Premium Logos Portfolio 2014

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Washington Warriors

Washington Redskins Team Logo. They want to keep this redskin warrior in their logo.

Island Diva

Logo would be used to represent client’s pending cosmetic and skin care line for direct marketing toward women who want a more natural tropical island glow.

Craft Kegs

It’s a craft brewery in Las Vegas. We make craft beer and have wild good time doing it. They want sun rays in background with the logo in the middle and would like girl sitting on a keg of beer and have a beer in her hand.”

Baby Mirey

It’s a kids shop that it makes mom’s life easier. Client would also prefer using purple colors.

Encompasses Skincare

It’s encompasses skincare and Essential Oils. She provide a tree image and want something similar to that trees/leaves in color with a face.

MedClub Health

It’s a healthcare logo.Client want happy patient in his logo.

Self Talk

SelfTalk relates to how we talk to ourselves, the conversations that we have within our own heads that shape our thinking and how we experience the world. There are a multitude of applications in relationships, health, sports and business.Target customers could be old or young, but I want the logo to have a young, fresh feel since self-talk is all about that.

Mozoe Dating

The target group is for busy professionals. Target age group is 18 to 45 yrs. that are to busy too date.

Adventure World and Entertainment

Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; cupcake products

United States Lines

Eagle with its wings spreaded out and its head turned to the right, holding a leaf in its right claw and holding arrows in its left claws, with a tied rope in circle form behind the eagle. With the words UNITED STATES LINES.

Sun Defender

Client want floating umbrella for shade in pools, lakes, oceans, or on land.

Ink Line

The name should mostly be the logo. InkLine is the parent company that offers services in publishing, marketing, online media, branding, etc. Client would like it to be timeless, elegant but clean, and unique.

Del pa

It will target Automobile Parts Customers. Modern , strongly font type.

EZ Tech Vapor

Client already have an idea. They want EZ in a circle & very elegant fonts.


Global Health Care Professionals in the In-vitro Diagnostics Industry

The Coffee Wizard

Brand is all about a better cup of coffee using various products like French presses, insulated mugs etc. Just make it fun so it looks good on coffee mug, French press etc

Alaska Tough

It’s a clothing brand. Want antlers shape and prefer both sides of the antlers to be the same shape.

Teller Now

It’s an Interactive Teller Machine. It’s in a drive-thru to serve customers from 7am ‘til 11pm, Seven Days a Week. The Teller communicates with the customer live on a screen. The main convenience is the time that it’s available.


Logo needs to be inviting and targets Family Medicine and Geriatrics Patients

Be a Boss

It is a platform for services to be performed by professionals.


Lafamedian is the name of our family owned entertainment business. We provide services that include comedy, music, parties, fundraisers etc.

Table Tap

Introduces a welcoming environment while also offering a subtle nod to video game and tabletop enthusiasts. Not overly complicated, we were thinking an 8-bit beer mug, a classy pub feel with subtle nerdy undertones. Targeted customers: men and women 18-35, gamers looking for a great atmosphere, while not excluding the “average joe”. A laid back environment with awesome beer.

Stunt Junkie

It is going to be a action sport clothing line along the lines of( Quicksilver – Billabong – Hurley etc.) So I am going to target customers along the same lines. Sport biking – Snowboarding – Skiing – Skateboarding – Sky Diving – Surfing – racing – all action sports to start. Goal is too provided stylish clothing.


LANGIR, it comes from the Qing dynasty’ s princess. Target customers North america, europe; value cores: integrity, passion and self-discipline.

Unicorn Poo

A novelty for geek culture. Unicorns are magical, sparkly, and beautiful. Poo is not. The actual idea of Unicorn Poo should be the logo. Sparkly, rainbow colored, cute but in the shape of poo. Like in the photo that was provide.


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