goals during the Research phase.

4. Discussed 5 UX Steps - 1. Strategy  2. Scope  3. Structure 4. Skelton 5. Surface

5. Discussed why User and Usability research is so important?

6. Discussed the Scope of the project writes on the basis of UX research.

7. Discussed why Content is King? And how to make a bulletproof content strategies.

8. Discussed how to create the User Interaction Flow diagram? So that user behaves with Application as per the Informational Architecture.

9. Discussed how to make High Fidelity wireframes after User Research so that Basic User Testing can be possible via wireframes.

10. Discussed how to make stunning UIs?

11. Discussed how to make a color palate and the best use of Typography?

After this session, i am happy to tell you that my whole team know the basics of UX and will help UX team to launch a successful product during development.


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