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We defined UI/UX for Australia based Salon marketplace by providing Saas application solutions for salon owners.

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Kit is a market place providing a Saas application solution for Australian salons. 

After our Research, we find that 8 out of 10 salons fail because of 

  • Poor business planning: Marketing, management, finance & strategy
  • Lack of business information & leadership: Unable to find the right help
  • Staff: Lack of employee training or attracting the right people
  • Customers: Unable to attract & retain clients
  • Pricing: Unable to select effective price points to break-even

And the customer wants the following solutions:

  • Real-time, immediate interactions
  • Feel & perceive value
  • Memorable & personal experiences
  • Outcomes




Saas Application, Marketplace



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Kit Business Model

Connect & Discover

kit is a proud community of customers and service providers who love that good feeling that beautifying delivers. Through technology and innovation, kit makes the connection between those that value the same thing; more accessible, more welcoming and honest.

Continually Innovate

kit utilizes technology and creativity to provide the best service to customers. kit listens and innovates to create a product that supports the beauty-obsessed, and the service providers.

The Happy List

kit empowers individuals to live their happy list! Doing what makes you happy creates balance and a positive mindset, which is contagious. We revisit our happy list often, and we support our team and customers in everyday integration of what makes them happy.

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Kit Audience Research

Primary Audience


Not all women are as beautiful and tech-savvy. They might not experiment with their hair color, or would never get a spray tan. But they get their nails done occasionally and love the experience of getting their hair done. They appreciate service. We want to make sure the app isn’t speaking only to the first audience; it should be inviting, welcoming and never, ever scary. We let everyone sit with us, and will always help you choose your nail color.

Secondary Audience


There are many occasions in life that require beauty – and lots of it. Weddings, birthdays, holidays, race days, party season. Hair, makeup, nails, tanning, waxing.

Let ’s draw those special occasion customers to use our app by enticing them with extras, like picnic baskets with bridal makeup. Make them fall in love, and never leave us. On the flip, men and women who are visiting interstate for work or play need guidance on which salons are best.


It ’s no secret the app will be skewed towards women, but we don’t want to forget the males. They might not prepare for occasions or beautify as often as our female customers, but they still care about their appearance. They maintain; cutting hair, trimming beards, buying products, etc. We don’t want the app to be overly feminine, and that goes for the voice as well. Males should feel comfortable using the app when they need it and continue to use it. Embarrassment is not welcome here!

Brand Identity Designs

Font Family

Font family


Brand color
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Web UI’s

A personalized Salon Search engine

With kit on your side, we are showing salons listing there, attracting new customers to browse the app. This gives salons access to hundreds of new customers searching for treatments in your local area.

Experience front end
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IOS app ui's
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Web app ui's

Responsive UI

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Dashboard UI's

Saas Application dashboard

Reduce time answering your phone and accept appointments after-hours. Kit is like a 24 /7 receptionist, taking bookings while you work on more important things.

A simple, built-in rostering system means kit knows when an employee is working and is available for appointments!

Appointments can sync with an online calendar, so you can check your schedule from home or on-the-go.

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