15 Best Mobile Apps For Small Businesses In 2019
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15 Best Mobile Apps For Small Businesses In 2019

We live in an era, ideal to take care of our businesses with exceptional technologies. Technologies that are continuously growing; introducing new tools and functionalities to perform everyday business operations in a much easier way than the past!


We live in an era, ideal to take care of our businesses with exceptional technologies. Technologies that are continuously growing; introducing new tools and functionalities to perform everyday business operations in a much easier way than the past!

Being a small business owner today, you want to keep a close eye on finances, management, human resource, and marketing – to name a few. With the introduction of mobile technology, small businesses owners can now manage their business anytime and anywhere. With mobile app development companies introducing customized products, businesses owners don’t have to grapple with tasks that are beyond their professional expertise and outsource services and spend large sums.

If you’re running a small business in 2019 and look after a number of operations at every day, we’ve compiled a list of 15 mobile applications all useful for managing your business on the go and achieve substantial growth.

1. Quickbooks


Quick Books is an online accounting mobile app for iOS and Android devices. With QuickBooks you can now use your phone or tablet to enter transactions, invoice customers record expenses, send reports, and more – all on the go. This useful app helps business owners to access their balance sheet, cash flow statements, income statements, and many other accounting related reports.

Moreover, the app also makes it easy to file your taxes accurately. And with the expenses tracking feature, it’s a lot easy to upload images of invoices from your mobile device. Well, the app has a 30 day free trial period but you can continue using the app after for a reasonable monthly fee.

Visit Website:Quickbooks

2. Freshbooks


Freshbooks is a mobile accounting app that caters to small businesses. The app allows business owners to work on the go: invoicing clients, recording expenses and tracking time. The app is fast and easy to use on any Andriod devices. Its simple user interface is designed keeping in mind of easy usage by millions of small business owners each day.

In addition, the app allows you to accept credit card payments via your mobile device and on top of that lets you track and easily organize incoming sales.

You can download Freshbooks for free on a 30 day trial period and continue using it later with a nominal monthly fee.

Visit Website:Freshbooks

3. Expensify


Receipt scanning, reimbursement and a lot more, Expensify helps you get done with all your expense management in an easy way. It is an app that tracks your receipts and manages expenses of your company on the go. The application makes it very easy to upload receipts using your iOS and Andriod devices.

Here are some of the main features of this award-winning app

  • Track and submit receipts and expenses
  • Automatic credit card import
  • Work with receipts in all currencies
  • Accounting integrations (QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, Intacct, etc.)

Though the app is free to download but has limited functionality. However, it costs just $5 to use the full version of the app.

Visit Website:Expensify

4. Squareup


Trusted by more than 2 million businesses globally, Square POS is the free point of sale app that provides you everything you need to run and expand your business on the go. The app is ideal for small businesses owners since it accepts and process credit payments, manage employee access and monitor inventory on your mobile.

With the app business funds are easily deposited and owners can see money in their bank account in just one or two business days. Meanwhile, the simple and elegant user interface makes it easy for business owners and managers to get up and running quickly. The app runs well on both iOs and Andriod devices.

Visit Website:Squareup

5. Evernote


Evernote is a productivity-oriented app that helps you focus on what matters most since it gives you access to all required information when you need on the go.

You can easily create a to-do list, sketches, and other things quickly. Also add photos, images, web pages or audio that can be instantly shared with anyone you want over the world. The app is trusted by more than 20,000 companies to boost their everyday operations productivity.

With Evernote, creating agendas and planners, writing notes, memos, journals, and crafting presentations becomes a lot easier for your business. The basic version is free, meanwhile premium versions cost $7.99 a month and the Business version cost $14.99 a month.

Visit Website:Evernote

6. SmartLine


SmartLine is a must have app for anyone business owner that wants to keep their personal phone number private. This mobile lets you use a second number on your phone, so you don’t have to carry two phones at a time and answer all your professional calls on a dedicated work number.

A SmartLine second phone number helps you:

  • Answer calls appropriately as the app lets you know whether it’s a business or a personal call.
  • Call, text or answer with your business line as the app keeps your personal number private.
  • Organize and check all calls and texts with the app’s call history and management interface.

Visit Website:Smartline

7. Salesforce Mobile


Salesforce Mobile is a B2B mobile app that works wherever you are. The app provides your users with instant access to your company’s CRM data from a phone or tablet. With the app, business owners don’t have to buy infrastructure, set up, or manage. Users can get all the vital information they need at their fingertips to run day-to-day business operations in a smooth manner.

They can get all the latest info, instantly, check sales figures in a tab, check urgent messages and close deals in a much quicker way. It’s a great mobile app that tracks business progress, makes sure that it is going into profit and that sales are growing. Meanwhile, business specialist writers at the6 Pound Essayalso find the Salesforce Mobile app very useful to easily track, trace or monitor small business sales.

