What Is The Future Of UX Design?
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What Is The Future Of UX Design?

UX design industry is growing rapidly, designers are making sure that they create product that is easy to use and the future of UX design is looking good.


It is the era of UX design. You design an interactive user experience and that’s where you win half the battle- pull in large numbers of customers. Although user experience has not been the focus of the emerging internet of things, still it has defined the level of interactions for websites and applications.

The rate at which technology is advancing, there has been a shift in its importance too as designers and developers are placing user experience at the focal point for their decisions .

We are plunging more into the why’s and how’s of user experience so as to refine our knowledge and undergo experiments with different interactions and interfaces. Looking at the increase in applications and devices in the technical gallery over the last few years, it is likely that the future will bring forth new screens and interfaces to play.

It will be interesting to see the growth of user experience as a field, revamp of our classic tools and the new approaches that will take over to face new challenges.

Come to think of it, amidst all the revolution, how will design turn up? User experience has exploded with innovations all these years and following the lines of similar trend, we bring an article that has the fast-forwarded version of UX design. So, jump in folks and know what will be the future of UX design :-

Just The Product

simplicity is the key of product design
The experiments that go on with UX design and the changes that it brings along predicts that soon a perfect UX design will become a product of its own. As it is the interactions are not looked upon singlehandedly rather as a whole, so it is important to refine the user experience from the time the user clicks till the order is completed and the purchase is made. To make user experience amazing, every person associated with the project has to be on board.

Yes, UX design now and in the future will begin from the moment a project is started until the time of its launch and even post it with testing and improving. And to achieve this, everyone on the project has to be diligent and work towards the same goals. Perfect user experience gives the advantage of making a site or app easy to use as against the competitors. Users when flooded with apps of similar nature often choose the ones which are easy to use and give a delightful experience.


With Great Detail

UX terms
Designers just contemplate the broad scope of user experience and only consider how a user will perform certain steps on the site and achieve what they want.

As times pass, UX design will be more vigilant and watch out the details and design as per them to scrutinize each and every aspect and perfect user experience. For instance, now it is more about the number of screens or clicks a customer is making to place an order but in the near future, it will be all about perfecting each screen and click so that the user experience has a natural feel to it.

Tiny details that lead to the refining and improvement of user experience can make a big difference in outshining your website to that of your competitor. It is seen that users have great expectations from sites and apps, so if any effort is made to refine, it is immediately noticed by them and further even makes the user experience more pleasant.


Lasting Designs


In the coming future, designers will be forced to craft designs that will last forever as they have been created solely with users in mind and have been honed with utmost perfection.

Putting in resources and manpower for a site or app that is centered on user experience makes it accountable for the entire process. If the user experience doesn’t encounter a lapse or other issues, then the designs are deemed to be ageless, unlike the ones that have been viewed obsolete in the past.

If you put in a lot of time and effort in user experience in the early stages of a new product, it will pay off in the long run as companies don’t intend on making terrible products that irritate the users and then redesign frequently.


Endure All


Another feature that can be foreseen for the future of UX design is enduring design. The coming times will witness a design that will endure in time and space.

It will seduce the users through planned interactions and adjust according to the changes in the environment smoothly. Such a design will accommodate as per the users’ minds and then divulge new engaging elements.

Say, just like an app that will know you are getting bored and then provide you with interesting, entertaining content.

Enduring design recognizes the needs of changing the environment and adapts instantly, for example, in future, an ecommerce app will know that you are in a shop and thus adjust to this milieu to help you make choices.

For this, the designers must have the ability to analyze the context of use, understand anthropology as well as psychology completely.


Right Place, Right Time


The term UX design has started shifting more towards an overall experience than just limiting itself to the experience on a website or app. Companies who go that extra mile to make the customers satisfied in their stores are leaving no stone unturned to make that happen with their sites and apps as well.

