Kompetes is a peer-driven online competition platform for Artists, Photographers, Film Makers, Musicians.

Creatives need clients, and businesses need creatives to boost their brands. Kompetes connects creative pros and organizations without red tape or tiresome administration.


  1. UI/UX Design
  2. Branding
  3. Mobile App Development
  4. Php Development
  5. Bug Fixing
  6. Support


Marketplace for Artist & Photographer



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Brand Identity Designs

Font Family

Font family


Brand color

App UI’s

Platform For Artists Photographers Film Makers, Musicians

Organizations can host a contest or share requests for proposals that detail their project needs which artists, photographers, and filmmakers can win or bid for. Creatives can also use the platform to present their portfolios which organizations and paying customers can view for hiring purposes. Our community provides peer-to-peer feedback and advice.

IOS app ui's
IOS app ui's

Web UI’s

Web app ui's

About Kompetes

Offering the opportunity to showcase your artwork to the masses, connect and engage with other members, maximize exposure, and compete against other artists, Kompetes™ is an innovative, socially driven competition platform that has been developed to encourage artists of all levels to showcase their talents.

Web app ui's

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