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HoppInRide luxurious taxi /cab app UI/UX designed and developed by Think 360 studio. We build this app for USA based business class users who travel on daily basis.




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HoppinRide App

App connecting drivers and their passengers. Drivers are screened through criminal and financial background checks, are tested for driving skills and local knowledge and are trained on how to deliver exceptional service. Passengers get a choice of drivers with profile pictures, are treated to a better experience and are using a local, hometown service provider.

We helped our customer to make the decision in concern of user insights, research & technology consultations, so that MVP (Minimum viable product) can launch successfully.

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How We Created?

We created the experience for San Francisco’s users. This app booking long driving trip with luxurious customer experience. Experience this app live prototype below –

Key Features

This app’s features keep this app spare from the glut of taxi apps. User not only can book the taxi but also can alter their rides with following unique features which we found during user research.

Bike Menu

Imagine you want an adventurous trip with your family on mountains with your mountain bike. you have to just choose this Bike option.

Disabled Menu

On this app, you can book a cab where the wheelchair will available at your service.

Gender Menu

This is the only app where you can select your driver gender.

Pet Menu

This app also giving luxury to your pets, just choose this option and enjoy your ride.

Simple, clean Intro screens


First user interviews were conducted to identify pain points with the current approach. We were confident that the app would be useful and relieve several pain points if usability designed well for two major types of users.



“Living a healthy life is a creative process too. I’m willing to try everything new.“

Age: 29 Yrs

Occupation: Software Engineer

Status: Married

Location: California (SF)

Role: Customer

Bio: She is 25 years old, a freelance software engineer. So frequently travel in 150km diameter for client meetings. Lives alone the city, can play guitar and scribbler. Her personality is Easygoing, outgoing and tries new things.


  • I don’t let cabs/taxis hold me back from either my crucial business meeting or the best weekend of my life.
  • I don’t want to be average, be extreme and expand my social life. I’m going out, and I’m going out hard.


  • It can be extremely difficult to get a cab in SF after hours between 2 AM to 6 AM.
  • It’s not easy to find the fair estimation and no way to alter the ride in concern of my happy and secure ride.

User Scenario: People are ending their wild nights with the negative experience of getting a taxi. Want an app where a user can discover all the places that they’ve never thought were within their reach + in best price. Rider wants some cool feature which is important for long distance weeked trips or business meetings.



“I’m sacrificing home time to make more money. It’s important to utilize my time wisely and not cut corners on the job. Safety is a top priority for me.”

Age: 28 Yrs

Occupation: Driver

Status: Single

Location: San Francisco

Role: Driver

Bio: Mark is a renovation contractor who has just taken over his family business. As his car is usually loaded with building materials, he drives a second-hand one so that he does not feel a need to keep it clean. He Knows how easy to intimidate customers by sign professional language. And justify his price.


  • Retain existing customers through best customer service instead of engaging in price wars like other vendors do.
  • Keeps car running in good condition & maintaince + repairs can be quick and hassel-free.


  • Have to take public transport to service clients when the car breaks down.
  • Difficulty developing trust with customers as most have encountered bad experience with dishonest drivers.

User Scenario: A driver wants long distance trips because those more beneficial rather than stuck in 20km diameter in one city. In this way, a driver drives one day trip without any hassle and during the trip, they can rest and ready for returning destination. In the Rider app, a driver not only receiving trip payment but also rider can pay additional tip money as per the mood of whole trip and diver behavior.

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Brand Color Palette

We designed 2 apps, one for rider and one for Driver. Both app primary colors are different. For rider, we used Green color so that it looks sober to customer’s eyes and generate brand trust.

Usability Testing

The final piece of research that we conducted for HoppInRide was usability testing. In view of the work-in-progress nature of the wireframes and prototype, we conducted testing on a reduced scope, mainly on the onboarding screens and HoppInRide (driver) app screens.

Rider User Flow

This diagram is useful in understanding the sequence of decisions and considerations, e.g. when the trip does not meet a key criterion, the Rider would go back to the previous step and perhaps look for another trip and book driver. From the flow, HoppInride could see the application of its current MVP and evaluate whether it would make sense to expand into other parts of the flow, thereby providing an end-to-end solution for rider and driver.

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A high fidelity wireframe was developed using Sketch app to quickly integrate with InVision to develop interactions for remotely workable prototype and quick testing the ideated features with people.


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