It can be rightly said that in the future, users will be given exactly what they need and just when they need. For example, a reading app will bookmark where you left reading on the device last so that the users don’t have to hunt where they stopped and start reading all over again on their devices.

As websites and applications progress, users will be able to make better decisions, do effective work, shop smarter etc.

Thus, users will get the benefit of user experience that is complete and enduring to accommodate all the small changes that match their needs.


More Platforms and Channels

Actually, the cross-channel design is very much here, so it can be viewed as present rather than the future. It is not about designing a website anymore; instead, try to achieve a multi-channel experience that can be relished on various devices.

Be it any medium, web browsers, iPhones, iPads or TVs, users should undergo perfect interactions with a product. An interaction that is flawless, fits in completely, gives seamless experience and keeps the user longing for more.

This will surely happen in the next couple of years. Also, for this, designers must have a knack to analyze the context and understand the requirements of different devices thoroughly.


The Scientific Way

You know creating a user-centric product is much like performing a scientific experiment. That might sound weird but it is true. All along you are stating some facts and verifying them.

Much of the design ideas are treated as the hypothesis and then tested and further applied after the tests grant the approval. In case you are validating your design on a theory, that is an excellent approach, but still, it has to be verified at the end of the day. It is always good to create, compile and test.

UX designers are by large welcoming robust ideas that fit their work well through the scientific way. The scientific method should be promoted as a popular approach to design problems.

Anyways, it is likely that UX field will become more professional with the scientific method in the coming years.


Storytelling In Design

storytelling page designs
UX world absolutely detests the word ‘deliverable’. Documentation is loathed and viewed suspiciously as it has the tendency to make the whole design unreasonably stiff and inefficient.

These days, the approach is more dynamic and modern and even the corporations are trying to follow the footsteps of small competent startups to fire up the development process and enhance creativity.

Nobody has the time and energy to tolerate bookish and monotonous documents that areas such confusing and tedious for the projects. For documentation to be useful, it should not unnecessarily elaborate on the preliminary stages as they are pretty quintessential for the project. It must have an engaging quotient so that the entire team gets involved instantaneously.

Documentation will be termed effective if it is like storytelling for the user and invites everyone from the designers to managers on the fundamental assumptions of the project.

If documentation demands a change, go for it, as it is made from the motive of inviting people to communicate and should suffice.

For designers to meet this challenge of documentation, they must understand its role and also that of deliverables, primarily in modern design, so that they can give way to stunning designs.

Integrating Specialists

From a long time, it has been seen that the big organizations have consolidated their UX people into a single entity that acted as a general service provider to the entire company.

Now, this model is good in terms of uniting the researchers with each other and resulting in a great exchange of ideas and insights for the project. However, the bad part here is that UX persons are pretty much out of the sight and there is less utilization of their abilities.

Nowadays, with more exposure, high rise companies are matrixing UX people back into the organization. The future will see them more integrated with the organization, sitting with their team leads and thereby maintaining a connection to the internal workings of the company.

The UX Industry

Already a gap can be seen between in-house practitioners and agencies. An important question that arises is that as UX gears up with the pace of technology; will more companies build in-house UX teams? Or freelancers will ideally take charge of the domain of UX? It is also possible that with the rise in UX, the trade loses its charm and outsourcing is left for lesser avenues only.

However, there are even chances that some software comes into force in future and does the complete UX process for you.

Tools are as such making our lives simpler, so there can be a day when all you need is some input and control and voila! Out comes a website. Future holds great promise for specialists in the field but still, we should have a fair idea of each other’s caliber and skills.

Bottom Line

The future of UX design looks bright and remains strong as designers and developers have very well caught up its importance for any product or service. With widening horizon, user experience is being consistently refined so that the best can be served on the plate to the users. UX designers have actually become a need of the hour and in future will rule the design stratosphere. The industry has witnessed some spectacular innovations in the past and yes, there are still more to come. But one thing is for sure- UX is here to stay!

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