Usability Testing Services

Our website or app usability testing services help start-ups and enterprise companies to Identify usability issues and validate a usable product for their users.

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What is Usability?

“Usability is effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction with which specific users can achieve a specific set of tasks in a particular environment”

  • The important thing is to remember that usability is about people. It is about designing THINGS so that people can use them easily.
  • It is NOT about training people to cope with badly designed things.
  • Usability is a scientific and structured methodology based on Human Factors and Ergonomics, Cognitive Psychology, etc., collectively known as User-Centered Design or UCD.
  • Usability is the end result of following the User-Centered Design methodology throughout the design process.

What is not Usability?

  • Usability is not UI Design/Development. UI Design/Development is more of a discipline focusing on the technical aspects of Front End development.
  • Aesthetics and Visual Design does not ensure Usability, Usability is a result of research, domain expertise, technology, and aesthetics.
  • Asking users what they want and laundry lists do not ensure usability. A usability process that is solely dependent on asking what users want is prone to failures as users cannot precisely articulate what the core issues are. Observe users then ask.
  • Marketing research can provide direction and base for Usability Analysis but is not entirely in itself for lack of ingrained end-user focus.
  • Common sense is not usability, Common sense-based approach towards Usability tends to fail miserably as common sense differs from person to person and is often biased.

Our Capabilities

  • Mobile Usability Testing
  • International Usability Testing
  • Expert Review (Usability Inspection)
  • User Experience Design
  • A/B Testing
  • Kids Usability Testing
  • Consulting & Training
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Web Analytics
  • Usability Testing in Laboratory

Who We Help?

  • eCommerce managers use us to find and fix their site or app’s biggest problems, and then run A/B tests to measure the improvement.
  • Entrepreneurs in lean startups use us in their Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop.
  • Executives use us to benchmark their company over time against the competition.
  • Product managers use us to get inside the heads of their target customers, watch what they do, and hear what they think.

Usability Testing Process

For a Website or Mobile app, Our usability testing methodology is very simple. We draft a test plan for the targeted users to evaluate how easy and useful it is to use a website/app.

The participant performs a Usability test and our usability testing team observes the problems and user behavior and accordingly we provide the recommendations to ensure an easy/intuitive user experience.

usability testing process

We Identify Usability Issues Checklist

  • Improvements needed in User Performance
  • Business Objectives
  • Critical or frequent tasks
  • Questionable and new areas of design
  • Evaluation results
  • User Comments

Our example criteria for Usability

1. Measurable Behaviors

  • Task Groups XYZ will be completed in less than a minute
  • User will be able to identify fast paths for the navigation XYZ
  • User will be able to complete task x with zero errors
  • 90% of users will be able to complete task x in the first attempt

2. Performance-based Criteria

  • Time to complete critical tasks
  • Successful task completion
  • Improvisation in critical paths
  • Reduced failures
  • SUS rating of 8 on a scale of 10
  • 90% of users would want to use the application
  • 90% of users appreciate the concept
  • 90% of users acknowledge the application as a critical and valuable tool for their performance

We provide 3 types of Usability Testing

Low Fidelity Testing

We conducted during the initial stages of information architecture and presentation design phases. Usually conducted using wireframes or skeletons and Visual Composite samples. Helpful in A/B testing

  • Expectancy Test: Evaluate initial mental models
  • Performance Test: Navigation Design
  • Visual Affordance Test: Affordance, Aesthetics, and Ergonomics

High Fidelity Testing

Simulates actual application to the possible levels within the identified scenarios. Not a replacement for Live Site testing but we can identify potential usability issues

  • Free Exploration test: Identifies associated learning curves for first time users, may provide valuable data for navigation design and support systems
  • Performance Test: Identifies key focal points and scanning patterns on the presentation layers. Can be a valuable tool while designing mission-critical, and information-dense applications
  • Performance Test: Organization of content, Navigation Design, Layout, Task Flow, Controls and Content

Ethnography/Field Studies

Our team does Field Research and is a continuous research activity. Helps in identifying social, cultural, geographical and market impacts. Not to be confused with Usability Analysis and or Testing. Ethnography is a Human Factors discipline and is derived from Anthropology and Social Sciences. Forms the basis for a wide array of social and cognitive researchers Provides basis and validity for UCD methodologies Data derived can help in identifying appropriate conceptual models as per the criteria suitable for research groups and long-term and continuous HumanFactors data collection


Modes of Usability Testing

Our testing modes or methods perform on any type of interface to conduct Usability Testing. There are three main testing methods, each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Laboratory Testing

  • Moderated testing and Un Moderated testing
  • Closed-door or one-way see-through window
  • Allows facilitator to interact with the participant and clarify test-related details
  • Helpful while testing new and highly confidential concepts, will enable to control what data flows out of the floor
  • May not be appropriate for small-scale testing and is not an effective replacement for field testing
  • To be chosen carefully considering the un-natural environment for the participants and cost.

Remote Testing

  • Moderated testing and Un Moderated testing
  • Helpful when users are spread across the globe
  • Helps in observing users in their natural environments
  • Data collections, analysis, logs become easier
  • Facilitates remote observers to join from various locations
  • Multiple teams can participate and collect logs andobservationsScenarios and Tasks can be pushed remotely
  • Tools like Morae can automatically collect various parameters like task completion rates, task failures, success ratios, etc.

A/B Testing

  • We use a website analytics tool such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and measure the problems in your conversion funnel.
  • We also measure from user behavior analysis tools such as Heatmaps, HotJar – Visitor Recordings, Form Analysis, and On-page Surveys, and find what is stopping the visitors from converting. For example, “The CTA button is not prominent on the home page.”
  • We normally test Headlines, Sub Headlines, CTA, Images, Content near the fold, Social proof, links, etc.
  • We create a variation per your hypothesis, and A/B tests it against the original page.
  • We analyze the A/B test results and see which variation delivered the highest conversions.
  • We share the test results and the insights generated with the Marketing, IT, and UI/UX teams.

Tools we use for Usability Testing




Tobii Pro - Eye Tracking


Google Analytics


UserTesting Crowd


Morae Tool



Usability Testing Reports

Remote Lab-Based Testing Reports

Lydrasoft hired us to conduct the remote UT at their own labs, Our Role is to create UT task lists/surveys and generate reports on the basis of metrics & UX recommendations.


Usability Testing Case Studies

Usability Testing Case Studies

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