20 UX Blogs Every UX Designer Must Follow
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20 UX Blogs Every UX Designer Must Follow

UI/UX blogs are useful reference tool for research in the field of user experience and these top rated blogs give a great insights mostly on UX designs.


UX can either make or break a website. It defines the framework for design and development and bridges the gap between the company and customers. You need to go that extra mile with UX as it keeps the user hooked to your website. Interactive user experience makes the website hit amongst visitors as they can easily navigate through and find the piece of information they want.

It stands as an important pillar in website development as it includes both user interface design and interaction design to formulate a competent product. A user-friendly product always attracts more users owing to the ease it offers. With UX, it helps to churn out more information as you scroll down a page; you don’t have to be hassled with ‘click next’ or ‘load more’ buttons.

Another advantage that it empowers you with is picking left or right navigation keys on your keyboard rather than the following pagination. No doubt, this grants a more intuitive and seamless web browsing experience. Now, do you want a perfect UX for your website? Here is a list of some of the amazing blogs that will aid you in crafting a wonderful user experience. Jump in to know more-

1. UX Booth


Come what may, UX will stay. Yes, UX conquers all. And, bringing forward the indispensability of UX comes- UX Booth. The blog is a blessing for the newbies as the content is uploaded keeping in mind beginner and intermediate UI/UX designers. You get to explore something new every Tuesday with live posts unfolding more on the world of UX.

UX Booth Blog


2. UX Myths

UX Myths

If you want to bust various myths associated with UX, then UX Myths is your place. It compiles a list of 32 myths that sheds light on lot of aspects. We highly recommend this one as the articles and resources serve both the UX professionals and stakeholders.

UX Myths Blog


3. Konigi


This site is meant for the UI designers and has material that extends from conference notes to insightful discussions. The posts are framed by a designer at Balsamiq, which is one of the sought after wireframing tools.

Konigi Blog


4. Usabilla


A Dutch company, Usabilla, has created this site keeping in view UX and user feedback. If you are looking for info on the design, UX research, and user engagement, then head to this blog.

Usabilla Blog


5. UX Movement

UX Movement

UX Movement blog follows a motto- Distinguish between good and bad interface design so as to rightly understand user behavior. Check out their site to add to your knowledge on successful design methods and user experience.

UX Movement Blog


6. UXmatters


Active since 2005, UXmatters focuses on highlighting the best techniques and methods for design and UX prevalent at every level. Posts are put live every Monday to get you going and beat your just-the-start-of –the-week blues.

UXMatters Blog


7. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a pure delight, especially for UX designers. It publishes articles that tackle UX to its core and gives a worthwhile read through its unique info even to the UX experts. With its dynamic content, Smashing Magazine ought to be in your must-read list.


8. Usability Geek

Usability Geek

This is an all-encompassing blog that covers anything and everything related to UI design, UX, business, eCommerce and conversion. Check the new posts every week that go live every Monday and Wednesday.


9. Digital Telepathy

Digital Telepathy

If you are on the lookout of a design-centric blog, then Digital Telepathy is just for you. Their major goal is to fire up web advancement through spectacular designs and layouts. With in-depth info, this will surely nurture the designer in you.

Digital Telepathy Blog


10. Boxes And Arrows

Boxes And Arrow

Boxes and Arrows take into account the improvement of information architecture. The articles range from research, design, UX, and Business. Wander over their site to explore new content every week with their live posts.

Boxes And Arrows Blog


11. UXPin


UxPin is a UX design tool that creates responsive interactive wireframes and prototypes and at this moment tool is considered as one of the best UX tools you can follow. UXpin blog is a must-read reference for product designers.

UXPin Blog


12. Measuring Usability


Measuring Usability is more of a quantitative research blog that puts forth matter ranging from usability testing to various UX topics. Come Tuesday and you get a new article to widen your horizon.

Measuring Usability Blog


13. Wireframes Magazine

Wireframe Magazine

Wireframes Magazine is the perfect site for IA resources. Be it software or podcast tips, you are in all gains as new resources can modify your tool kit for good.

Wireframes Magazine Blog


14. Designmodo


A blog that looks into both web design and development zones by providing extensive knowledge on them. With motivational content, giveaways, to-do tutorials in store, design mode is a must-read for the designer and developer communities.

Designmodo Blog


15. The Usability Post

Usability Post

Here is a site that digs onto the raging web trends with articles covering almost everything from typography to icons to the unique UI concepts. There is a big treasure to dive in as you can reach out to the articles dating 2008.

The Usability Post Blog


16. 52 Weeks Of UX

52 Weeks Of UX

This blog ran for a span of one year from 2010 to 2011 and put to light some major concepts of UI/UX through ingenious discussions. Do delve into the archives to understand intuitive design principles and human behavior bought to you by the former principal designer at Twitter.

52 Weeks Of UX Blog


17. Nielsen Norman Group

Nielson Norman Research

Nielsen Norman Group is a trusted name for all areas corresponding to usability. Many perceptive articles have been uploaded on this blog that will surely brush your skills. Dig in for some latest news and invaluable tips by UX experts.

Nielsen Norman Group Blog


18. Luke W

Luke W

Luke Wroblewski is a virtuoso in the mobile design business and his blog gives great insights through UX to know more videos, conference notes, and other valuable user experience articles. The expert includes notes on at least one conference per month and also gives access to a massive library of how-to videos.

Luke W Blog


19. Ux Switch


UI/UX is a powerful combination which is why those positions dominate the market. X switch blog is one of the top UX blogs sharing great content on UX, in particular, most of the time.

UX Switch Blog


20. Think360 Studio

Think360 studio Blog

And of course, Think 360. How can you forget us? Don’t forget to visit our blog every week to get the best of UI/UX tips pepped with loads of inspiration. Our blog is always updated with the latest resources to make you master in your trade. Yes, we promise to make that scroll better and better every time!

Think360 Studio Blog

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