Visit Website:Salesforce

8. Slack


Slack is collaboration hub perfect for small business that has employees working remotely. The app lets you bring the right people and information together in one place since it allows you to organize your team’s workflow into separate channels and lets members chat with one another.

From different project discussions and sharing important documents, to different announcements, the app makes collaboration online as easy as collaborating in person. The free version of the app lets you archive 10,000 of your team’s recent messages but with an upgrade with a reasonable fee, you can archive unlimited messages.

Visit Website:Slack

9. Wave


Wave is probably the easiest accounting mobile app for small business, independent contractors and sole properties. The app empowers small business owners every step of the way by letting them track sales, expenses, manage invoices, customer payments and generating accounting reports.

Currently, over the 3.5 million people are using Wave for accounting, invoicing, payroll and more. It’s free, quick and easy to set up which means you can do unlimited invoicing and accounting. Wave is much better when compared with its close competitors as it offers free bills tracks, unlimited estimates, accounting-approved reporting, balance sheet, and profit & loss.

Visit Website:Wave

10. Time Doctor

Time Doctor

Time doctor is an amazing app shows you real-time data of the time each employee spend on a particular project. The app does exceptionally well at time tracking, checking your to-do list, and getting projects done in the available time frame.
When a user logs, the app records the time they spend on a task or a project with a screenshot. Hence, you can easily analyze how much time each employee is taking to complete an assigned task and make any changes if necessary. Also, Time Doctor integrates with other popular apps to help you get more control of your day-to-day business operations.

You can download the app for a free 30-day trial, and later you just need to a pay a reasonable monthly fee to keep using the app.

Visit Website:Time Doctor

11. Asana


If you are looking for an app to organize tasks and manage projects on the go. Asana is just the perfect app for you. It is a project management app designed to help small business owners stay focused on the goals, projects, and daily tasks for smooth business operations and achieve maximum growth.

The app has multiple features including task assignment and scheduling, task updating, and reminder sending. Moreover, you can attach files from Dropbox, as well as images, and the apps in real time.
Asana is available for both iOS and Andriod to enable devices. While the app is free for teams with up to 15 users.

Visit Website:Asana

12. Google Cloud Print

Cloud Print

It’s a very useful mobile app that wirelessly lets you print from compatible Android devices to any Google Cloud Print connected printer. The app gives users access to all printers available on the local network and lets you send a print job directly to the selected printer while tracking the status of your print jobs.

In addition, it allows sharing of photos and images with other users on the network. It is a much-needed app for business owners that are mostly on the go and can remotely print their invoices and other important without being physically present in the office.

Visit Website:Google Cloudprint

13. Hootsuite


Hootsuite lets you manage all your social media in one place. Through the app, it becomes a lot easier to manage and schedule posts to multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

The app’s main feature includes:

  • Publish and share photos on social media applications.
  • Manage multiple social network accounts.
  • Monitor your brand on social networks.
  • AutoSchedule messages to post on specific date and time.
  • Receive notifications and updates from your social media applications.

All in all, Hootsuite is a very handy app for Android that helps in improving your social media marketing and engages potential customers to your business. This app has over 15 million users and is free for up to 3 social network accounts.

Visit Website:Hootsuite

14. Skype


Skype is probably the first app that comes in many people mind when they want to a free video call. Today, Skype has over 74 million users globally and still operate as the best video calling app.

Skype is great for small businesses. Not only it allows one-to-one crystal clear video conversation, it also lets to have a video conference with up to 25 users for free. Moreover, it’s very useful for chats, file sharing, screen sharing and more.

Skype is free to download for both iOS and Andriod run devices. Though the free version of Skype is sufficient for small businesses but for large meeting and seamless integration, you can the business version for a small monthly fee.

Visit Website:Skype

15. G Suite

G Suite

G Suite is an application created by Google for businesses. With G suite you get access to a number of powerful Google applications: Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Hangouts, and Plus. And with its secure, cloud-based storage it’s pretty easy to store almost anything on the web (documents, images, videos, presentations)

In addition, it allows collaboration with colleagues in real time. Means, not only can easily get access to all your important business documents anywhere around the world but you can also share important data to your colleagues and get up to date information sitting thousands of miles away from your office.

G Suite Basic cost around $5/month. Meanwhile, G Suite Business and G Suite Enterprises cost $10 and $25 respectively.

Visit Website:Gsuite


Dealing with the tough competition and handling multiple day-to-day tasks won’t be easy for numerous small business owners in 2019. Fortunately, with the aforementioned 15 best mobile apps you can get better control over your business, increase efficiency, and eventually earn higher profits.

All these easy to download business-oriented mobile apps lets you take good control of your everyday business finances, communications, operations, time management and many more. No matter you are running a small business for years or just landed at the scene recently, these mobile apps will help you stay on top of your business at every time, and everywhere you go.

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